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Big Brother 19 – Veto Ceremony Day Feed Updates

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Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s time for the veto meeting inside the Big Brother house which may or may not be a pointless week.

I know I’ve been saying it is a pointless week, but Paul has been trying really hard to prevent that. As you aware, Jessica revealed her hex secret to the house which apparently was to prevent being nominated for the next 3 weeks. It wasn’t a very well thought out plan, but then again most of the strategy by her and Cody aren’t very well thought out.  It was the classic Survivor move of pretending you’re safe or even showing off your real immunity idol so people vote for someone else.  Except the difference is that typically happens right before a vote (to throw everyone off without giving them a chance to re-strategize) and there is no rule where you can’t lie.  The only time they know for certain is when they hand the idol over to Jeff and he tosses it in the fire because it’s a fake (I’ve only seen that happen like once. Someone believed they had the real idol).


With Big Brother, Jessica said she has to be honest about her hex powers. She has the option to not share the information, but if she does choose to share it, she can’t lie about a power she doesn’t have.  This took about a day of grilling before she confessed that it’s a power that stops the nomination.  After Paul came up with about 3-4 different ways to handle this, she revealed even more about the hex.  By not only revealing she had the power but revealing exactly what it is, she got herself nominated (though she would probably be nominated regardless) and lost a ton of negotiating leverage moving forward.

Paul has been trying to cut deals for her not to use the hex and the house sends Cody home.  It’s hard to tell if she’s actually considering it or humoring Paul, but the fact that she’s entertaining the offer is absurd.  Jessica tried to cut a deal with Paul where she gets 2 weeks of not being nominated, and the house votes Alex out during that period in order to not use the hex. That’s it. 2 weeks and a false promise of voting out Alex.  Of course Paul is telling her what she wants to hear even though he has no intention of honoring that deal, but that won’t matter because once Cody is gone, Jessica is completely toothless. On top of that, they already have a plan to nominate her next to Alex, pretend they’re going to vote out Alex so she doesn’t use the hex, and then vote her out instead.


Out of this entire cast, they gave us two people with the balls to stand up to Paul and one is a psychopath and the other is an absolutely terrible player who continues to believe people who lie to her on a weekly basis.  I mean Jessica couldn’t even negotiate a deal to get herself off the block. That should have been the first thing she demanded. “Look, Paul. If you want to build trust with me, you take me off the block. It’s that simple. If you don’t, the hex will be used and your HoH will be pointless”.  Done.  And to dig the knife in deeper, she still should use it.

Paul is expected to remove Jason from the block today and the feeds are down for the ceremony, so when they return, I’ll tell you what happened!

