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Big Brother 19 – Thursday Feeds

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If and when Cody and Jess look back on the season and try to figure out where they went wrong, they may pin it on the wild first week, but this week was probably their worst.  Paul continues to be a few moves ahead of Cody in the chess match that has been season 19, and that didn’t change despite Paul taking a clear shot at him during his HoH.  Cody had some reflection time to himself after eviction and clearly didn’t get any better at the game because once again he and Jess are about to be screwed over by Paul.

As you know by now, Cody won the battle back last week and re-entered the house with a new outlook on the game, and that outlook was to play with emotion and target someone who was virtually no threat to him in the grand scheme of the game.  Sure, Josh was getting under Cody’s skin, but he is not winning this game, and is certainly not going to be a roadblock for anyone else to win. He’ll quietly be evicted as soon as Paul has no more use for him and that will be the end of the Josh era.

Jessica won the HoH in a pretty epic battle of endurance that took around 3 hours (!! – that’s a lot for the newer generation), and then went ahead and won herself the power of veto.  Rather than get revenge on Mark for flipping on them the first week, or going after the strongest player in the house (Paul), they decided to go after Josh. Paul took advantage of this and quickly flipped the house to target Jessica’s pawn (Ramses) and have been able to keep it mostly quiet until Jessica started getting a ‘bad feeling about this’ last night.


Today, Josh is staying but quite possibly may be murdered before he has a chance


  • 10:35 am – Thought it would be a quiet day, but Josh is already up and running around.
    • He is running around the house banging pots and pans screaming ‘It’s my last day, bond with me!’
    • He walks into the kitchen “The only person I want to bond with is Mark. We had a connection from the start”
    • Meanwhile, Mark is hiding in the apple room.
    • I should note that last night around 1:30 am, Mark and Elena had a long and serious talk that sounded quite a bit like a breakup talk, so Mark’s not having a good 24 hours
    • Mark is telling Jason how this is bullying and harassment though he probably deserves it for laughing when Josh did it to Cody and Jess
    • Note – Mark does say this is bullying because he really can’t do anything about it.  It’s a coward move, but he (Mark) was bullied as a kid but wouldn’t tolerate this in the real world
    • He can’t believe production is allowing Josh to follow him around
    • Cody has entered the room and is telling Mark that people likely don’t like Josh and will be booed when he leaves
  • 10:50 am – After some talk, Cody convinces Mark to just go to the HoH room.
    • This is while Josh was sitting outside the door yelling into the room.
    • Josh may be one of the first people who was very secure but ended up campaigning his way OUT of the house by acting like such an asshole
    • Now that they’re up in the HoH room, Josh is off feeds and the rest of the house are studying for what they think is going to be a mental competition tonight.
    • I assume this is going to be the tone of the day, I am just wondering if the house is just going to get sick of Josh and keep Ramses
  • 11:20 am – Things have calmed down for now.
    • Feeds go down for some live show prep.  I’ll let you know if there is any murders to report when they come back up
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds have been up but everyone is just getting ready.  Still plans on getting Ramses out

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