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Big Brother 20 Live Endurance HoH Competition; Post Comp Feeds

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Good evening, everyone!

As you know by now, the HoH competition is going on and I know you’re interested in finding out who won, so I’m going to skip my typical ramble and jump right into it

Watch the HoH play out here for free



  • Fessy is off to a rocking start.  This is his competition to lose
  • Feeds currently down. They promised we could watch them so they shouldn’t be down long
  • Feeds up time to check the containers
  • Right now from this screenshot, Fessy (Green) is in the lead.  Scottie (lime) is second, and Angela (light blue) is third
    • JC has given up and is working on the 5k but not even sure he’ll get that before Fessy wins
  • 7:15 pm – Fessy and Scottie have pulled into a comfortable lead and it’s basically just down to them.  Fessy still in overall lead
    • This competition is going by way too fast
    • Just a few more trips and this is over
    • And it’s over, Fessy is the new HoH
  • 7:25 pm – Seeing as this was such a quick competition, I’ll probably just continue the updates here soon as the feeds return. No need to create a new post
  • 7:50 pm – Feeds are back and the house is just talking about the competition while others shower.
    • Brett is pretty quiet while Sam is very chatty
  • 8:10 pm – Fessy is pulling the macho shit and saying he wants one of the guys out (shocker)
    • He thinks he can easily beat Angela and KC at the end
    • Fessy says he isn’t sure how close Haleigh is with the guys and how much she’ll run back and tell them (great alliance, guys)
    • Naturally, Haleigh is pissed about that
    • Fessy says he was joking and testing her. Haleigh is not amused
    • Fessy is so dumb lol.  He doesn’t want to keep Scottie off the block because he’ll take Tyler off
    • Haleigh tells him that Scottie and Tyler are not together.  Fessy still doesn’t believe it.
    • Haleigh says JC is going to sneak all the way to the end
    • Fessy once again says a guy has to go home
    • Fessy says he doesn’t care who goes home (he does. He wants Brett gone because he’s insecure)
    • Fessy is thinking about putting Brett up next to Sam – lol
    • They talk about Sam having a crush on Brett and he says ‘I’d ask  you the same thing’ … this guy is just trying to blow it with her
  • 9:45 pm – Took a little break to try to wake up a little bit. Didn’t work. Super tired but trying to stay up
    • Haleigh and Scottie are talking in private
    • Hay isn’t sure what to do this week because her numbers are smaller and smaller
    • Haleigh tells Scottie it’s going to be hard for her, Scottie, and Brett to work together if Fessy puts Brett up.  My guess is she’s obviously just humoring him because I’m fairly confident Haleigh and Fessy are closer (at least their tongues are)
    • This is going to be an interesting week because Fessy is incredibly jealous and clearly just wants competition for Haleigh out of the house (my opinion) so I’m not sure she’ll have much say in what he does
    • Hay is pissed at everyone but especially Sam and JC for being shady and pretending they were with RS
    • Haleigh said the crowd was loud after the vote so she wonders if RS was really the flip vote every week and Brett was being honest about his alliance


Ok, I am off to bed. The HoH reveal is soon and I never care about that. Ever.  By the time that breaks up, I will be sleeping in my chair so I am going to get some rest. Mel will cover any highlights I missed tomorrow and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for the nomination coverage!

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