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Big Brother 20 – Fezzy’s Big Decision

Never Miss A Post Update:


Good afternoon, everyone! Happy Monday! It’s going to be an interesting day for the weird love triangle of Fezzy/Kait/Haleigh today as he basically has to give his rose to one of them.


Oops, wrong show. Anyway, Fezzy does have to make a big decision and that is to either not use his veto or save one of the two girls he promised to save. Both have been campaigning hard but only one will be taken off the block today and the other has to go to vote on Thursday night. Of course, even if evicted, that person should likely return unless that puzzle is much harder than expected, so that should make Thursday night even better!

Haleigh currently has the advantage as she was the one who picked Fez to play so that alone should make him use it on her, but Kaitlyn dropped the ‘love’ bomb on him the other night. Haleigh hasn’t been as forward with her campaigning, especially after Sam humiliated the pair on national TV. I know Sam didn’t intend any harm with her nomination speech, but I also know both were deeply offended by it.


Alright, update time –

  • 11:30 am – feeds cut for veto meeting
  • 12:40 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaitlyn is crying (as expected).
    • Rockstar is the re-nom
    • Sam told the house that whoever leaves has the chance to come back
    • Now Sam feels the need to explain to people like Brett why she didn’t use the power on Winston
    • Brett says he’s not mad at her and gives her a hug
    • Sam is pacing around the yard clearly stressed
    • Rockstar comes in the house and asks who flipped the vote last week
    • Nobody answers. She says she may get that answer in a few days
  • 12:50 pm – JC is talking to Tyler in the HN room
    • People are a little confused because JC is talking like he is nominated.
    • Rockstar in another room upset that Brett wasn’t an option for Sam
    • She is already sure she’s going home. She wants to catch a few last rays
    • Bayleigh is talking to them in the room and throwing some crazy theories out there
    • She thinks that Sam’s power changed after week 1 because she didn’t use it.
  • 1:05 pm – Kaitlyn comes in
    • She’s upset that Sam put up another strong woman
    • They’re also putting the pieces together than Sam didn’t use the power last week which means someone flipped
  • Tyler is in the pantry talking to Fez
    • He is already pretending like he’s going to vote to keep Kaitlyn. I can’t see him doing that. She’s killing his game
  • Outside, Brett is comforting Kaitlyn
    • He is telling her she has a good chance to stay because of who she’s up against
    • Fezzy told Kaitlyn that he couldn’t save her because of what she did to Swaggy
    • Sam comes out and tells Kaitlyn she had no option (lol)
    • Kaitlyn says she’s just upset because Fezzy said he would save her
  • 1:20 pm – Kaitlyn heads inside. She and Tyler go to the bedroom to chat
    • She asks where Fez and Haleigh are. Tyler tells her in the storage room
    • Kait keeps saying she’s upset that she put so much trust in a man who isn’t her dad
  • Fezzy eventually comes in
    • Tyler leaves so they can talk
    • Kait points out how his side is going to keep RS because of what she did to Swaggy
    • She asks if he’s voting for her to stay but she can’t trust him because he blamed the veto thing on Swaggy
    • Kaitlyn whispers “you know the way I feel about you”
    • Haleigh comes in and they are trying to count votes.
    • Fez doesn’t sound very confident when he says “you have me and Haleigh”
    • Kait points that out so Fez elaborates something about how RS has nobody which makes no sense
    • I think what Fez is trying to say to her is that even they keep RS, she’ll definitely remain loyal to them. If they keep Kaitlyn, she still has people like Tyler who she may flip to
  • 2:00 pm – Rockstar is outside with Sam
    • She is saying that she has observed the house so far
    • She thinks Tyler and Brett are much closer than they appear (she’s right)
    • She thinks Tyler got in Kaitlyn’s ear about Swaggy (she’s right)
  • 2:30 pm – Rockstar is already campaigning to Rachel and Kaycee
  • 3:00 pm – This thread is getting long so I am going to wrap this one up
    • Before I go, JC is currently working on trying to get Kaitlyn out
    • JC gives Fezzy a lecture for even using the veto. He loves giving lectures
    • JC says he’s only mad because Fezzy didn’t tell him

Check back for a new post after dinner

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