  • 12:05 pm – Feeds are back
    • Paul used the veto on Jason
    • Jessica doesn’t seem too upset. Sounds like she may use the hex which is really her only option.  If she doesn’t, she doesn’t deserve to be on the show
  • 12:30 pm – Jessica is talking about the veto meeting.
    • I guess someone said something (Jason) giving Jess a compliment but trashing Cody. She wasn’t thrilled
  • 12:45 pm – Jessica is in the rose room confronting Raven
    • She says that she walked in the room and saw Raven do something weird with the veto
    • Raven pulls a “let me look you in the eyes” and Jessica shuts it down by saying “Raven, you looked me in the eyes on Thursday for your vote”
    • Jessica says that looks really bad and left the room
    • Raven pulls Jess and Cody into the apple room to talk
    • Raven tries to explain the weird and pointless thing that Jessica is upset about. Raven is all shook up trying to explain it
    • Raven rambles on and on about how she wasn’t really talking bad about Jessica
  • Raven leaves
    • She goes to retell the conversation to Kevin, Jason, and her boss (Paul)
  • 1:05 pm – Raven’s crew goes in to talk to Jessica
    • Kevin interrupts his shave to tell Jess they weren’t talking about her
    • Meanwhile, Raven is in the other room crying and Paul is making it sound like Jess was harassing her
  • Everything breaks up and now Jason is in the pantry with Alex
    • Jason is telling Alex everything, including how Jason was pointing to Jess and how Jess saw it in the mirror
    • The group told Raven to start crying
    • Alex is cracking up over all this
  • 1:20 pm – The group is all together talking about what is going on
    • Jason randomly mentions he doesn’t think Cody was in the military because he taped up his dogtag
    • Paul is asking the group why Jess/Cody have them by the nuts if Paul has the HoH/PoV.  If she uses the hex, she’s gone. If she doesn’t, he’s gone.
    • I can’t wait until Cody and Jess are gone and these people get to play victim wondering why Paul is after them – because he will be
  • 2:00 pm – I’ve been listening to the feeds from bed for the past 30ish minutes. Here is the summary of what was said…
    • Paul wanted to defend Raven because he doesn’t like to see people bullied
    • Paul wants to spend the next week having the house bully Cody into snapping
    • This is because if Cody snaps, Jessica will look bad and not use the hex so they vote out Cody (assuming he doesn’t get kicked from the game)
    • Paul thinks it’s okay to do this because Cody said something negative about transgender people a few weeks back
  • 2:10 pm – Christmas and Paul are coaching Josh on how to press Cody’s buttons
    • Those two are literally encouraging a pretty mentally unstable person to taunt another mentally unstable person
  • Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Matt has some logic
    • “What we are doing is trying to get a man who has killed other human beings to crack. That is fucking stupid” – While Cody’s military experience should be irrelevant, just getting someone to crack is shitty
    • Matt asks Christmas if she is going to feel good if Josh gets punched in the face
    • Matt leaves when Christmas gives him some runaround answer
    • Christmas gets pissed and starts yelling about Matt to Raven
  • 2:45 pm – Jessica is talking privately to Cody about not using the hex if he wants to go home
    • He says he wants to stay and he’ll keep under control
    • Jess confesses her backup plan she had going with Paul and crew
    • Meanwhile, Josh comes in to taunt Cody and Jess tells him to leave
    • Josh is still yelling stuff from the kitchen and Jess begins making out with Cody to ignore Josh
  • 4:00 pm – Back in bed with some eye strain listening in
    • Paul is complaining because Cody is “hiding” and not taking the bait from bring taunted
    • He moves into the apple room to talk to Jess
    • Jess retells the story about Raven from earlier
    • Paul says that he took away from it that Cody was being aggressive and Raven was crying
    • Jessica said it’s funny because Cody wasn’t even in the room  (when he was, he wasn’t aggressive)
  • Cody enters the room
    • Paul says “if there is anyone to tell people to pump the brakes, it’s me”  lol
    • Jessica says that Josh is playing a victim now (he is)
    • Jessica mentions how Josh hinted Paul had a hand in him acting the way he is
    • Paul is playing dumb
  • Cody still hasn’t said a word…
    • Jessica is calling Paul out and saying he has a lot of power but is pretending he doesn’t when it’s convenient for him
    • He asks for an example, she doesn’t give one, just says that he’s playing a great game.
  • These feeds are going to be the death of me. Had to order pizza because I’m too busy to cook haha.  Thank you guys for donations btw, that helps me do stuff like that (want to donate? here is the link!)
    • Paul has some serious damage control going down
  • 20 minutes later, Cody still hasn’t said a word. Creeping me out, bro
    • Cody speaks!  Jessica mentions the battles Cody had with Paul and Cody said that’s all in the past
    • Jess says she has a tough time believing Jason came up with that speech on his own
    • Paul insists he hasn’t had any protection from Jess despite not being nominated during her HoH
