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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone!

The afternoon has gone as planned as Angela and Kaycee were backdoored and a member of level 6 won the hacker competition. This should continue the very interesting week as the PoV is now going to be enormous tomorrow afternoon.

Here is how the house stands right now – I’m fairly confident that Kaycee is going to take herself down and put Rockstar up.  This puts a pretty weak player in the veto competition and by picking Tyler to play adds a strong one.  The veto competition should be Haleigh, RS, Angela, Tyler, and two out of the rest (KC, JC, Brett, Scottie, Sam, Fessy). Sam is another weak player but the rest of those options are pretty strong so winning the veto isn’t a guarantee. I briefly wondered if KC should keep herself on the block and pick Tyler which gives them 3 solid players in the veto, but with Haleigh as HoH, Brett would just replace Angela or KC.

I also briefly wondered if they could do that and then maneuver Haleigh into replacing KC or Angela with JC but Haleigh literally just told KC as I was writing this that she would be scared JC would go home if he was on the block (which makes me think that’s not a goal of hers).  So, scratch that. KC has to come off and Rockstar up. It’s the best way to keep the alliance together.



  • 4:40 pm – As mentioned above, Haleigh is talking to Kaycee
    • Haleigh tells Kaycee that she is a pawn. She thought that KC won the hacker comp but KC is denying it
  • Feeds down for hacker nomination change
  • Feeds back
    • Rockstar nominated
    • KC down
    • Tyler heads up to the hoh room and swears it isn’t him.  Haleigh is wondering why target her (because she’s weak)
  • 5:20 pm – Brett is upstairs with Haleigh and she is saying how she thinks it is Kaycee
    • Haleigh thinks it’s Kaycee because she heard her jumping a lot during the comp like she was excited.
    • Haleigh says that Kaycee may pick Tyler to play  (Haleigh is very intelligent)
    • RS and Fessy are up and Haleigh is now convinced KC is the hacker and is going to nominate KC if the situation presents itself. This is ironically what Angela did last week except Haleigh is actually correct
    • RS was taunting KC and Angela by walking by saying “BIG MOVES! Everyone is making BIG MOVES this game!”
    • What RS doesn’t understand is that Haleigh is HoH and level 6 is just trying to stay together.  They made a big move last week when they had power.  Stop being a baby, Rock
    • Fessy wanted to call them dumb for not picking a player who is strong in veto.  RS even says “instead, they pick someone who hasn’t won”… bingo. That’s WHY.  Jeez. Haleigh is the only brain in that bunch
    • Fessy says that Tyler is playing soft. He’s so bad
  • 5:55 pm – Tyler pulls Sam into the HN room to give her a pep talk
  • 6:25 pm – Brett is in the kitchen playing neutral to Scottie. He’s shocked people think he’s with Angela and crew lol
  • Angela, JC, Tyler, and Kaycee are in the bedroom hanging out.
    • The sad part about that sentence above is that I typed Kaycee before even seeing her because she follows Angela around everywhere
    • Got word that OTEV is tomorrow’s veto competition. It’s kind of luck. Let’s just say that Adam from BB13 won his season lol. It’s all about being able to find the right names in time so anyone really has a chance, even RS
  • 8:20 pm – Really slow night in the house. Brett helping Angela cook, Tyler showering.  Yay
  • 9:40 pm – Do we have something brewing? JC is giving Sam a lecture calling her selfish
    • JC is worked up because Sam wants to ‘open the floor’ or something and he’s stressed and doesn’t want to do anything but he sounds tired of Sam’s constant shit
    • The conversation goes on and on with JC just ranting.  Ugh

Check back for updates

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