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Big Brother 20 Friday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone! It’s Friday night and as of 4:30 pm, still no noms

We did get word from the little bird in the house (we’ll call him Vegas/Grandpa Lou – or LouVegas) that many people were livid over the competition length last night. They heavily promoted it as an endurance comp and testing for the comp actually went well, but they just didn’t account for a physical freak like Fessy (someone so big). They’re pissed because they got tons of live feed sales that which many will probably be canceled because of the bust competition. Us bloggers don’t actually get credit unless the person passes their free trial period, so I don’t even want to check how many I sent.

That’s two major blunders from production this season because things didn’t go as planned. I wonder how often that happens every season. This is the first season where we’ve had an inside scoop dish all this gossip.

Anyway, what’s going on in the house?  Oh not much. Just a super completely awkward and uncomfortable conversation between Brett and Sam that literally made my jaw drop multiple times (and no, I am not exaggerating. I really sat there in shock). You can re-watch it all around 2 pm, but the good stuff happens beginning at 2:15 and goes on for a solid 30+ minutes. I also recapped it in my afternoon thread. To summarize – Sam basically confessed her love for him and they sealed a final 2 deal. She also literally told him and asked for confirmation that in her head, she had a secret final 2 from the start with him. She also said as the season ended, he was going to tell her he loved her and wanted to marry her. She.asked.him.if.that.was.true!!!! Really.  If you have the feeds and 30 minutes to spare, you need to flashback and watch it.


Alright, I’m going to jump into the nightly threads and also cover the noms when they happen

  • 4:30 pm – Scottie heads up to the HoH room to talk with Fessy
    • They begin talking about last night how Brett said he was actually the lone vote for RS and Scottie was lying. (another thing that really happened!)
    • Scottie said that every time he tried to confront Brett about that, Kaycee kept jumping in to argue with him. He thinks it was to protect Brett
    • Scottie thinks that Brett is pretending to be a ‘lone shark’ but he’s secretly working with the house (that’s true)
    • Fessy asks if this is how Big Brother is every year. No, it’s not lol
  • 5:10 pm – Feeds down for noms!
  • 6:20 pm – Feeds back
    • Scottie and Brett are nominated. Holy shit.
    • Wow
    • This is the face of someone who realized he may just dodge another bullet
    • Scottie is talking to Fessy trying to understand his reasoning. I don’t think he’ll ever understand it because Fessy can’t tell him the real reason (he’s jealous that Scottie is up in Hay’s business – my opinion and not what Fessy actually said)
  • 6:50 pm – People head upstairs to play some foosball
  • 7:05 pm – Sam found Brett in the HoH room
    • Luckily this didn’t turn into an hour long conversation
    • She asks if he knew it was going to happen. He says no but he had a good feeling
    • She says he has her vote. He’s her husband. Her fake husband.
    • Sam says there was a big fake fight after with Scottie and Fessy (it wasn’t fake but it wasn’t really a fight).  Sam thinks it was staged to distract from a backdoor
  • Brett leaves, Scottie comes in the room
    • Sam digs for info and says he’s up there on purpose. Scottie says it’s not on purpose. She says it was kind of mean then
    • She doesn’t believe it. She thinks this is all staged for the backdoor and probably won’t be convinced until Monday
  • 7:40 pm – Feeds go down for a little while. Not sure why
    • Oh shit, feeds went down because Sam’s lips started to swell after eating something
  • 8:24 pm – Feeds back, Sam is alive!
    • Meanwhile, Scottie is playing chess with his alliance
  • 9:20 pm – Fessy is upstairs in the HoH room and most everyone else are in the bedrooms waiting for bed

Check back for updates

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