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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Updates

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Good morning! This is a long recap so you’ve been warned. You already know Kaycee won the hacker comp which is rumored to have something to do with identifying things in rooms in the house. We’ll have to wait for the veto to discuss any outcomes and strategy because right now, almost anyone could go home. Steve mentioned last night, the comp is supposed to be OTEV.


Haleigh was convinced Kaycee won almost immediately. She said she could hear Kaycee jumping and making noises. (Tyler told KC he heard her too) She must have been near them during the comp and heard her celebrate or something. Hay also considered Scottie, Brett and JC as possible winners. At one point, she even doubted Rockstar. This came shortly after Haleigh, Fessy, Rockstar and Scottie solidified a 4 person group saying they trusted each other. Is it any wonder they’re a mess? They can’t trust each other for 2 hours. They may be one of the best worst alliances of all time. I root for them to succeed one day and the next, I root for them to fail just to see if it can keep happening. Don’t get me wrong, L6 has made their share of missteps in the game but nothing compares to Foutte/Hive. They are completely dysfunctional and I love them for it because they’ve given us great entertainment.

I’m not sure what I’d like to see happen this week. I was happy that the first 3 twists/powers failed and didn’t change the course of the game. Kaitlyn didn’t come back, Angela won veto and took Tyler off the block to undo Haleigh’s hacker win and Bay left with her power unused.  I don’t know if Haleigh was serious because she was mad when she said it but she talked about taking RS down and putting KC back up if possible. She’s mad the hacker power was used. (She really thought KC wouldn’t use it because Hay told her she was safe-wth?) If she was really going to do this, I wouldn’t be mad if Haleigh was able to undo KC’s hacker win. She could stick KC back on the block and Tyler might use his power app unnecessarily. It would be wasted if he wasn’t the target. If this happens, it would be the first time none of the twists changed the game at all and I’d like to see it happen. I like Tyler, KC and Angela and she did a good job last week as hoh  (not with jury management) but if one of them has to go then so be it. Haleigh won the hoh and L6 didn’t so if they have to lose someone…oh well. That’s what the BB purist in me wants to happen.


Having said all that, part of me wants KC to get picked to play and win, take Angela down and Tyler use his app. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d crack up watching Fessy walk around asking “what happened?” and RS would start yelling about white privileged rich kids. I think Haleigh may put JC or Sam up before Brett so all four L6 people could potentially be safe. I’d really love it if Sam went up and got evicted so they could “mercy kill her” as Sam says. It’s a great season when I know I’ll be entertained with either side winning!

Haleigh told RS and Scottie that she’d like to put KC back up and tell her she would’ve been safe but not anymore since she pissed her off by using the hacker twist. She also told them she was thinking about “pulling a Dan” and sitting everyone at the table. She said she’d make them all give a name of who they thought the hacker was. The persons name who was said the most would go on the block. If someone refused to give a name, they’d go on the block. There may be something to the jokes about stuff being pumped into the hoh room this year. She isn’t near Bay or Kaitlyn level yet but the hohitis is already visible. She was furious when the hacker used the power. She thinks if Tyler wins veto, he’ll do what she wants with it and she thinks if Brett wins, he’ll take RS off the block. I like Haleigh but what was the hell is she smoking? She spilled too much info yesterday about too many people without realizing she was doing it. Here’s more of what happened yesterday:

