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Big Brother 19 – Manic Monday Feed Updates

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It’s time!  Jason has to finally either put up or shut up regarding the line in the sand that has been drawn between Raven and Kevin.  He has been telling a lot of people what they want to hear, but in just a few hours we will know exactly where he stands moving forward.

He has two moves he can make (well he has a bunch, but unless he completely throws everyone off and nominates the real brains behind the house, he has two moves he’s considering)

  1. Keep noms the same – This ensures Matt and Raven will be split up. Jason keeps his close and loyal friend in the house but puts a target on his back and potentially ruins a relationship with his other ally Alex. What Jason doesn’t realize is that there is already a target on his back regardless of this move.
  2. Nominate Kevin and save Raven – This keeps the peace for a few days and makes the house happy but Jason loses Kevin because the house will likely vote him out over Matt. He may regain some trust back with Alex, but seems some damage has already been done in that department.

To summarize, he can either keep a weak but loyal ally and hope to keep his stronger but less reliable one as well, or he can be the person to send his friend out and still be the target. The choice is pretty obvious to those watching, but this is a pretty bad cast.


  • 10:40 am – Kevin and Jason are doing their rounds in the back yard.
    • This is about 30 minutes after he was in the kitchen making Raven feel safe.
  • 10:55 am – Feeds down for veto meeting!
  • Shout out to Shannon R for the donation!  I really appreciate it!
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds are back
    • Early reaction from a yelling Raven is that Jason didn’t use the veto!
    • Raven goes into the storage room and tells Jason not to piss on her and tell her it’s raining!
    • Paul gets her out of the storage room. Boo
    • Matt says he is not going to eat slop the rest of the week (he’s a HN). He says because he’s going home anyway he’s going to get penalty votes
    • Remember when Paul bashed Cody and others for not ‘respecting the game’?
    • Paul is telling Matt and Raven that Alex and Jason are arguing. They’re not. They were laughing after Raven yelled at him
    • Not happy.. guess what she is about to say…
    • Paul is telling Raven how upset he is right now but they can’t show it.
    • Raven and Matt don’t think they (A & J) are fighting
  • 12:10 pm – Matt is mad that Jason is hiding in the storage room like a pussy.  He’s actually in the kitchen listening haha
    • Matt comes inside and tells him not to hide. He hid in the storage room for 5 minutes.
    • Jason tells Raven it’s a game and Raven isn’t having any of that.
    • Matt starts freaking out at Jason over his veto speech while Raven is screeching next to him
    • Raven is upset because Jason told her he was going to pull one of them down after noms
    • He doesn’t remember saying that but she insists he did
    • Matt keeps saying that Jason is a bitch over and over and over
    • Matt tells Kevin that Jason has been talking shit about him all week.
    • He also can’t believe that Jason went into the storage room to hide for 15 minutes (up from 5)
    • Matt – “I never expected a cowboy like you to be a pussy”… “you stayed in there for 20 minutes” (up from 15)
    • Matt has no problem with any of the game move but he is REALLY upset that Jason hid from a girl. Jason points out he’s not hiding but Matt is still hung up on the storage room
    • Matt – “It’s embarrassing”  .. .Jason tells him he had to take the box back to the storage.   Matt says that is Mark and Cody bitch shit
  • 12:15 pm – Jason says “you’re right. Actions speak louder than words”
    • Matt comes out to yell some more at Jason.  He’s so angry you’d think someone ate all the cereal in the house.  Oh wait, that was Alex who got that angry.  This house is nuts
    • Jason asks when either of them came to him and asked what the plan is.  Raven pulls her “Are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me??”. She says that a LOT
    • Jason once again says he doesn’t remember promising to pull them down. Matt runs away screaming “OH MY GOD  YOU’RE A PUNK BITCH YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF” … Yes, Jason is the one embarrassing himself haha
    • Matt asks him once more if he said he was going to pull down one of them and does this crazy freakout. Yes, Jason is the guy embarrassing himself lol
    • He’s so pissed his vein is popping
    • Raven keeps bringing up how it’s going to air on national TV.  Nobody cares, Raven.
    • Matt is back on the storage room thing.  It was only 10 minutes tops and he was talking privately with Alex
    • Matt can’t wait until Jason’s wife sees him acting like a bitch!
    • Josh the “personal vs game” referee jumps in and tells him not to make it personal.  Damn, dare I say other than his annoying ass DR sessions, Josh is kind of growing on me. Between refusing to harrass Kevin and remaining consistent on his personal vs game thing. He’s earning back my respect
    • Jason says that Matt and Raven didn’t have any questions for him so he went into the storage room until they can settle down (sounds reasonable).  Matt says EXACTLY!  Ok
