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Big Brother 19 Live Eviction Thread!

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Good evening, everyone!  I spent my Thursday afternoon doing some errands so I have no clue right now if Christmas is back yet.  Can anyone confirm if she came back or not?  According to live feed chat she is not back, but I want to confirm.  (no, not evicted, just still not back yet)

Tonight on the show will be a pretty predictable eviction with Cody getting nearly unanimous votes to leave. There could be another hinky vote from Kevin or maybe a vote for Ramses from Jason. Of course, Jessica will also be voting for probably Ramses. Other than that it should be a clean sweep for Cody.  That’s too bad because, despite popular opinion that he’s a miserable human being who makes the house worse, I take the opposite position. He still is a bit miserable, but he has been the highlight of every CBS episode so far this season.  I crack up when he goes to the DR and doesn’t play along with their temptation things or anything else.  Plus, he was one of the few people who had the potential to stir things up because most of the rest appear to be content just making it to jury (I really hate that).

So that’s about it.  Let me toss out a quick plug for my wife’s skin care business because it’s Thursday night and that’s what I do (once a week, so no complaining). She loves the stuff and loves selling it because it’s 100% animal testing free, and priced pretty low.  I don’t know much about skin care because I was born with the best skin possible (hahaha), but she does and likes matching people with their best product more than anything else.  So follow her facebook page and show some love!  Again, I’m plugging this link once a week, so if anyone complains, pffffffffft  🙂


Also, we are going away for a few days this weekend but I will try my best to have the feeds covered.  If I can’t live blog and Amy is busy, I’ll do my best to do nightly recaps.  It’s only a few days, and you probably won’t even notice (maybe).


  • Note – The HoH competition will in fact be the endurance wall tonight so it could be a long one.
  • Finally got on my laptop after 10 minutes of loading (I need a new computer)
    • Julie announces that there will be a buyback next week.   This means Cameron!!!, Jillian, Cody, and next evicted houseguest will compete
  • Julie announces that Christmas will not return tonight but they will show her in the hospital room to cast a vote – WEIRD
  • Julie showing clips of Cody ‘stirring things up’ before he goes.  Hard to find a time he was out of the HN room
    • So far he comforted Jessica and tried to make amends with Christmas
    • Ok here is the stirring. He tells Christmas that Dom and Mark wanted to put Christmas up
    • Cody just says that she should work with Alex and Jess moving forward
  • Now they’re showing the clips from last night’s talk show. Pretty quick editing. Kudos CBS
    • Mostly highlights from the Cody time. Skipped over Alex and Ramses
    • Pretty much went over everything I posted about earlier.
  • Commercial break
    • Julie tells the house about Christmas’ surgery.
    • With that, time for Cody to be evicted
  • Speeches
    • Alex does a generic speech
    • Ramses has a generic speech
    • Cody does a shoutout to his kid and says ‘don’t be a beta’ then says he’ll miss Jess
  • Votes
    • Jessica – Ramses
    • Kevin – Ramses
    • Christmas – Ramses
    • (surprise vote – though Ramses need 6 votes)
  • Commercial
    • Raven – Cody
    • Dominique – Cody
    • Mark – Cody
    • Jason – Cody
    • Josh – Cody
    • Elana – Cody
    • Matt – Cody
    • Cody is evicted
  • Paul didn’t do what he said and hand Cody his bag. Shocker. All talk
  • On the way out, Cody asked Jessica to be his girlfriend
  • Cody makes fun of how the people in the house are like groupies (he’s right)
  • Julie tells him there is a second chance.  Cody says ‘you’re lying’.
  • Up next – Endurance competition which will carry over to LIVE FEEDS

Check back for my endurance competitionn thread!!!

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