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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Overnight Report

Never Miss A Post Update:

Remember when Christmas yelled at Kevin for asking if she was going in the pool? This is obviously what he meant

Today may be a little eventful even before the DE if Josh tells Jason that he’s voting him out early in the day.  Paul wants Josh to tell him right as they sit down on the sofas before the show starts. Josh isn’t bothered by taking Jason out but he doesn’t agree with Paul about how they’re going about it. Regardless of how today unfolds, we still have a DE to look forward to.  I was glad to see a new comp last night. The look on Paul’s face was funny because it looked like someone trying to fake being happy.  Paul has gotten used to being familiar with the comps. Alex is an idiot and normally I would say trying to win is the smart thing to do but not in this case since she’s so far up Paul’s butt. She completely trusts Paul so him winning the veto was best case scenario since it made all three of them safe. She wasn’t trying to win because she didn’t trust him,  she just couldn’t remember the plan. (unless that was editing which is possible) Here’s some talk from last night:

  • Kevin tried again to prepare Jason for what may happen. I don’t think Kevin’s convinced he’s staying because no one tells him anything but he sees what’s going on. Kevin’s already told Jason that Paul wants to win and he isn’t there to help other people win. He asked Jason why people would want to keep him over Kevin when Kevin does badly in comps. He assured him no one had told him this, it’s simply observation. Kevin said he knew he couldn’t win himself especially after Josh told everyone about the 25k. He said that’s the real reason he blew up at Josh that day. Jason asked Kevin if it was Paul and Alex’s fault if he got evicted. (hopeless) Kevin suggested that Alex and Jason make a deal if Jason stays that they will give each other an extra 50k to ensure they take each other to F2. (this is against the rules and I think Kevin went into DR afterwards so he was probably told he couldn’t say that) Jason also said that he hoped to get Mountain Dew instead of beer at the next party BB gave the hg’s so it doesn’t appear Kevin got through to him.
  • Alex and Jason did some studying at the memory wall to help Jason remember the days he won’t need to worry about. They also talked about not throwing any more comps. (too late Jason) Alex is concerned if it comes down to comp wins for the jury, they’ll look like losers and the jury won’t get that they threw them as strategy. (Paul is sure he can get Alex to throw the next one but I’m not convinced)
  • Josh was having a hard time over the Jason situation and Paul kept telling him to rip it off like a Band-Aid tomorrow. Josh said this isn’t how he likes to handle things and would rather be more direct. Paul mentioned again why Alex shouldn’t be otb initially. Josh said he feels sure they are due for a DE and Paul said that it must be a Sunday eviction instead. (Paul has predicted a Sunday eviction almost every week)
  • Alex thinks a lot of doors will be opened for them after the show but since the fame will be short-lived, they need to capitalize on it quickly. (Alex has also said she was there to win and not for fame like the other women)
  • Paul convinced Raven that Kevin is a better competitor than Josh because she wanted Josh to go before Kevin. He also told her she needed to gun for the HOH but if he used the phrase “this is gumpy” that meant he wanted her to throw it to him.
  • Raven had some of her usual conversations. She said her mom is like Snow White because all of the raccoons and animals come out of the woods to her when she calls them. She said she’s played the piano for 10 years, can play by ear and has a rare grand piano in her home. She said it was too expensive to have it restored. She later worried that her piano was out of tune since it had just been sitting there while Raven was gone. (does she have two because if it hasn’t been restored, I’m pretty sure it’s out of tune?)
  • My personal favorite from Raven was when she talked about her brother calling her mom a Bitch and her mom’s temper. She said her mom jumped off the porch and ended up giving her brother a black eye and bruises but that it was because a demon came and took over temporarily. (maybe a demon made Raven yell “woof, woof” and scream at Jessica & Cody?)
  • When the show is over Alex thinks people will call her Tiger and Raven thanks people will call her Gypsy.
  • Paul said when he was in college he would sit outside and play his guitar and all the women would open their windows and stare at him. (It’s as if we have Snow White, Pinocchio and the Pied Piper all in the house this year)
  • Jason admitted to Kevin that if the vote went to a tie, he was in trouble because he knew Xmas would vote him out.
  • Xmas stressed to Paul the importance of getting rid of Alex. She may have treated Josh badly but he did get in her head a little bit. Once Xmas was alone, she was saying that she knew Josh was right and could see what Paul was doing. She said they had to push Paul to get rid of Alex and she called herself a black widow because everyone she wants out is leaving.
  • When Raven was at the airport in LA, she said guys were asking her if she was there to be an actress. (I don’t know if these guys were from security and this happened while she was being cavity searched for suspicion of being a terrorist since she says that always happens to her in airports)
  • Alex cleaned the kitchen last night and I know that isn’t eventful. I’m so tired of seeing Ravens nasty sock feet on the kitchen counters and that’s all I could think of when Alex was cleaning.
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