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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates

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It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which should prove to be fairly interesting as Jason is going to be the center of attention by a lot of people.

As I talked about this morning, Jason is currently suffering from a disorder known as IT (independent thought) and may actually go against what Paul wants this week. Paul wants him to use the power of veto and nominate Kevin so the house (without Jason’s knowledge) can have the option to vote him out because they’re seriously considering it. Ironically, IT is the one disorder Raven doesn’t claim to have, but there is still time for that.


Also, I did fail to mention in my earlier post that would have tied the story together nicely are Matt and Raven’s thoughts on it all. While everyone is telling Jason that they’re going to hold a massive grudge and nuke the house, the two were alone and Matt admitted that if they won HoH, they would have gone after Jason and Alex. Oops? I’m sure if Paul hears that, he will do everything he can to silence them because it shows they’ll either actually understand Jason’s game move and not be bitter – or prove they’re going to be the bitter type regardless what happens.


  • 11:00 am – Kevin is doing rounds in the backyard alone.
    • He goes upstairs to check on Jason and jokes about him oversleeping.
    • When he starts asking whether or not they kept Jason up late last night, the cameras cut to show Christmas and Raven talking on all 4 cameras.  Kill me. Seriously?
  • Oh, and I didn’t get a chance to say it because I was busy this weekend. I hope all our Junkies in Texas are safe and secure. We’re all thinking about you!
  • 11:22 am – Jason finally joins Kevin outside for a walk
    • Kevin again asks what they were talking about up in his room
    • He says nobody was in his room. Alex came up for about 10 minutes and that’s about it
    • Jason tells Kevin that Alex called him stupid and he’s sick of her saying things like that
  • 11:40 am – Paul tells Matt and Raven he’s going to just join Kevin and Jason and ruin their moment
    • Kevin found a new Pablo
  • 11:50 am – Paul is back in the kitchen with Matt and Raven
    • Matt is calm about it. He says either he or Kevin is going home. Paul asks why he doesn’t care about staying
    • Matt says he cares, but he’s (Jason) a grown man and he’s not going to stress
    • Raven says America is going to get a show if he doesn’t take one of them off the block. Tomorrow could be good. CrazyRaven is coming back!
    • Raven is going to pull the ‘we’re both southerners’ comment and both have accents.  To be fair, Raven has an accent for every part of the country depending on her mood
  • 12:50 pm – House is in HoH lockdown and the feeds are on pets which means something is going on….
    • And it’s HaveNots
    • First two to drop from HoH. Kevin and Matt
  • 1:08 pm – Kevin is heading outside and Josh tells him that he needs the slippers back
    • Kevin leaves and Josh starts bitching to Alex about him
  • 1:15 pm – Josh, Alex, Paul, and Christmas bitch session on Kevin
    • They are saying that Kevin hasn’t played at all.  He’s riding everyone’s coat tails
    • Hasn’t caused drama, hasn’t called anyone out…. so that is ‘playing Big Brother’?  What happened to the social aspect?
    • Christmas asks how Kevin can get America’s Favorite…. umm, because he’s not a complete asshole like the rest of you?
    • (What has Christmas done?  Literally get carried along the game because of her injury. She won one HoH that was thrown to her)
    • They bash Kevin for not trying during the veto then when Christmas points out that he was trying but he was pretending not to when he walked outside they bash him for sucking.  ???
  • 1:25 pm – Kevin enters and everyone but Paul leaves.  They chat while Kevin keeps trying to get Paul outside to enjoy the day
    • Kevin goes outside and Alex joins to trash him with Paul.  This house is annoying
  • 3:00 pm – Not much going on with the feeds
    • Paul, Alex, and Christmas are sitting around the couch shittalking the house.  Surprised?
    • They said that Raven said people photoshopped her freckles into her memory wall photo but is now talking about her freckles because someone said they liked Christmas’… pettttttty
  • 4:20 pm – They must have told the house that Game of Thrones season finale is on tonight so don’t bother doing anything exciting.

Check back for updates

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