  • KC talked to Hay in the hoh. Hay asked if she won the comp and KC denied it. KC called her out a little on Hays reason for nominating her. (She said something about KC being close to Bay but voting her out in her nom speech) KC told her that Hay had also voted Bay out. Hay switched it up and said she didn’t like people telling Scottie she was trying to get him on the block last week. KC said she didn’t tell Scottie that and suggested they go get Scottie to ask him. Hay said no. (KC and Hay didn’t like each other before today and I don’t see it changing)
  • Sam seemed somewhat back to normal during the day yesterday but it didn’t last. She had a talk with Tyler and he was saying he didn’t like seeing her sad and gave her a pep talk. She started talking about noises he had surrounding him that reminded her of a rattlesnake. She said he had something wrong that he needed to get rid of. Before this talk, she’d randomly told him she thought he and Angela were a better fit than the two of them. She said she didn’t want to f**k him and looked at him like a brother. It came out of nowhere. (I said yesterday she was jealous of the time Tyler and Angela spent together last week and that’s why she told RS she wanted them both out of the house) They hugged and he reassured her but somethings still off with her. She hasn’t been cooking or crafting either!
  • Sybil, I mean Sam came up to the hoh room and asked Hay and Scottie who had the 3rd power app. They said they thought it was probably expired. Sam said “don’t be so sure.” She asked in her demanding way what would happen this week with different scenarios. Hay answered some things but said she didn’t know what would happen if she couldn’t put KC back on the block.  It wasn’t much of a conversation but Tyler better hope he uses the app before Sam spills the info.
  • Sam was in the storage room alone saying she wasn’t going to ruin opportunities outside of the house for some f*****g idiot. She said “You think I’m an idiot, well I’m not.” (I initially thought this was about Tyler but we later learn, it isn’t) RS and Hay are trying to give her extra attention. They know she’s upset with Tyler so they’re trying to steal her away.
  • RS, Scottie and Hay spent time going over possibilities. RS’s saying they made a weak move by putting her up and she’s back to being hostile towards the other side of the house. Scottie told everything he knew about L6. (He doesn’t know much) RS called Tyler a floater and Hay doesn’t think Tyler’s onto her back door plan. Scottie is totally back with team Foutte/Hive. They made fun of Sam for a while. They agree they can’t trust JC anymore and have Fessy halfway convinced of it.
  • RS went downstairs and got mad because KC was sleeping in Bays bed in the pink room. I understand being on the block back to back is hard (she’s the first to be on it 3x) but it’s just a bed. It’s not a Bayleigh shrine. Besides, RS and Hay just talked about finding out Bay was making deals behind their backs when she was there. RS made some comment about not trusting KC around her jewelry and wanting her to get out of their room (pink) and go back to her own. (blue) RS’s just mad and as usual, she’s forgotten she could need these people to vote to keep her this week.
  • Fessy napped so Hay got a break and got him out of her HOH room for a while.
  • Haleigh mentioned putting eyedrops in the coffee in the morning to make the other side of the house sick and then we got fish. (Hope she was joking)
  • RS got called by Jesse to make cupcakes and do curls. She asked Hay, Sam and Scottie to go down with her so she didn’t have to be with the other side who were in the kitchen. Those new friends she was trying to make the last few days…..ya, not so much at the moment.
  • Hay & Tyler talked in the hoh room alone. They mostly lied to each other. She wanted to know what he’d do if he won veto and if he would take RS off the block. He said he’d do what was best. She said she was bitter she won hoh during a Hacker week and let him know Angela and KC were both targets. (Too much info to share)
  • They guys were making jokes about the stuff that went on with Kaitlyn. Sam overheard it and was visibly upset. She said something to Angela about hearing people were “doing stuff” the first week and Angela said she didn’t know anything about it at the time. Sam said she didn’t either and didn’t want any part of it. She went to the have not room, started slinging stuff around and I think tried to tie the door shut. She kept getting called to the DR. She eventually went but was pissed.
  • Sam kept this behavior going. She went off on Angela in the kitchen. Angela tried to find out why Sam was snapping at her and different towards her suddenly. Sam said she hated everyone and this place and was different to everyone, not just her. Sam said “not everything’s about you Angela.”
