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Big Brother 20 – Friday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone.  It’s Friday in the Big Brother house and we could be in for a fun week.


Kaitlyn managed to pull off the HoH win last night and she has been really elusive on what she’s actually going to do this week. She is currently on both sides of the house, but as I learned last night, one side is not too thrilled with her right now.  Angie and Haleigh crept into the jenga room around 3:30 to have a little chat about the house….

  • 3:28 am – Angie and Haleigh are in the jenga room talking
    • Angie trashes Kaitlyn’s babytalk voice
    • Angie thinks ‘a lot of these white kids are intimidated by Swaggy’
    • Haleigh is saying how Winston and Swaggy are completely different. Don’t listen to the same music, have the same hobbies, etc.
    • Angie says “let me just go ahead and say it. She wants to put up the two gay people or the two black people. Can we not?  That’s really bad”
      • (note – this appears to be Angie’s opinion on Kaitlyn’s potential noms and not anything Kaitlyn has ever said unless someone can give me a timestamp)
    • Both think that Kaitlyn flipped even though Steve was super loyal to the group
    • Angie says she wishes the cameras weren’t on them right now because she wants to say (then covers the mic) “I can’t believe her boyfriend would be okay with all of this”
    • They talk about how Kaitlyn is acting like a single girl and it’s not okay
    • Angie back to wondering why there are two sides to the house. She thinks it’s the intimidation again. Every season is split. That’s the way it is
  • 4:14 am – Still going
    • Angie still talking about how she tried to talk to Brett about piano and how they could connect over that
    • Now Kait and Swaggy have the same personality but since he’s more hood (Angie’s words) Kait doesn’t like it.
  • Alright, enough of that conversation. I want to stab my ears with a pen

The problem for Kait is that she decided to choose the side where she would easily be last in line. Brett and Winston and tighter than Swaggy and Bayleigh. Angela and Rachel are also really close with the two bros. Plus Tyler and Kaycee round out the top 6 from that group. At best, she could inch ahead of JC, but that’s still 7th wheel. It doesn’t get better for her on the other side, but she did have more of a chance to sneak her way up as they’re not as close.


Alright, let’s follow along with the actual live feeds now

  • 10:15 am – Kaitlyn is talking to Brett
    • Kait is telling him that she is with Haleigh, Angie, and Fessy right now and doesn’t really feel very welcome on the other side
    • Kaitlyn is taking a very aggressive tone with Brett and escalating this conversation
    • Brett keeps telling Kaitlyn that the power wasn’t used last night
  • Brett leaves the HoH. Tyler comes in
    • Kaitlyn re-tells the conversation with Brett to him
    • Tyler tells her that Brett actually doesn’t have the power. It’s Sam. He said she just told him.
    • He tells her almost exactly what the power is.  Although he tells her that the power is the other person goes home when she’s voted out
    • Tyler tells her that if Kaitlyn doesn’t nominate Sam means that Sam could use the power on Kaitlyn if ever needed (within the next 2 weeks)
    • She asks if she can put up Angela, he tells her no
  • Kaitlyn says she wants to put Kaycee up because they’ve never spoken and Winston because he’s a doctor (!!) 
    • Kaitlyn may put up Scottie as a pawn to backdoor Swaggy
    • Tyler and Kaitlyn agree with a pinky swear to backdoor Swaggy this week.  Amazing how quickly Kaitlyn changed between Brett and the Tyler conversation
  • 10:40 am – Tyler gone, Kaycee up
    • Kaitlyn immediately tells her that their side has to chill with being all comfy with each other
  • 12:15 pm – Kaitlyn tells Rachel that she’s going to put up Winston and Scottie with Swaggy as backdoor plan
  • 1:40 pm – Still waiting for noms but let’s see what Kaitlyn has to say to Haleigh
    • She re-tells the conversation with Winston when she asked if he was a doctor
    • Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she does want Swaggy to go home
    • Kait tells Haleigh that she’ll probably put up KC or JC if Scottie wins veto.  Bad girl, lying to the girl who talked shit about you behind your back last night
  • 2:45 pm – We’ve hit the point in the day where people are just done and waiting for either the trending or noms (or both).

Check back for updates

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