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Big Brother 20 – Eviction Episode, Battle Back, and HoH Results

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Good evening, everyone!


It’s going to be a busy Thursday night in the Big Brother house. We have an eviction, a Battle Back, and an HoH competition! The HoH competition will supposedly play out over the live feeds, but I’ll believe that when I see it. If it does, you can get access to watch it for a month free here! (enter bingenow as a promo code)

Before we begin with the show, I do want to address the latest JC situation. My take on it is that I think it’s time for CBS to put together an honest package on the guy and let America decide if they still like him. They have been giving him incredibly favorable edits so far this season from his ‘yatus’ conversation to even a fake sitcom with Fessy. While he has been fairly funny, there is also another side to him that America should see before casting their votes for America’s Favorite Player.


The reason I am not on the ‘kick JC out’ parade is simply that he hasn’t done one single thing bad enough for that.  Here is a list of his issues and why they’re not worth the boot:

  • He grabbed Tyler’s package – This is probably the worst and it happened early in the season. In no way am I defending what he did, but my comment comes from Tyler’s response which was nothing. He didn’t care. He never mentioned it again and brushed it off as ‘JC being JC’. It’s virtually no different than when girls jokingly grab each other’s boobs or butts. Those situations should indeed be taken seriously when the person being assaulted is bothered by it. Tyler wasn’t. If he had been, I’d completely support his feelings.
  • JC used the ‘n-word’ – This issue was beaten to death when it happened, but a quick recap if you weren’t following. Bayleigh asked him about the term ‘mid***t’ and if it was same as ‘dwarf’. He explained to her it wasn’t and foolishly used the n-word as a way to explain why. He said it would be the same as if you called a black person a n***.  Stupid analogy but not malicious.
  • JC groped Tyler in his sleep – I’m going to say it, but this was overblown as an isolated incident. He reached over and grabbed Tyler’s leg while they were laying together and later on gave him a grandma peck on the armpit (gross) and they discussed it the next morning.
  • JC held open the door on Haleigh – This was a stupid prank that can’t be defended. He opened the door on Haleigh when she was going to the bathroom and rather than shut it, he opened it all the way and then tied it open. She uncomfortably laughed once but demanded he shut it and demanded production make him.

Damn, when you put the entire package together, he’s a pretty annoying person and I wouldn’t care if he was booted.  Each incident by themselves probably isn’t bad enough to get the boot, but as a package, it’s just not a good look for the guy.


Now, if CBS is not going to boot him, they should at least show an honest clip with honest reactions from Haleigh and Tyler on how they felt. This will allow America to have a much more informed opinion when they go cast their votes for America’s Favorite Player in a month. There is a surprising amount of good candidates for that title and everyone else has behaved or even actively avoided people who did the shitty things.  Brett, Haleigh, Tyler, Kaycee, Sam, Scottie, and even Fessy have all earned a pretty big fanbase and have all been really classy inside the house considering they have cameras on them 24/7. (Sam has been a little crazy, but she’s still classy and nice).

What do you think? Should JC get the boot or just an honest edit which will almost certainly strip away his chances at AFP?

Here are the show updates!

  • Also, I will be tweeting about the show too!
  • Some flashbacks over the week
  • Eviction time
    • Fessy trashes Angela
    • He says she’s been spoon-fed her whole life because she drove a Range Rover and bragged about wearing an engagement ring to the grocery store so she’s not bothered. He says she’s not all that
    • He throws Angela under the bus to Sam and says she was supposed to go on the block
  • Votes
    • Tyler – Fessy
    • Brett – Fessy
    • Sam – Haleigh
    • JC – Fessy
    • Kaycee – Fessy
  • Julie tells Fessy that it was quite a speech.  He says she didn’t actually say anything about Tyler
  • Julie asks if Fessy would have saved Haleigh if he won veto. He says he won’t answer it but we all know he wouldn’t.
  • Up next, showing clips of the jury.
  • She calls the house into the living room to tell them. They groan. Nobody wants this battle back except Haleigh
  • Think of new twists please
  • Jury house segment. I didn’t see Bayleigh actually drink the champaign
  • Battle back time!
    • Racing comp. Grabbing balls. Fill a tube. Fessy or Scottie will win this
    • Scottie in lead
    • Scottie wins!
    • Scottie is going to try to get back with Tyler lol
    • And he wants to target Angela

Alright, since this took longer than expected, I’m going to start a new thread for the HoH competition

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