  • Angela left, went to the geo room with KC and they listened to Sam and JC as they continued to talk. Sam keeps going on about the same stuff and how they have nothing to do and she has no one to talk to. JC explains they all feel stressed but she says she losing it and can’t take it. She’s even complaining about the way people eat. (She’s talked about this before, it annoys her) She said where she’s from eating is with family and it’s enjoyable. JC says they’re in LA and here, it’s a chore, like pooping. Lol He also told her they arn’t making a happy family show and it’s what they signed up for. JC said it’s the social experiment they signed up for and Sam said she “wishes they could rise above that.”
  • Brett asked Tyler what was wrong with Sam and says when he asked her about ingredients for something earlier, she said “why don’t you go ask Angela?” Tyler told Brett what she said about Angela and him making a better couple. Tyler says she’s mad at the world right now. (Tyler started actively flirting with Angela this week) Tyler thought Sam may be upset that he and Angela have spent more time together. (I did too)
  • All of L6 meet up to discuss Sam. Angela tells them what happened in the kitchen. Tyler realized they need to get JC’s vote locked down because they fear Sam will evict Angela. They briefly talk about whether Angela should be the one to come off the block but I don’t think they decide to go that way. (They should if they’re sticking with the group thing. Sam still likes KC and Angela just used a veto on Tyler so returning the favor would give less away) Brett thinks Sam saying she hates the game and wants to leave is a strategy. Tyler said maybe he could convince Sam he only tricked Angela into using the veto. (I do NOT think this is a good plan)
  • The punishments went on longer than they should’ve and BB is good about stopping them on time, usually early. I thought the Sam issue was delaying it at first but KC had to dance & sing and RS made cupcakes and nachos. They may need footage without Bay in it if they plan on showing more of it on the episodes. That may be why it ran late but it’s officially over.
  • Sam and KC talked and KC said she wasn’t the hacker but people lied to Hay about things that were said so she was put on the block. (They may be doing damage control here) Sam said “I know Angela’s mad at me. I never did anything to her or said anything to her either.” (People saw Sam saying crap to Angela, wth?) She said she’s making stuff up in her head that people are making fun of her. She misses Bay, says all the sudden Hay is talking to her and it’s wierd. She told KC the two sides have dissolved and now it needs to be about who people care about, who means the most to you. (Hate to break it to Sam but even if you played that way, the people you are close to would still create sides) Sam says Angela talks to her but not the way RS does and told KC she would vote Angela out over RS. She told her she could tell Angela, she didn’t care. Sam said she just thought the game was comps and she didn’t understand the voting and putting people up was part of it before coming here. (Pause for a pat on my back, I called this sometime back – short pause only since I’m sure I’m not the only one) Sam said she’s voting personal from now on. She said she feels like something bigger is going on that she isn’t aware of. (YES SAM, IT’S CALLED THE GAME OF BB!)
  • JC and Tyler meet up. Tyler tells JC he HAS to vote RS out this week. They agree they can’t tell Scottie stuff anymore. JC said Tylers job is winning comps and his is flipping votes.
  • RS continues to complain like a broken record.
  • KC and Angela plan to blow up Scotties game once the veto is over and noms are set. (I don’t think it will matter imo. He admitted to losing trust with Hive for a time)
  • Hay and RS are still talking about leaving Tyler off the block this week and going after Angela. Hay says  Tyler will be a lost puppy. (Hay thought Kaitlyn controlled Tyler and said last week that Angela was his new boss. She thinks she can step into the role if Angela is gone. Hahaha ha)
  • SAM MYSTERY SOLVED: Sam talked to RS to get her thoughts on Brett. She wanted to know if Brett was flirting and pitting the girls against each other. (That’s actually Hays strategy) She thought Brett liked her but sees him with Angela and thinks he’s just been playing her. She admits to having a crush on Brett.

Everything with Sam makes more sense now that we can put it all together. She really didn’t even know what the game was so when people are strategizing, she thinks it’s people taking the “game” too far and not letting go of it once it over. (comps) It’s why she thinks the game is making everyone crazy. She thinks the planning and plotting is personal and unnecessary behavior. As far as the guys are concerned, she’s told Tyler he was like her brother so she’s protective over him. (Her brother was hurt in a relationship she once said so Kaitlyn was an issue, now Angela is) She thought Scottie had a crush on her weeks ago but thought she let him down easy.  (Its why Hay’s a problem for her) Sam told RS she thinks Fessy may be gay so Brett is the winner. We were right about this coming from jealousy, we just had the wrong guy. Regardless of the source, she’s lost it in there. BB needs to “mercy kill” her if Hay doesn’t because she needs to go.

Steve will be back with veto results later. Have a great Saturday!

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