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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone!  It’s Friday night and I have a feeling the feeds should be interesting – maybe. I just have this gut feeling a lot of game talk will happen tonight and maybe some drama.

Sam had a big talk with Rockstar today and lectured her on the way she was acting, but I don’t think RS is done confronting Brett. She’s still furious at not only what he did but his denial after. His denial has been so strong that even I’m not sure if it didn’t happen. He has told his alliance members that the talk happened just because he’s a really, really good liar and committing to the story. I think the only way he’ll tell the truth at this point is if and when RS leaves the house. Even then I am not sure he will because the lie will have gone on too long to just show everyone what he did.

Anyway, I’m going to cut the rambling short. Sam is giving a speech to Kaitlyn (well, she was. I had it on pause for a while. I’m going to resume at near 7 pm big brother time)

  • 6:50 pm – Sam is in the HoH room talking to Kaitlyn
    • They are talking about how Sam questioned Kaitlyn’s “female empowerment” during the HoH meeting which pissed Kait off
    • Sam may or may not have been bothered by Kaitlyn making a joke that she’ll only get a call from Hillary Clinton
    • Sam says that Kait made personal digs at her by saying “Get er done” and Kait denies she even said that
    • They’re words that mean nothing to Sam – nothing enough to bring it up a day later
    • Kaitlyn says she’s going to win the veto tomorrow. Just thought I’d let everyone know
    • Sam says that she was the easy target on the first week because of the robot but it was because she finished the comp last
    • Kind of weird to see running around and giving lectures to everyone
  • 7:15 pm – Haleigh is in the room now (Kait left)
    • Sam is flooding her with compliments and is saying she wants to see the Haleigh without (Kait) around
    • This conversation is turning into Sam-Brett territory where she’s rambling about weird shit
    • These conversations are coming off as condescending to me. Like she’s trying to be a life coach
  • 8:50 pm – Rachel is talking to Kaycee in the bathroom and is repeating her theory that Brett is lying
    • She thinks that Brett is just lying to their alliance to convince himself
    • Perhaps he’s lying because he doesn’t fully trust his alliance to keep their mouths shut just like what we’re watching with Rachel now
    • Rachel is also filling Angela in on what she’s learned from the other side
    • Rachel has basically been playing spy and pretending to be friends with the other side
  • 8:58 pm – Kaitlyn is in the bedroom talking to RS and Scottie
    • She is thinking that Sam may have used her power this week because she acted weird after the vote
    • RS is still obsessing over Brett
  • 11:00 pm – Sam brings everyone in her room to look at her sand thing
    • This is because she sees something in the sand, something from Alladin. She has to be brewing moonshine somewhere
    • Looks like I was wrong about the drama. Veto tomorrow, update in the am

Check back for updates

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