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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Tuesday and it should be a slow day, but I have a feeling it may not be.

Yesterday had a few minor arguments with mostly Alex, Christmas, and Josh versus Mark at various stages throughout the night. This is because Paul is telling them to get in his head before Thursday while pretending he’s going to join in at some point (he won’t). The three stooges started ripping on Mark about stupid things like him taking pillows to once again being disloyal to his alliance. At this point, the reason for shitting on Mark is almost pointless to talk about because they just make silly stuff up.  Mark isn’t good at defending himself so they just pile it on.  It’s the tone of the season and a pretty familiar tone in general. Rather than split the house, one leader of the house sets a target and everyone else gangs up on that person. People that were once in that group are left alone because they’re pegged off one at a time and they don’t have the numbers to rebound.


When Cody goes home, Mark is completely screwed because no matter what happens, he won’t have the numbers. Even if he wins HoH, that merely buys him a week until the majority win it then put him as a target next to a pawn who is most likely going to be the next target. Rinse and repeat.

Let’s jump into the feeds

  • 10:30 am – Cody is alone and actually doing a little cam talking.
    • This is interesting because he doesn’t do it like Josh and ramble trying to get airtime.
    • He says he just wants to be left alone from these crazy people who keep trying to drag him into their arguments.
    • He’s glad Elena stole that $5k from Alex, and to give her a punishment on top of it was great
    • He wants to clean out of boredom but doesn’t want to help them out. Last time he did that, they were thanking him and he just doesn’t want them talking to him
    • “I can hear Matt’s shitty laugh from here”
    • “Does anyone else think that Matt and Raven’s fights are psychotic?  They’re crazy. If they look bad on the feeds, imagine how they look in person”
    • “Raven’s cooking is blahhhh”… “Matt, he just hangs out there and eats food”
  • 10:55 am – Kevin comes outside
    • Cody tells him he is losing his mind. He’s never talked to himself before
    • Kevin tells him he’s had a toothache for 5 weeks and it’s terrible now.  He wants to get it pulled.
    • Kevin says that every non HN should drink Gatorade and leave the water to the HNs
    • Cody says “You know what, Kevin?  People in here are real assholes”
    • Cody says people in there are ungrateful. They complained because of the beer during the Outback dinner.
    • They bitch like they’re movie stars
  • Raven and Paul come outside and Cody leaves
  • 11:16 am – Kevin says he’ll touch his dick with dirty hands any day. Production comes over the speak ‘zing’!
  • I guess Cody leaving was temporary as he’s back outside having small talk with Paul and crew
  • 12:45 pm – Kevin is giving Cody life lessons while Paul is doing the same for Paul in the other room. Not very exciting
  • 1:50 pm – Alex is yelling at Cody for eating the last of her cereal
    • She is saying he should be happy he’s in jury, and he replies that he’s thrilled he lost a chance for $500k
    • Jason says he thought Cody was joking at first but he’s just being an idiot to her
    • Cody says he saved their game. He could have put them up
    • Cody keeps saying he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if anyone hates him.  Don’t ever talk to him again.
    • Alex asks “how is your kid? Do you have one?”.  Cody tells him to stop talking to her and she says if they hate him he’s going to hate them
    • She asks if he even liked Jessica. He fucked up her game
    • Cody says “over cereal?  I’m done talking”
    • Christmas jumps in because that’s what she does and says she tried to save everyone some cereal but they saved the wrong one
    • Alex says she knows the person he’s trying to protect but they’re probably next.  She asks him who it is.
    • He says ‘no idea’ and she says “you’re lying again! Surprise!!”
    • Josh comes in to chime in and Paul asks “wait, who is this?”
    • Christmas says “wait, you never told me that Mark was your ride or die from day 1 before I went into surgery?”
    • Cody says he kind of went back on that one
    • Christmas asks what the point of him even being there is… good question, Christmas. Same to you!
    • Cody says he can’t protect anyone. He couldn’t even get a sympathy vote
    • Cody humors them and says everything he says is a lie
    • People keep talking and Christmas says it’s pointless.  Alex says he’s really a nice guy and this isn’t him.
    • They apparently don’t see when you gang up on someone, that person doesn’t really like it and gets defensive
    • Cody says from here on out, he’s going to be polite. Christmas says that’s not what they want. They want answers.
  • 2:05 pm – Cody left to go outside and Mark tagged in to take the beating from the house
    • Now that Cody is outside, Paul starts speaking up to recap the argument to himself and Raven runs to his side because that’s what she does
    • Raven complains that Cody said he’d never vote for her. Paul tells her to call him out
    • Christmas jumps in and tells Raven to ask Cody some questions.
  • 2:15 pm – Elena is now screaming at Josh because she’s sick of his shit
    • Elena keeps yelling at him and Josh of all people is trying to back out lol.  I guess they don’t like it when people fight back
    • Josh says a bunch of random things like calling her condescending and she tells him he doesn’t even know what those words mean
  • 2:35 pm – Christmas jumps in because of course
    • Now Alex jumps in which is good because unlike Christmas, she actually has a point. She starts yelling at Elena about the competition
    • Oh wait, now they’re talking about their financial situation
    • Alex keeps talking about how they brought Elena into the team and she screwed over the team.
    • Christmas jumps in with some comment again. Christmas, you’re useless
    • Alex keeps telling her that she was going to take Mark’s prize if she won first.
  • 2:44 pm – Josh keeps talking about his crush on Elena lol
    • Josh talks about how Elena blew his trust and she points out how he’s the one who grabbed the golden apple early on
    • Josh is talking about how Elena’s demeanor wasn’t good when he won HoH.  These people are nuts
    • Elena leaves and they start to pat each other on their backs while Paul once again brings up Cody. He is trying to get Raven to yell at him.
    • Elena starts yelling back from the bathroom and lying and Josh asks what he has lied about. She told him that he lied about the Jillian vote and even Christmas appeared to back her up there
  • 4:30 pm – Took a small break because it’s a slow day. Right now Paul and Kevin are chatting outside with Cody nearby in the pool.  Alex is talking to Jason.
    • Boring conversations overall
  • 8:00 pm – House is taking a fight break for now.  Matt is in the kitchen eating of course. Josh is up Paul’s ass. A typical night.

Check back for updates

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