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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates 7/30

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s been a fairly busy weekend for me, but things have slowed down so I am able to give you some feed updates today!

I am going to try to lead most posts off with this because I want there to be as many votes as possible this season, so be sure to go here and vote for your favorite player of the week!  I should probably end up making it a single page that gets updated weekly rather than changing pages, but maybe I’ll do that next week.


As the current week stands, like last week, the HoH also has the PoV (in this case, it’s Paul), and like last week it will most likely end up being a dud of a week. Unlike last week, this time it won’t be due to poor gameplay by the HoH, it will be because Jessica has the temptation which will cancel evictions this week.  Meanwhile, the safety competition played out this week and Mark won, Jason lost. This means Mark is safe no matter what, and Jason is on the block for a 3rd nominee. That said, Paul is likely going to pull him down to prevent any funny business because he wants Jessica to use her power.

Let’s jump in with the updates:

  • 11:00 am – Paul is talking alone with Matt in the apple room. Yes, Matt.  Who is he?  Just some boring floater who is just wasting his summer in the BB house.
    • Paul is telling Matt that Jess has the temptation and a +1 (he thinks).  This means if she’s safe, that narrows it down to just her +1
    • He thinks if she’s not on the block that limits it to just one person she can save (still wrong)
    • Paul is debating on taking Jessica off the block and replacing her with Elena so she (J) will have one choice for who to save (please do this, will be hilarious)
    • Paul wants to sound like a badass during the veto speech saying “You can either send Elena home – someone who has been working hard in this game – or you can send Cody home – someone who has been trashing your game”.  lololol
    • All Paul knows is that nobody can be safe for consecutive weeks (except him?  Unless he means for this specific temptation)
    • Matt confirms with Paul that it’s not just a dud week because someone would have to go
    • When Paul pits Jess against Elena, it is going to get Mark to hate Jess
  • Jason enters the room
    • Paul keeps talking about how badass his week is going to be and how he’s going to outsmart the temptation.  My hope is that Jessica just plays along with his theory
  • Group breaks up and Paul asks to speak to Jessica upstairs
  • 11:10 am – The two head up
    • Jessica, just out of bed listens to what Paul has to say
    • In the words of Larry David – “Do you know who wears sunglasses inside?  Blind people and assholes” – Only a joke. I know it’s much brighter in that house than a typical house
    • Speaking of, Paul asks her to take off the sunglasses so he can look people in the face… wow.  Alpha move?
    • He says nobody sees her as a target, nor does anyone dislike her.  When Cody is not around, she is a much better person with a better social game
    • Paul says in order to get to Cody though, he has to get to Jess.  Jess understands.
    • Paul asks about her temptation where she can choose one person in addition to her for safety.
    • Jess says no, she can pull everyone off the block
    • Jessica fully explains the hex and says nobody will go home that week (booooo. Can she really not lie about it?)
    • She answers that and says “Big Brother doesn’t allow me to say powers that I don’t have, so this is 100% factual”
    • Paul then changes it up and pulls the 9 people are in jury card and wants to pressure her to not use it so they can vote Cody out and 9 people can be happy
    • Jess throws the hammer down and says the only person who keeps her safe in the house is Cody and if people want him out, they’re going to have to do it themselves
    • She brings up how nobody told her about Josh going home. People have lied to her and let her down. Every single person including Cody.
    • She points out when Cody left the house, she was quickly nominated and nobody even talked game with her. She was left out of everything watching everyone else run up to the HoH room to talk game
  • Note – I love that Jess and Cody are the only people in the house who have real talk with Paul and not just automatically kiss his ass
    • Jessica continues by saying that she is playing the game but also wants to go to jury with Cody.  If she has the power to make that happen, she’s going to exhaust that power to try to make it happen
    • Paul brings up how Cody is the only person protecting her is false. Jessica counters that he just put her on the block
  • 11:25 am – The talk continues
    • Paul tells Jess that Cody early in the game said he wanted to keep Alex in the house so she can get out Jess
    • Paul keeps hammering it trying to make a deal
    • Jess says she wants things in exchange if she doesn’t use the hex
