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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I want to come out and explain some detailed strategy that may or may not happen like I typically do, but I have nothing. It’s a strange week inside the house as all the elements for drama are there, but drama is not happening. You have Cody and Jessica interacting with the house, Josh’s plans of getting Elena out have all but died for now, Raven still talks about herself any chance she has, and everyone else are still playing ‘decorations’ inside the house.


It’s an incredibly dull week, so I guess it’s the perfect time for me to not feel great.

Before I begin today, a reminder that I put a permanent link to the player poll inside the floating link box that appears near the beginning of posts. This way you can hop over weekly and vote without me making a post about it.


Alright, update time…

  • 11:00 am – Jessica and Cody are on the hammock talking a little game
    • Jessica said she wants to see these people scared to do anything without Cody’s permission (weird)
    • He said he’s not going to walk around banging pots like ‘these jackasses’ but he will put the fear of game in them
    • Cody is going to ask Kevin to vote to evict Raven.  He already asked Jason to do the same and is going to ask Mark
    • Jessica said she doesn’t want it to be a tie because that gives Josh one last ounce of power, but they want to at least scare Raven before she goes
  • Meanwhile, Christmas and Paul are outside telling Jason how to squeeze his fans for every penny
    • Free pictures with fans?  No way!  Charge for that!
  • 12:00 pm – Cody and Jess are in the pool (seriously, the cameras are ALWAYS on them…. except when they have sex)
    • Kitchen cam features Raven and ole’ Orange Shirt Matt
  • 12:40 pm – Paul holding a chat session with the ladies
    • I turn to his feed and his first words “It’s ok to feel vulnerable”.  lol.
  • 1:00 pm – Josh and Paul bashing Jessica
    • Paul says that she wants an atomic bomb to drop on the house
    • Jess told Josh to spell drought. He did and Jess said she guesses she can catch him on another word
    • (side note – If Jess is making fun of intelligence, she really needs to learn the proper usage of “Cody and me” vs “Cody and I“. She says “Cody and I” like 99% of the time which is wrong probably 40% of the time she uses it that way.  Also, 78% of all stats are made up on the spot)
    • Josh told her that he has a degree and runs his own business
    • Josh says that Jessica screwed her game by playing Cody’s game.  Says the guy who plays Paul’s game.  To be fair, playing Paul’s game will likely allow him to lose in the final 3 and maybe even finish 2nd
    • Christmas says that Jessica used her hex (temptation) inappropriately, then brags that she used hers appropriately.  Kind of the other way around. Christmas looked stupid using hers.
    • Josh then confirms why because he said Jess was going on the block no matter what.
  • 1:10 pm – Paul jokingly tells Josh to have Jess spell evicted.
    • Josh runs into the house and Christmas scoots along in because she can’t miss a second of drama caused by Paul’s Minions
    • He walks in the kitchen and she tells him to go fuck himself
    • She calls him the dumbest human being she’s ever met in her life
    • Josh goes back outside to bitch some more about Jess
  • 1:15 pm – Josh is still worked up so he goes back inside to start shit with Jess again
    • Josh begins talking and Jess keeps telling him to shut up while not listening
    • Cody says “listen here you fucking piece of shit” and clenches his fist. Jess stops him.  I wonder if Cody will murder Josh next week when Jessica isn’t there to control him
    • Josh explains how he’s upset she told him to spell drought
    • She says he’s still a moron. Cody says he’s the dumbest person they’ve ever met
    • Cody says he waddles around here with his fat fucking body and acting tough but he knows it’s because they can’t do shit in there
    • Cody says “if you want to try this shit on the outside. Go for it. I fucking dare you”
    • Josh continues with the “you guys are making this real personal” and Cody says “it is personal, Josh. It is personal”
    • Jessica says she’s not in the mood so don’t speak to her, don’t address her, and get away from her
    • Jessica said she’ll play along today because she only has 2 days so if this is the game he wants to play, she’ll play it
    • Josh says she’s going to watch back and feel stupid. She says she’s not
  • Josh leaves and goes back outside
    • Josh tries to play nice and says “I never say this and that or that” and Cody says “wait until you see the shit I say about you. I destroy you”. Cody isn’t playing nice today
