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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Afternoon Feeds

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The look you make when your ‘showmance’ shows her ‘at home’ personality

Good afternoon, everyone! In a not so surprising turn of events, the house has been extremely quiet since Monday’s meltdown after the PoV meeting.


Why is this not surprising?  It’s pretty much par for the course in a Big Brother season. An event will spark a few hours of fighting, the house will calm down but talk shit about the person for the rest of the night. The next day they may or may not act like nothing happened, but either way, it will be a far different tone until the next event which is usually the live eviction. Rinse and repeat. Occasionally there will be flareups, but it’s typically quiet for some time.

Paul’s plan of getting Cody so worked up that he attacked someone or self-evicted blew up in his face when all the taunting in the world couldn’t get Cody to crack. It’s almost like that guy was in the military and is trained to be able to handle that stuff. Not only did it not work, but it was such a failure that it not only made Paul look bad to viewers, but I think this is the beginning of the end for him.  He most certainly has his pack under control and it will probably remain like that until Jess and Cody are gone, but there is potential for some fireworks down the road. Once Jess and Cody are gone, the house will be forced to turn on itself, and Paul’s strategy of having multiple alliances inside his pack may bite him when they find out.  Alex, Christmas, Josh, Raven, and even Elena all think they have something special with him, and if Jody actually cares to work that angle, they can possibly split up the house.  That said, Jody hasn’t even tried to do any gaming this week and may only try next week if one wins HoH.


Note – Whenever I discuss strategy on these intros, it’s usually how the underdog can take over the top.  I try to remain fairly unbiased because most of the cast becomes equally annoying by the end of the season, so I root for fun feeds rather than a specific person. Fun feeds won’t be Paul controlling the house and picking off people one at a time as they go down without a fight, and discussing the best way 10 people can gang up on 2 people is pointless.  If the house turns on Paul, I’ll probably discuss ways Paul can get out of the mess he put himself in.


  • 1:15 pm – Boring house right now. Team Paul is chatting in one room, Jess/Cody are alone like always, and Matt pulls Raven up to the HoH in a rare display of discussing the game. Not much strategy, just general game talk
    • Matt wonders if the hex automatically triggers a double eviction. No, it can’t. Production can’t set up multiple comps in an hour.  Double eviction weeks have to be planned out in advance
    • A light bulb triggers in Matt’s head. He says it can’t because then you would literally have to play two HoH’s that night. Raven agrees.  (??)  Matt, bro, that’s a typical double eviction. There are two HoH’s that night – always. One is HoH for like 30 minutes during the live episode.
    • He says there is no way they can do 8 events in one night.  Matt really has trouble grasping the double eviction thing.  Not sure why he thinks the hex comes into play. Unless he thinks if the hex is used, production is going to have a ‘triple week’ so two people are still guaranteed to leave on Thursday
    • Raven agrees it’s unlikely, but says maybe they’ll have an eviction on Thursday and an eviction on Sunday as well.
    • Matt – that could be! that could be!
    • The blind leading the blind
    • The two agree it makes much more sense to have someone else leave Sunday.  Oh boy.  Glad they figured that out, even though it still doesn’t.  If they have a double eviction week and they use the hex, it turns into a a single eviction week (opposed to a no eviction week which is what we’ll have).
    • I guess now we know why Matt doesn’t talk game much
  • 1:35 pm – Matt – “there is no doubt in my mind that the live feeders know our situation”
    • Yes, Matt. You guys have suffered in there from the wrath of Cody’s ignoring you
    • Raven says Cody has got in people’s faces more than once. She just can’t understand it
    • These two are really trying to portray Cody as a monster lol
    • Raven says it is very selfish for Jessica to use the hex.  Should Paul have turned down 3 weeks of safety?  Was he selfish?
    • Feeds go off and come back to hear a little story.  Matt says that someone named Jordan (production) called him into the rose room to tell him not to specifically mention violence to Cody and Jess
    • Raven continues about Cody and how awful it was for him to leave the room while Christmas was telling people she needed surgery
    • She mentions how Christmas is going to feel bad about her foot (duh?) and of course brings up her GP a few times to compare
  • 3:30 pm – The house was allowed in the backyard to practice for the HoH tomorrow
  • 4:30 pm – The house is in the HoH talking of the topic of the week – Jess and Cody!
    • The house is making excuses for the way they treated them
    • If you didn’t watch the feeds, you’d think Cody punched someone after every nomination.
    • Mark is explaining his sin of talking to Cody yesterday
    • And Paul pretends to wonder why Cody and Jess have isolated themselves?  lol
    • Paul explains how Cody told Megan “I don’t like you” when he nominated her and also put a friend of hers up who was guilty by association (like Jess?)
    • Raven brags how she can separate the house from game and personal… clearly…

Check back for updates

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