    • She doesn’t want to go on the block at all for two weeks because she doesn’t want to use the hex at all
    • She wants Alex to be a target by anyone who wins HoH
    • Paul says he can easily keep her safe for two weeks, but he can’t guarantee the second. It depends on who wins the HoH. For example, if Jason wins there is no way he can tell him to put up his friend
  • note – Jessica’s obsession with Alex is weird. I bet it stems back to being called Alex in bed by Cody….
    • Jess – “I’m tired of making the house happy because the house doesn’t make me happy”
  • 11:35 am – The conversation ends.  Jess goes to pull Matt aside
    • This is because when Paul said that Cody wanted her (Jess) out, he said Matt can back that up
    • She comes right out and asks what Cody said to him at the beginning of the game
    • Matt begins dancing around and saying it’s not relevant now.
    • She says if he doesn’t want to tell her then don’t tell her.  Matt quickly accepts that bailout offer and the talk breaks up.  Seriously, why is Matt in this game?
  • Matt pulls Paul into the apple room and he tells Paul that he didn’t tell Jess
    • Paul is upset that Matt didn’t say anything. What did he expect?
  • 11:55 am – Jess is outside talking to Cody about the conversation
    • She tells Cody that she gained a ton of respect for Matt today and wants to give him a big hug
    • She asks if there is anything he told Matt early in the game that she should know about
    • She tells him what was said and he’s shocked. He completely denies it but she’s not buying it
  • 12:15 pm – Jessica goes in the HN room and smacks Mark on the butt
    • She says his butt looked plumpy… Alex had a reaction
    • Jess goes back into the HN to talk to Matt and asks what he’s thinking
    • He rambles on until Paul comes in and says “you need to let me know sooner than later because it depends on the veto”
    • She says Paul can pull Jason off regardless.  He leaves
    • Jess tells Mark what she was told and Mark said it’s crazy to even listen to that. It’s week 1 stuff. There is no way Cody feels anything like that now
    • Mark keeps saying “that’s crazy”.  He says Paul wants Jess to not use the hex
    • Mark says no matter what, they’re targets.  They need to win competitions
    • Mark says “we’re guys talking to other guys and it’s a game. It’s guy talk and we knew you less than a week”
  • That conversation breaks up and Jess goes to find Cody
    • They talk for awhile, Cody is upset because Jess believes Paul.  This is going in circles and is going to be a long week of Paul trying to get Jess to not use the Hex
  • 12:50 pm – Jess and Matt sneaking around ready to prank
    • Matt dumps oatmeal or slop or whatever on Raven in the shower
    • When he does, Raven has a … slip. Pretty exposing slip. Oops
  • 1:00 pm – On a different note, Josh and Mark are actually joking around. Woah
    • People are talking about the biggest ‘showmance’ Zanke’ and asked what their name would be. Mark says “Mosh”.  Pretty fitting
  • 2:00 pm – Paul is talking to Jessica in the HoH again
    • He is really working her to not use the hex.
  • side note – It would be funny if she didn’t use the hex and they voted her out rather than Cody
    • Listening to Paul is tiring.
    • Jessica said she asked something in the DR about veto (regarding her hex) and she is waiting on them
    • It is regarding pulling Jason off with the PoV. If they say yes to her, she has no problem pulling Jason off.  It could be she asked if he would count since he’s 3rd nom, but I don’t see why she would care.
    • Paul says if she does this, she’ll go further in the game than she would with Cody
    • They finish up and Paul things the conversation went so good that he does a dance
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Josh is planning a Vegas trip with Matt, Raven, and Mark?
    • And Josh and Mark are now bros?
    • Seriously, good on Josh for finally letting water go under the bridge.  His initial anger was completely understood. His grudge was stupid
  • 2:50 pm – Small house meeting time…
    • Paul tells the room about Jessica’s demands to use the hex (2 week safety – lol, and evicting Alex)
    • They say Cody is the only one protecting Alex and doesn’t care about her going home
    • Christmas joins the conversation and they catch her up
    • Jessica goes on and on about how she adores Cody blah blah blah
    • The entire house is plotting against Jessica to prevent her from using it. At this point, I am thinking she’s not going to.
  • 3:09 pm – Conversation has broken up and most have left
    • Christmas and Paul are left in the room with Elena who tells them that they’re the only two she told that she’s done with Mark.
    • Paul says he’ll quit joking about them as a couple.
  • Elena leaves and Christmas gets to talk to Paul alone
    • Christmas asks if he is casting spells on them  (no, they’re just bad)
    • The two talking about how dangerous Elena is getting because she’s a better player

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