    • Paul tries to say that people didn’t appreciate that Jessica gave her word not to nominate them, even though he admits she didn’t give said word to Josh or Ramses.. so she was honest, but people don’t like it
    • Jess says that logic makes zero sense in her mind
    • Jess asks how any of this makes sense
    • Paul tries to explain that because Jess made a deal with everyone (except Josh and Ramses) that she wouldn’t nominate them if they kept her safe, that was bad because it turned the house on each other
    • Jess says that ‘so asking people to respect that Cody and I want to make jury is somehow a bad thing?’
    • Jess says that she’s going to use the temptation because if people have moral issues with what she requested then it’s clear she can only trust Cody and she’s going to do what she can to save him
  • 4:35 pm – Conversation breaks up finally
  • 4:45 pm – Josh comes into the room
    • Jessica is apprehensive of him.
    • Josh is rambling about Cody not giving a speech and how he can do that to his fans
    • Cody says “Josh, I don’t have a fanbase outside of this game. I’m not playing for fans”  (so, the anti-James)
    • Meanwhile, Christmas and Paul are listening in
    • Jessica just keeps laughing at Josh
  • Cody leaves the room
    • Jessica and Josh keep talking but now cutting to follow Cody
    • Paul and Christmas follow him to kitchen
    • Now that Paul has his friends around he talks to Cody and asks “Cody, do you still think I’m a character on a TV show?”
    • Cody says he has no more words for Paul.  Paul replies that’s because he’s saying them all behind his back
  • Cody leaves and Paul trashes him
    • Paul mentions how Jess was willing to not use the hex as long as they’d get Alex out.
    • Alex jumps up to go ask Cody if he knew (Jess told him)
  • 4:50 pm – Alex is playing victim to Cody now
    • She keeps asking if he knew that Jess was trying to get him out
    • Cody tells her people are just trying to stir things up
  • Cody leaves this room and goes back to Jess – They are clearly harassing the guy
    • Paul rallies his herd some more to continue the fight
  • 5:02 pm – Feeds went down briefly and they return with Josh banging pots and pans with Jess jokingly throwing apples at him
    • While Jess is in the hallway, Paul summons her to the kitchen for the attack
    • Alex asks why Jess wanted her out. Jess said it’s because she nominated her.  Alex keeps yelling a bunch of stuff I can’t make out
    • Jess says “Do you think I’m going to feel safe on the block then owe you something?”
    • Paul jumps in and says “since the deal is off, does Cody know about the deal you made?”  Jessica says yes.  Paul then says “so you’re a liar?”
    • Jessica explains that when asked, she didn’t tell Cody. She told him later (this is true)
    • Paul brings up the old conversation that was discussed days ago during week 1.   Jess says she was not aware of it, but it was week 1
    • Jess says a lot of people said things in week 1.
    • She asks why Paul cares what Cody said behind her back
    • Holy shit, at 5:08 pm Raven gets involved and a screaming match calling each other a bitch, etc
    • Raven says that Jessica likes assholes so much because you talk out of yours
    • Cody comes in and walks Jessica outside
    • Raven is still yelling, Paul is stirring people up and orders Josh to get the pots and pans to go outside
    • Meanwhile, Alex is in the back yelling at Mark about something that again I can’t understand because she doesn’t take the marbles out of her mouth when she talks
    • I guess this is about cat ears or something
    • Paul keeps trying to rally the troops to focus on Jess/Cody.  He says “the people who didn’t secure your spot in jury are right outside”
    • Paul blames Cody for this
    • Alex is still going off on Mark oddly enough
  • Now may be a time to update your vote in this week’s popularity poll
  • 5:10 pm – Josh heads outside with the pots and pans
    • Paul begins dancing with him
    • Nearly the entire house is outside with Raven still yelling
    • Cody and Jessica are ignoring them on the hammock
    • Paul is sarcastically saying “.. but we’re the bullies??”  – yes, Paul. You are
  • 5:30 pm – Alex is calling Jessica a sexual predator because she slapped her vagina at some point
    • Alex and Christmas are now shitting on Cody for allowing the American flag to sit on the bathroom floor.
    • Alex says she knows other marines who wouldn’t allow that
    • All of this while Cody and Jessica keep to themselves. They’re being picked on by nearly the entire house
    • After all this, the biggest surprise is if Matt stays with Raven.  Very bad look for Raven today.
  • 6:15 pm – I took a small break, come back and Josh is still going at Cody who is now showering
    • I really need to wrap this post up because it’s getting super long. I’ll probably start a new one when this conversation is over
    • Josh is blaming Cody for putting vaseline on his bed. Apparently, someone put it on doorknobs and Cody wiped his hand on the nearest object after touching it
    • Oh, I guess we found out who did the vaseline trick. Paul is bragging about how he put it on the doorknobs and cracking himself up
    • Paul says “this is gameplay”… ok. Sounds more than that, but maybe it’s me

Ok, I’m ending this one. Too long. Will start another shortly

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