    • Josh says “you realize you’re playing a game, right?”  Cody says this is not a game to him
    • They go back and forth and Josh says he’s HoH, and he’s living the dream.  Jessica says he got lucky with some stupid ass competition, so congratulations
    • Josh says she dug her own grave. She says she doesn’t care, she has a life outside this house
    • Josh tries the “Cody ruined your game” and she comes back with “the only reason people keep you in this house is because you’re a moron and can’t think for yourself” (ouch)
    • Josh repeats how stupid Jess is going to feel
    • Josh is going on and on while Jess keeps nitpicking his speech.  Like how Josh says he can obtain a conversation with people.  I’m not sure if English is Josh’s first language so she needs to give him a pass for wrong words
    • They yell back and forth about weird shit like people would not know Cody’s name if not for Cody
    • Josh says she’s going home on Thursday and she says “thank god! I don’t have to listen to your moronic speech any more”
    • Josh starts telling Cody his face is disgusting (but he’s not playing personal)
    • Jess makes fun of how desperate Josh sounds by saying how he needs a boo
    • Josh gets loud and Jess stomps it down by slamming her spoon against the counter and the cup to make fun of the pots and pans
    • Cody decides it’s gone too far and he goes to calm Jess down but she’s still yelling at Josh
    • Josh keeps yelling “no more airtime. No more airtime”… Josh, come on, bro. We all know you are the one who plays things up for the camera
  • 1:25 pm – Josh sits at the table quietly and the house resumes talking about general crap.. .for now
    • Josh leaves yelling some more shit to Jess as he heads to the HoH room
    • Matt is comforting Josh who begins crying
    • Josh says he doesn’t know what he did to that kid  (really?)
    • Paul comes in and says “way to hold your ground my man!  You didn’t call anyone ugly” (he did)
    • Paul doesn’t seem to realize that Josh was the person who really kept pushing this situation. Jess was bitchy for making him spell drought but he got carried away
    • Paul randomly shits on Mark for not being there.  He is working his game even while Josh is at his lowest
  • 1:35 pm – Mark comes in the room and Josh kicks him out. Mark is like .. uhh what did I do?
    • The group continues to comfort Josh
    • Christmas comes out and says when Jessica was in his face banging the spoon and cup, she was ready to tackle her broken foot and all (umm, they do realize that’s the same shit Josh was doing with the pots and pans, right?  Remember Paul specifically telling Josh to ‘turn it up to 30’ and ‘get the pots and pans let’s go outside’)
  • 2:15 pm – A group is in the apple room and once again they start on Mark for absolutely no reason at all
    • Paul is asking why Mark didn’t go in and stop it after hearing the personal attacks (Mark wasn’t even in the room)
    • Paul plays it off and says Mark doesn’t have to get defensive
    • Mark asks if he stepped in when everyone was attacking Cody (he didn’t)
    • Paul points out how nobody said anything, but Mark is upset because now Josh is pissed at him (Mark) – which is because of Paul
    • Mark and Paul are going back and forth. Paul really sounds stupid here but he’s talking his way out of it. He’s clearly just putting a target on Mark for no reason at all
    • Mark brings up Paul’s argument with Big Meech last season. Paul says she didn’t call him fat or things of that nature (yet Paul still called her a c*nt)
  • 2:22 pm – Josh enters the room and says he’s raising hell the next two days.
    • So he goes outside to mess with Jess and Cody again
    • Cody starts charging Josh. Josh says “if you hit me… ” feeds cut.  Yikes
    • After a few minutes, feeds return and Josh is still alive.
  • 2:33 pm – Jason is saying the house is making it worse by basically encouraging Josh (he’s right)
    • Jason is the voice of reason. He is saying the other people in the house (Paul) are making it worse by saying “doesn’t it hurt that he called you fat??”
  • 3:15 pm – Mark finally got some time alone with Josh to get his side of the story.
    • It’s a crazy thing that Mark wanted to get all sides to a story before randomly jumping in and stopping a fight.
    • Paul tried real hard to make Mark out to be a bad guy of the fight, but logic prevailed
    • I’m going to close this thread soon because it’s really long. If the updates stop, go back to the main page to look for a new thread

Check back for updates

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