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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Night Feeds And Nom Results

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Quick correction from my earlier post – there is no Den of Temptation today.  I looked at the voting page, and the vote doesn’t end until the 19th. No clue why they’re making this one a roughly two-week vote, but it should give Alex power two weeks in a row (unless someone else sneaks in and wins it. Kevin maybe).

Alex has been really cryptic on her nomination picks because I think she’s trying to play by the rules (Kryssie and her rule book approved!). You were probably not aware of it because people talk about it so freely, but there is a rule against specifically telling people they’re being nominated.  They typically let that slide, but Alex was playing it safe and only letting it slip a few times. She mostly hinted around that it would be Jess and Dom, so that’s who I expect tonight.

In other news, Christmas is back in the house and playing innocent with her hinky vote of Ramses last night. She is obviously acting like she voted out Cody in order to pin the vote on someone else.  I really like when Kevin did it last week, and don’t know why that doesn’t happen more. I most certainly would toss out the hinky votes to stir things up. It’s fun!


Alright, feeds are back up, time for updates

  • 6:30 pm – Feeds return and Kevin is talking to Jess in the apple room.  She says she has to win the veto, but he says Dom is the target for some reason
    • Jess and Dom are nominated
    • Meanwhile, Dom is taking it well
  • 6:50 pm – Matt, Mark, Elena, and Christmas are in the bathroom
    • All but Christmas are talking about the hinky votes
    • Christmas is trying to push it off on the other side of the house
    • Christmas looks concered
    • Christmas leaves to get meds and Mark says “I love being lied to my face”
    • Mark is saying Christmas said Cody didn’t tell her any names
    • They know this because Cody told Paul “Christmas wanted to tell you but…” so they gather Christmas knew what Cody was talking about and she is a liar
  • 7:00 pm – Mark goes into the bedroom to talk to Dom
    • Dom says Elena knew because she (E) kept asking Dom to talk to Alex today
    • Dom says she is going to pick Mark to play veto if she can
  • 7:13 pm – Paul is talking to Christmas in the apple room
    • Christmas admits she was a vote for Ramses. She asks who the first and second voters were. They know Jess, but he can’t remember the other
    • She wants him to remember because she can probably confirm something
    • (theory, she was on the phone still and heard Julie say ‘3 votes for Ramses’ before heading to commercial break)
  • 7:25 pm – Talks everywhere.
    • Kevin is up in the HoH room with Jason and Alex
    • Alex confirms she wanted to put up Mark
    • They talk for a bit, Mark comes up and the two guys leave
  • 7:30 pm – Mark and Alex
    • They go back and forth discussing things in the house
    • Finally Mark asks if Dom is her target this week. Alex says ‘yes’.
    • Reaction…
  • 7:55 pm – Dom comes up, Mark leaves
    • Alex tells Dom that she wants Jess out even though she told Mark that dom was her target.
    • Dom claims it’s a jealousy thing but she can’t figure out why

Stepping away for a mental break

  • 10:30 pm – Watched some TV, came back and the feeds are down for the PoV!
    • It’s speculated that the veto competition is early because they will be doing battle back this week and need time in the backyard to construct the sets
    • (which means no outside this week. Ouch)
    • Kevin, Jason, and Christmas were picked to play. I assume if physical that means Christmas is auto fail and it becomes a 5-way challenge
  • 11:10 pm – PoV has been going on for abou ttwo hours now. I can’t keep my eyes open. Hopefully you guys can report winner in comments and I’ll post it tomorrow am
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