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Big Brother 20 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates!

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Good afternoon, everyone!  Ready for a fun day?

Another ceremony, another blindside. That’s Big Brother 20 for you! This time it will be Bayleigh who is blindsided as she has been expecting Fessy to be the replacement nominee today when Angela uses the power of veto. The problem is that it will likely be Bayleigh who is put on the block and the target for the week.

Why?  Because the entire house knows that she has a power she hasn’t used and they want her gone before she has a chance to use it.  Look at this in the big picture – Angela learned about Bay’s power, so she had Brett expose the power at the eviction last Thursday. Because it is now exposed, Angela gave herself a reason to nominate and evict Bayleigh. She gets out a super strong player with a power and really doesn’t get any blood on her hands. The only thing stopping this from becoming a super genius plan is that Angela obviously couldn’t predict that she would be the one who won HoH this week.

No bullying, no bitchiness, just flat out good gameplay right there.


Now, Angela can go and screw up the rest of the season, but I give her first HoH run a solid ‘A’ grade and arguably the best of the season just sneaking by Scottie’s (going straight after two strong targets then winning PoV over them was a pretty badass move on Scottie’s part)

Seeing as today should be a fun day to watch the feeds, I’m going to toss in my links below:



  • 10:00 am – Brett, Kaycee, and Sam are up
    • Brett was woken up again by Granny this morning. I hate that it’s not on the feeds because I’d love to see it live
  • 10:30 am – The house keeps telling people about fresh batteries and such. That is their way to wake these people up because the veto ceremony shouldn’t be long
  • 11:13 pm – Lockdown. Veto meeting should be soon!
  • 12:10 pm – Feeds back!
    • Tyler safe, Bayleigh nominated
    • Bayleigh heads up to HoH room to talk but Angela doesn’t let her in lol
    • Haleigh heads into the bedroom to talk to Bay
    • Bayleigh says this is what she gets for sticking her neck out for RS.  I guess the hacker thing was mentioned so it’s hilarious Haleigh is listening to Bayleigh talk about the hacker
    • Bay doesn’t want to stay with them crazy ass white people. Okay then
  • Meanwhile, upstairs Angela is venting how Bayleigh just came off her HoH and then screwed with her week with the hacker app lol
    • Angela mentions how Bayleigh has been forcing Scottie to put his hand on the bible which is bullying
  • Running an errand, be back shortly
  • 1:10 pm – My daughter’s job schedules her for the WORST possible time and I have to drive her
    • I’m back and resuming blogs. I’m going to flashback soon but right now Bay is talking to Sam so I’m going to drop in on that
    • Bay is upset because she was called the hacker (when she was obviously not)
    • Sam is giving her a pep talk while Bay is upset because of the lies about her
    • Bay is saying how the hacker is just sitting back laughing. She’s going to be so pissed when she finds out it was Haleigh
  • 1:24 pm – Kaycee is in the Jenga room crying over the situation. Tyler is talking to her
  • 1:45 pm – Kaycee heads upstairs to talk to Angela
    • KC re-telling how she was crying
    • Kaycee is saying how Bayleigh is still denying the hacker thing
    • Angela says it doesn’t really matter because Bay was her target all along due to her power
  • 2:05 pm – JC comes up and tells them about Rockstar
    • Apparently RS was telling JC how she doesn’t think Bay is the hacker. JC makes fun of her RS should embrace it anyway because it is saving her.
    • Angela says that she’s not going to talk to Bayleigh privately because she doesn’t want Bayleigh to have any ammo to lie. She said she’ll only talk to her in front of people so others can back it up

Oops, I fell asleep. Nothing major has happened and no Angela/Bay drama yet. Going to keep an eye out for that, but I’m starting up a new thread since this one is nearing 300 comments (!!!!!!)

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