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Big Brother 20 – Friday Recap

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Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the weekend. I was afraid I wouldn’t get much accomplished because of the feeds but after listening to Haleigh yesterday, I’m not going to mind taking a break from it. I don’t know how much more I can take of the same thing over and over! It would be different if the hg’s saw her differently than I do but they don’t. They know what she’s doing and that’s why it doesn’t work. This is one of the times that perception lines up with reality and that doesn’t always happen in BB. For example, we’ve known all season Tyler was a big threat but if the house saw him as a loveable, clueless, beach dude, then that’s their reality. In this game, it doesn’t matter what’s happening, it only matters what they believe is happening. It’s also why the better players can step outside of it and see things from an overall view.


I was impressed by Haleigh during the hoh comp. Hell, even Sam said she was impressed! That doesn’t mean I think she’s a good player. She has a one-dimensional strategy that stopped working a long time ago so it’s become very boring for me to watch. I’m not impressed with the edit she’s getting on the tv show. They’ve followed the storyline of Haleigh being Tylers biggest obstacle in the game since she put him otb as the hacker. They’ve left out all the bonehead moves she’s made along the way. I get it, if you’re a Foutte/Hive fan, she’s your last hope for a Foutte/L6 rivalry but hope won’t make it true. The rivalry is over, Foutte lost and as Da’Vonne would say, point, blank and the period. If it weren’t for the stupid battle back, (which I never like) we’d be moving on to the final phase of the game and accept that Foutte only exists in the minds of the jurors at this point.


I was going to go over some of Haleigh’s bad game moves, how she’s just as bad a player as the rest of her alliance and what if anything she could do to save herself.  I’m going to save it because she may win the veto today and take herself off the block. Although, there is one thing I’d like to say about Haleigh before I move on to the recap. I try very hard (not always successfully) to stick to the hg’s game play without criticizing them as people, with a couple of exceptions. When I talk about those things, it’s usually related to how it affects the way they’re playing the game. (Sam, for example) Other times, it’s because it’s something that’s all over social media and can’t really be ignored. (JC is a good example)

I’m seeing so many derogatory comments everywhere about Haleigh as a person. Not only do I think it’s unfair, I think it’s inaccurate. Haleigh’s practically being called a whore by a lot of people. She’s young, beautiful and she’s a huge flirt. (Unfortunately, that’s the only strategy she seems to have) She’s annoying to watch when she’s complaining, whining and bed hopping. It’s also annoying (for me) because I wanted her to be a player that clearly, she’s not. However, I’ve never seen her do one thing to justify some of the bad things being said about her.  I’ve never seen her cross any lines of conduct that say, her parents wouldn’t approve. (I’m only guessing because I dont know her parents) Yes, she cusses like a sailor and called Angela the C word but I’m referring to her behavior with the men in the house. Flirting is flirting and that’s all I’ve ever seen. She’s made out with Fessy (after 2 months) but she really likes Fessy and she only flirts with everyone else. I’m not a Haleigh fan and if you aren’t either, there’s plenty of material with her terrible game play to bash her over. The other stuff simply doesn’t make any sense to me. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and this one is mine. I wanted to get that off my chest and I have so I’ll move on the what actually happened yesterday.


Scottie really likes grapes:

