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Big Brother 20 Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house but it’s not that exciting because there are no surprises to be had today. Most Monday’s this season we have been given a treat of potential drama when the Hive alliance was blindsided yet again by moves (or lack of) they just weren’t expecting. While it wouldn’t be a normal week without blindsiding them in some regard, that was done on Friday when Angela nominated Fessy. For some reason, he was not expecting it at all and even thought there was a chance Haleigh wouldn’t be nominated, either.

The biggest story coming out of the house recently was JC getting worked up yesterday after he was given a little alcohol. He was feeling pretty good when he went off on rants about Rachel and Sam. The problem is, unlike Rachel, Sam is still in the house and actually heard him.  JC is not one to be quiet, so the combination of him drinking and a quiet house made it fairly easy for Sam to hear him from the kitchen (he was in the HoH room). This resulted in somewhat of a short circuit in her brain as she continued to cook but started talking to herself about just staying calm or playing pretend. It was kind of creepy and sad but that summarizes her entire season, I suppose.


Let’s get to some feed updates:

  • 11:25 am – Feeds down for the meeting
  • 12:05 pm – Feeds back. Quick meeting. Veto not used
    • Haleigh or Fessy will join the others for the Battle Back this week
  • 12:20 pm – Fessy is pouting in the HN room
    • He is giving Haleigh shit for talking to the people who put them on the block.
    • Fessy – “All you care about is the game”
    • So, Haleigh does what he wants and sits there and stares at the ceiling to play the strategy of Bayleigh and Swaggy
  • 1:10 pm – Brett and Angela are outside talking about Haleigh
    • Brett is saying how she had a really great beginning of the game with her social game
    • Angela said she killed it with her HoH and how she got blood on her hands but I think she’s a bit biased since she was nominated. Haleigh’s move was fine. The hacker screwed her
    • They talk about Swaggy and his influence in the house. They say he just focused on the weakest minded people (minus Bayleigh).
    • They predict that Bayleigh and Swaggy aren’t going to last outside the house. If they do, great, but they won’t
    • Brett says that he’s probably not waiting all this time for her. He then tells the story how Swaggy was walking down a street and some girl approached him and said ‘fuck me’ and Swaggy did behind a truck
    • Angela reacts…
    • Angela said Bayleigh would never go for that because she’s too classy, but Brett said she was in the room when he told the group
    • Brett said that’s when Bayleigh told a story how she screwed a guy on the counter when her parents weren’t home
    • Angela says “maybe they’re perfect for each other”
    • Brett says “just because of that, it doesn’t mean they won’t last. Maybe it was a true connection. I really hope it was”
  • 2:20 pm – Most are outside enjoying the little time they have this week
    • They are closing the backyard early this week. The house speculates for a double eviction or battle back and they’re right about the latter
    • I wonder if it will be like last year. If so, Scottie and Fessy will no doubt play in the finals
  • 6:30 pm – Took a break. I’m back. Haleigh is outside jogging. Tyler cooking. Slow night
  • 6:50 pm – KC heads up to the HoH room to chat
    • I kind of hate their peanut/chicken nugget nickname thing they have going on
    • Angela said she’s trying to create even more division between Haleigh and Sam
    • Angela repeats a comment that Sam made to Haleigh. I guess Haleigh asked where Fessy went to Sam. Sam said “I think he went upstairs. You should go follow him”
  • Haleigh’s ears must have been ringing because she goes upstairs to chat
    • Angela thinks that Scottie will be the one returning
    • She thinks his ego is too hurt to compete and Scottie will come back with a vengeance
    • Kaycee says that during a conversation with Fessy, she almost accidentally mentioned him talking to Julie on Thursday
  • 7:30 pm – JC is downstairs
    • He is telling Tyler the dangers of the closeness of Kaycee and Angela and they need to be split up
    • Not good for him. He doesn’t realize how close Tyler is to them
    • JC says he wants to get rid of one of them if it’s a DE this week
    • Tyler says not a chance. He’ll never convince Tyler of that.   Haleigh put him on the block and he can’t keep her in the house
    • JC keeps saying he wants to tell him why… Once Fessy is gone, Haleigh will be alone. Sam hates her. She’s going to cling on to Brett and he’s close to Brett
    • Tyler says that neither (Ang/KC) are coming for them
    • Tyler keeps saying that it’s incredibly bad for his own game to break up Angela and KC now
    • JC says Brett has to go before top 4
  • 7:50 pm – Sam begins to straighten Tyler’s hair
    • The girls come to watch lol Sam kicks them out
    • Haleigh is resisting. She’s totally going to fight with Sam sometimes before the season ends
    • Haleigh finally goes outside and bitches about getting kicked from the bathroom to Angela who is also pissed
  • JC learns about Brett’s third ball.  Brett says it’s like a cyst but he likes to call it a ball
  • 8:30 pm – Brett says that Tyler currently looks like Joe Dirt f*cked Kid Rock
  • 9:00 pm – The reveal!!!
    • Some reactions of the house
    • Now they all play

Check back for updates

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