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Big Brother 20 Friday Feeds – Nomination Day

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Good afternoon, everyone!  What a night in the Big Brother house and what a great season so far. It is so refreshing to not have a veteran in the house for all the newbies to be star struck over and let float by to the end. These people are all out for blood and it makes for entertaining shows week after week.


Last night during the live eviction, Brett took his eviction speech and decided to throw RS under the bus. Now, unless something happened Thursday when the feeds were down and we didn’t see it, it was clearly a lie, but Rockstar’s own alliance ended up believing it. Kaitlyn’s land of denial where Tyler would never turn on her made her believe that Rockstar may have gone up and still voted to keep Brett after he ‘exposed her’ as a form of muscle memory. Don’t get me wrong, in a season like this where everyone is making moves, it’s not completely out of question to believe Brett and RS would make a pact like that just because nobody would expect it, but at some point, Kait has to see that it’s just Tyler. Right? Maybe?

Around 1:40 am last night, Rockstar finally decided to get revenge and walked around the house hitting a pan. Unfortunately for her, she actually held rhythm fairly well and many seemed to enjoy it. Here is Tyler and Rachel dancing to the sound (I know it’s hard to see the dancing in a still image, so use your imagination)


Around 2, Sam eventually told her to chill with it because it’s late so RS promised to continue her music today. We shall see if she does


Regarding nominations, it’s hard to say who Sam is going to nominate. She hasn’t been the most open HoH and hasn’t discussed her strategy – if she has one – with anyone. She knows that whoever she targets only has a chance to leave the house, so I’m sure that my influence her nominations. Even if purely symbolic, she is going to nominate two people who she wouldn’t mind going home (guesses are Kait and Haleigh). I doubt she’ll even think of a backdoor this week or in general. She is a straight shooter and doesn’t seem to be the type to play the shady game.

It’s going to be a weird week with the HoH knowing her nominations will likely be irrelevant so it may get even boring if Sam just tells them straight out that whoever gets evicted is going to have the chance to come back. We’ll follow that as the week progresses.

Enough rambling, time for updates…

  • 11:00 am – Most of the house is up and getting ready for the day. I don’t expect noms for at least another hour or two
  • 11:13 am – RS is in the bedroom with her pan when Kaitlyn comes in
    • (the pan is irrelevant to the story but just had to throw it in. She’s keeping it by her side)
    • Kaitlyn is concerned that her name is always being tossed out
    • RS asks why she keeps hanging out with him (Brett)
    • RS says that she would never talk to him if he did that to her (referring to the argument Kait had with Brett a few days ago)
    • Rockstar keeps mentioning how Brett made it personal. I’m not a huge fan of Brett, but let’s be real here. He didn’t make it personal. It was a game move. Rockstar made it personal by bringing her daughter into the conversation. She felt she had immunity to any game moves because it was her daughter’s birthday.  Not once did Brett mention her family at all
    • Now she is once again ranting about money and privilege. Please, stop.  She says: “team white privilege” or “team my dad’s a lawyer”. Stop, RS. Stop.
  • 11:40 am – Rachel is hiding in the HN because she said both Bayleigh and JC snapped at her already today
    • JC is grumpy. He’s been grumpy since they woke him up at 11
    • Sam eventually comes in and asks Tyler if he still needs to take a shit
    • She offered her headset to him so he can listen to James Brown while he takes a shit
    • Sam wants to let people take private and personal shits this week
  • 12:20 pm – Feeds are down for nominations
  • 2:10 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Haleigh and Kaitlyn are nominated
    • Kaitlyn not surprisingly is running around having a massive pity party. No sign of Haleigh yet
  • 3:00 pm – Rockstar and Fezzy are in the Jenga room chatting about the wild season
  • 3:10 pm – Kaitlyn laying in bed next to Fezzy now.  I wonder if she’s asking her spirits how this week will go
    • Everyone else doing random things. Some playing foosball
  • 4:00 pm – Rockstar is up in the HoH room
    • She’s about to spend some time complaining about Brett
    • So frustrating
    • Stop crying and whining and plan a strategy to get him out
    • She is whining about how Sam hates bullies but did nothing about Brett
    • RS is trying to explain the whole situation and said that 7 people said they were voting Brett out
    • Sam keeps saying she didn’t say who she was voting for. RS keeps repeating that she’s not talking about her. Poor Sam. Can’t understand
  • 4:15 pm – The conversation continues
    • Sam is giving RS a huge life lesson on fairness and equality
    • This is because RS tried to bring the ‘female empowerment’ aspect into the conversation regarding Brett and how he is (chauvinistic)
    • Sam tells her that she agrees with that but she also doesn’t agree with what the two she put up today are doing (Kait and Haleigh)
    • Basically, Sam is annoyed that those girls are just not strong women, but they’re going beyond that point and using their sexuality to their advantage. I’m sure she is thinking more of Kaitlyn as she mentioned how her brother has had a broken heart before and she doesn’t agree with that type of behavior
    • She is not bashing women or doesn’t agree with female empowerment but doesn’t see the need to go overboard like they are
  • 5:15 pm – A lot of game talk today. Mel is going to start a new thread to talk more about it!

Check back for updates

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