  • Brett, JC and Angela spoke with Tyler at different times before noms but it was the same conversation. They agree Haleigh and Scottie need to go up. They’ve all voted Scottie out already and Haleigh has put Tyler, Angela and KC otb. Pretty simple plan.
  • Hay bounced from person to person complaining about Sam all day so I’m not going to go over all of them. It was a lot of “she’s a b*tch” and “she’s a f**king b*tch.” That was the gist of it.
  • Hay spent a lot of time with Tyler, Angela and Tyler & Angela together. She talked about being glad Fessy didn’t come back and not approving of the speech he gave. (The Range Rover stuff actually got started by Hay a long time ago) Hay did what she always does, she sucked up to the hoh. She also told Tyler she wasn’t going to put him up if she’d won. She talked about things they should all do together once BB is over. She did what she did last week with KC which was tell them they’re “her people” whether they like it or not. She pushed the reasons Sam needed to go up and did a lot of trash talking about Sam. She was still mad that Sam cheered for Tyler during the HOH comp. She said she didn’t want to go up but understood if it happened.
  • Sam and Tyler had a check in and she told him he was still her baby and “whatever” was fine with her this week. (I wonder how she’d feel about Tyler telling Angela she smelled like a baby? It was supposed to be a compliment but I wonder if it’s her deodorant. The smell of baby powder makes my husband sick and once, I bought deodorant without noticing the scent was baby powder. It took a week to figure out why I made him nauseous. We’ve been married a long time so hey, we had other options to rule out first)  Sam was glad Hay didn’t win because she knew she’d be going otb. She said she was very impressed with Hays effort but obviously wanted Tyler to win.
  • Brett let Tyler know that his first priority is to their F2 and to L6 after that. He thinks Angela and KC are making a mistake by being so obvious that they’re a duo.
  • JC does his usual pressure talking with Tyler to make sure Tyler knows Scottie needs to be the target.  You can tell Tyler’s getting annoyed and has started reminding JC that JC isn’t the brains and he needs to trust the game Tyler’s playing. (not gonna happen) JC tells Tyler that Brett isn’t a “Fessy” and he’s a smart cookie so he won’t be as easy to manipulate. (We know that, glad to see JC is starting to get it too) JC said Brett’s worried about being on the bottom of the alliance.
  • Tyler talked to Scottie and made sure Scottie knew Hay & Fes tried to make a F4 with them (Ty & Ang) the week Scottie left. Tyler also told on Hay for telling Tyler that Scottie said he’d put Tyler & Ang otb. Scottie admitted he’d been “smitten” with Hay but said not anymore, then he said he sort of was. Tyler told him Hay & Fes were in a shomance despite her denials. Scottie said it was going around that Ty & Ang were too. Tyler let him know people wanted him otb but there was no way he’d be the target if it happened.
  • Hay and JC talked about noms and she was thinking it was going to be Sam and maybe herself.  JC mentioned Scottie and Hay didn’t think that was a possibility since he and Tyler are so close. (head hitting desk at this moment)
  • Scottie told Angela that RS and Bay spent the week in jury trying to convince him Tyler was his enemy. He said he’d had to hear about Angela’s goodbye msgs at least 100 times. Angela said RS had made comments about Angela being spoiled and entitled. Scottie told her that she’s still making them. (this might be an answer to the bitter jury speculation and an end to funny msgs)
  • Brett and KC talked about how Scottie ran straight to Hay when he came back. They don’t think it’s the smartest plan.
  • After noms, Hay cried in the have not room. Brett went to check on her.
  • Tyler told JC he let Scottie feel he’s the pawn in case he wins the veto. JC said “you’re learning, finally.” Lol
  • Tyler’s speech may have made it sound like Hay was the target and it sounded like he mentioned how fast Hay turned on Scottie last week.
  • Hay made her way to the hoh and was upset because she felt blindsided and dumb. Tyler told her she shouldn’t. She reminded him that he’d let her know before and he said he’d tried without coming out and saying it. (which they aren’t allowed to do) In a very nice way, he basically told her she’s the only person who’s put him otb so what did she expect? (my words, not his)  She said she thought it would be Sam instead of Scottie with her. (Sure Hay, he’s going to leave off the person who just came back that Tyler voted out and the person who might use a veto on you!)  She asked if he ever really considered putting up Sam. He said he did. (he didn’t)
  • Tyler told Hay if she’d kept quiet about being the hacker, none of this may have happened this way. She said “I’m aware.” He said it was pointless because Bay went home for having a power app, not because they thought she was the hacker. She said she knew that. (honestly, from all her talks in the past, I don’t think she ever connected that before) He told her he didn’t believe Bay didn’t already know Hay was the hacker before the house meeting. He said it didn’t make sense and she wouldn’t have started fighting with him unless she already knew. Hay said “it doesn’t matter.” Hay told Tyler she thought they were the closest the first week. (Waaayyyyy back in week 1, she’s reaching)  She said if she won the veto, he was going to drink beer in the tub and discuss with her what she should do with it. He used her line and said that she looked really good from that angle. She told him to shut up. (This should tell her flirting with him isn’t going to work)
  • JC and Hay leg wrestled and he tickled her feet. She yelled for him to stop and JC being a smartass, yelled for Sam to come save her again. (Ya, I thought it was a little funny)
  • Brett and Scottie climbed the rock wall.

I think I say this every week but we’ll have more to discuss once the veto has been played. We could be going over Scottie vs Haleigh and the way L6 isn’t completely on the same page with the decision. We may also be talking about which replacement nominee (if needed) will cause Tyler the least amount of trouble. Once we have a winner, we’ll have a better idea how the week will go. Check back later for the veto comp results and have a great Saturday!

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