  • 12:20 pm – Alex jumps in to sort of defend him?
    • She says that Jason wasn’t hiding, he was arguing with her because she didn’t agree with it. Way to back up your partner
    • Matt is still really pissed about hiding for 20 minutes.
    • Matt is giving Jason a bunch of yes/no questions that don’t really make sense. They’re just proving what a sap he is. Like “did I volunteer to be a pawn?”  … yes you did, idiot.
  • 12:30 pm – Matt keeps calling Jason ‘homie’. It sounds so weird hearing him say anything
    • Now for 2 minutes of awkward silence
  • Note – My wife asked me if I was going to drive for Uber today. I said no way. Not when Raven is about to lose her shit haha.  This is why I blog!
    • Jason has been sitting in silence for 5 minutes now
    • Matt says “well now that it’s all in the open, we can be honest. Jason and Kevin, you were the votes for me right?”  Kevin says no
    • Kevin says “No, on my fucking children.  Whoever did it is in this room. Ask around”
    • “And you know what? You’re going to see it on the TV and you’re going to say ‘this motherfucker was telling the truth the whole time'” while Matt is kind of taken back by Kevin’s sudden aggressiveness
    • Matt asks “anyone else?”  Everyone says no before he gets to Jason. Jason starts to say “what does it matter” before Matt freaks out again
    • Jason asks Raven if she was the one who voted for Matt to stir the pot
    • Raven says “on my pacemaker which I need to live, I didn’t vote Matt out”  lol
  • 12:40 pm – Raven is starting to bust out the tears. This time unprovoked by Paul!
  • 1:10 pm – Things have calmed down. Christmas is outside working jury votes from Raven
    • Alex jokes how Matt’s voice gets even higher than hers when he yells
  • 1:20 pm – The Kevin shittalking has resumed now that he’s in the DR
    • Kevin comes out of the DR and Alex starts on him about the shuffle of his feet. She says he sounds like an old man.
  • 1:35 pm – Meanwhile, I’m anxious to see if Matt is really going to basically self-evict by breaking all the havenot rules.
    • He is basically throwing his game away for Raven yet made fun of Cody for doing the same with Jess
  • 1:40 pm – Kevin is in the HoH room with Jason talking about the game
    • Kevin is telling him that when he’s in the jury, he’s going to push for Jason to win
    • He says he is going to trash the rest of the house. Point out how awful Alex treated her best friend (Jason) this season
    • Kevin points out how it’s no biggie if Raven hates Jason.  They hate Alex more.  He says if he’s in the final 2 are they really going to vote against a father who has been nice to everyone (Jason)?  After 2 weeks they’re going to calm down and think straight
    • Kevin says Christmas and Josh are puppets
    • He says it’s crazy they’re all talking about final 2 votes with 8 people remaining
  • 1:55 pm – Raven is talking to Christmas in the living room
    • Matt comes out with a box of triscuits and Sprite and she asks if he got a penalty vote. He said “No he’s trying to talk me out of it…” then feeds cut
    • Matt is acting like a baby over this while saying Jason is going to be embarrassed on national TV.  Even Paulie sucked it up and did his punishment.
  • 2:05 pm – Matt tells Paul a little more that he’s still going to eat despite trying to be talked out of it
  • 2:15 pm – Josh and Paul think they hear Christmas yelling at Kevin
    • So they go into storage and start dancing
    • Cameras finally get off these two clowns and focus on the kitchen
    • Paul comes into the kitchen and Christmas tells her she was yelling at Kevin for asking if she’s going to sit by the pool
    • Christmas is back to her old form….
    • I can’t believe I am listening to her freak out about this. This is about as bad as her freaking out because Mark voted for her to stay
    • Josh jumps in and starts on Kevin saying he heard him ask her.  Kevin says that she asked him first and he was just asking her back
    • He then makes Josh admit that he was wrong for jumping in because he didn’t hear the whole conversation haha.  Josh tries to spin it that he’s upset because Kevin yelled
    • Things stop briefly before Josh starts it back up again to bring up some old conversation.  Kevin says he doesn’t want to argue and is trying to walk away
    • Kevin tells Josh to not let people set him up to do this
    • Josh says “you thitnk I’m the goofy, stupid one” Kevin says “No, other people say that”
    • Josh calls him a liar and Kevin starts going off saying “you better be cool I’ll tell you that I don’t give a fuck about no motherfucking game, I’m telling you now you’ll be in the DR pouting like a fucking baby”  well then
    • Josh asks who won the $25k. Kevin says Josh did lol
    • Josh tells him to swear on his kids and Kevin loses it “Don’t bring my kids into this you motherfucker”
    • I guess Josh is not the “personal vs game” referee when he’s fighting
    • Feeds cut
  • 2:56 pm – Feeds return for a second and we see Kevin at the kitchen island talking to Paul.  So I guess he didn’t get kicked out. Good
    • I’m going to have to wrap this up soon and do a recap then possibly another thread.  This has been a busy afternoon!

Check back for updates

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