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Big Brother 19 Season In Review

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The feeds yesterday pretty much summed up this season for me, so have a good day!

You didn’t think I’d actually just post one sentence and leave, did you??  I ramble on far too much for that, but I will try to be as succinct as possible because I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the same things.  I will even put my random thoughts in bullet format to somewhat organize the mess inside my head.

  • The season started off with tons of potential when I saw 16 cast members revealed before opening night. No vets, yay!
  • An hour into the season and production already screwed us by not only getting rid of Cameron but replacing him with a vet. Come ON.
  • One vet can’t do much damage, right?  These people are sure to get him out right away. They have to.
  • Oh wait, he’s given immunity for the first week and gets to interview every single houseguest as they beg HIM for safety before he won a comp
  • Immunity over, so he’s gone now, right?  Nope, have 3 more weeks of safety
  • Safety is over, the smart people will take care of things now. Jessica won HoH and Paul is screwed!  Wait, nope. Let’s go after Ramses!
    • Fun fact – Paul only had to survive two evictions before he was in jury
  • Christmas gets to stay in the game despite leaving the house multiple times to fix her foot. I firmly believe this wouldn’t have happened if Megan remained in the game. Her exit pressured production to keep Christmas in to prevent Cody from nominating his 6th person which may seem unfair to him (ironic considering most thought Christmas remaining was more unfair)
  • Christmas unintentionally created a new strategy moving forward. Get injured which will allow the house to carry you along thinking they can dump you at any time
  • Despite being the only people to see what Paul was up to, Cody and Jessica may have been some of the worst players in the house – and that is saying a lot this season. So many stupid decisions.
  • Elena left too soon. She was the only other person in the house with a brain even though it didn’t really matter because Paul had a lock on the house. It still would have been nice to see someone who can form an argument tear into Christmas when she acted condescending
  • Josh is a great example of peer pressure and mob mentality when it comes to bullying others. You know he felt bad every time he did it, and it was obvious that he hated doing it, but he felt he had to in order to remain on Paul’s good side.  I’m not defending Josh, but just using him as an example of why otherwise decent people end up doing bad things when they’re around bad people.
  • Raven is crazy
  • Matt is boring
  • Mark is a good guy but was not fit mentally to defend the bind he put himself in by flipping back and forth on people
  • Cody was hilarious how he refused to do dumb reactions just for TV
  • Alex is an awful person
  • Jason is another example of peer pressure. Another pretty decent person who felt he needed to say terrible things to make awful people laugh
  • Kevin was one of the first people on TV to accurately portray a typical person from Boston. That was refreshing. I know far more ‘Kevin’ types than whatever the hell Ben Affleck tries to play whenever he does Boston roles

Ok, so those were my random thoughts. A messy list for a messy season. Paul completely killed this season just like Boston Rob killed the season of Survivor he won, but I already compared the two players very early in the season (a week and a half in to be specific). That said, just like Rob, Paul deserves to win tonight. He made this season boring as hell, but he played the best game overall by far. Christmas was useless and Josh was a puppet. Neither of the two did any form of jury management regarding the social game and both sucked at comps. Neither came up with any decent strategy or plan as they only just did whatever Paul wanted to do. While it would be hilarious to see Paul’s reaction if Josh wins, it will be a slap in the face to anyone who actually respects the game.

I fully expect a 7-2, 8-1, or 9-0 vote tonight as the only people who may vote for Josh (or Christmas) will be Mark and/or Elena, and that is a big maybe. I think Paul sweeps the rest of the votes without much trouble.  I’ll be shocked if he gets less than 7 votes tonight. With that said, I will be having a live update thread, so see you tonight for the two hour finale!

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