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Big Brother 19- Overnight Recap 8/1

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Here’s another random overnight recap so we can stay on top of the recent drama in the BB house! (Writer’s block this morning…that’s the best intro I could come up with lol)

  • 10:20- Paul and friends are in the hot tub talking about random things such as Dane Cook and flavor blasted goldfish.
    • Jess and Cody are in the kitchen talking. Cody is saying he hopes that the two  of them have some value coming out of the house.
    • Jess- “I had value coming into the house.”
    • Cody says if they ask him to do events or anything after the show he’ll agree as long as they don’t bring Matt, Paul, or Josh.
    • Back outside, Elana is wondering if production is going to give them a dog this year.
    • Paul- “No. They already gave you a snake, they’re not gonna give you a dog.”
  • 11:00- Jason and Josh are playing pool. Josh is arguing over the rules of the game- again.
    • Jason goes to the lounge chair with Kevin and is talking about Jessica’s logic in revealing her temptation to the house. He says that they feel they are in power and have the upper hand by revealing it on her terms.
    • Alex, Josh, and Christmas are in the kitchen talking are Mark.
    • Josh is pissed that he keeps flipping sides and playing the victim.
    • Mark comes in with Kevin and Jason and they quickly change the topic.
    • Jason is teaching Alex how to punch: 
    • They sit around cooking, snacking and having random conversations for a while.
    • Jess  and Cody go to lay in bed. Cody is saying he’s the only sane person in the house.
    • Cody is now talking shit on soldiers and saying that Marines are better. Jess is freaking out because now every soldier hates him.
    • Jess is now talking about his penis. She’s named it Princess Banana Hammock.
  • 11:55- Josh and Paul are in the hot tub.
    • Josh compares Cody to Victor and Paul flips and defends Victor and says they are in no way alike.
    • Paul is now bitching about Cody and congratulating casting on finding the one guy that everyone hates.
    • Josh wants to talk with Cody and squash everything between them. It’s eating him alive that Cody still won’t forgive him and he doesn’t understand why.
    • Paul says he wants Cody to get the airtime and show everyone his truly personality and that it’s not about Cody being a victim.
    • Josh says he thinks that from his and Paul’s perspective what they did to Cody was strategic but the girls got nasty with it.
    • Paul is coaching Josh and basically telling Josh just to do everything he says and he’ll get him far in the game.
    • Paul point’s out that production puts specific types of people in the house as a social experiment. Then gets yelled at for talking about production as if everyone didn’t already know that.
    • He rants about Cody for a while until the feeds switch to the money room.
  • 12:30– Raven and Matt are in the HOH room where Raven is venting about Jessica being a bitch to her. Poor Raven… -__-
    • Some of the girls are in the bathroom now doing their makeup.
    • Kevin is reading the nutrition facts for slop. He is surprised by how healthy it actually is.
    • Not a lot going on right now..fast forwarding.
  • 1:15- Elana and Mark are outside playing pool. Elana is worried that it looks sketchy that they are outside by themselves and Mark points out that they aren’t hiding away from people and are out in the open.
    • Elana wraps up the talk and goes inside leaving Mark outside by himself.
    • The camera is slowly panning out on Mark feelings sorry for himself.
    • Mark is reminding himself that he came into this house for 500k.
    • He is now playing pool with himself and telling himself he’s fucked and needs an HOH.
    • Paul and friends are in the money room talking about random things including Paul’s butt itching.
  • 2:00- Cody and Jess are up and about, others are starting to head to  bed.
    • Random conversation for the next hour while various people are called to the DR.

Check back for updates.

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