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Big Brother 20 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!

Welcome to the last PoV Monday of the season. Where has the time gone?  We’re midway through September already and winter is right around the corner. Not cool.

This season blessed us with quite a few exciting Mondays as The Hive was routinely blindsided on this day throughout the season. The last few weeks haven’t been nearly as exciting as Kaycee has had control of the veto for roughly the last month (excluding the double eviction veto) and didn’t use it at all. That trend is expected to continue today unless she has a crazy moment and decides to flip on her alliance.

There won’t be a veto meeting next Monday as they’ll be down to the final 3 and in the middle of their 3-part final HoH competition.


Alright, let’s just jump into the feeds because there isn’t much to talk about other than Sam’s weird rage last night that Mel covered this morning


  • 11:15 am – Feeds return from veto meeting
    • Veto not used. Sam or JC leaving next
    • Sam is in the HN and chats with her showmance
    • She asks if everything is working on you (the camera). She’s asking if all the buttons on the right hand side are working.
    • She turns to the other camera and asks if this camera works okay and waits for an answer.
    • It doesn’t answer
    • Cameras can’t answer humans. It doesn’t work that way
    • Sam begins to talk to herself again. Everyone else is out in the kitchen
  • 11:40 am – Sam has been talking to herself for that entire time before the feeds finally switched off her
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds down for some unknown reason
  • 2:19 pm – Feeds back
    • No mention why the feeds were down
  • 3:10 pm – Sam is in the shower while JC, Tyler, and KC hang around the kitchen.
    • JC is playing drums on the counter
  • 6:30 pm – Sam has been walking around the house going into every room and just looking around
    • She isn’t saying anything. Just looking around. I have no idea what to think about this
    • Sam goes to bed and holds her arm up for some reason and begins talking to herself
    • She is having a conversation with herself
  • 9:40 pm – Kaycee is chatting with JC about random stuff while Tyler is playing with his hair
    • I am so over these people. They’re all still decent people and I still actually like them all, but wow is this one of the most boring 4 people in the world if you exclude JC. And JC is really only entertaining when he has someone to joke with like a Brett.
    • I can’t remember feeling like this toward a cast. I typically can’t stand a solid 2-3 of the final 5 and just wish the season would end so I had to stop seeing them but I don’t feel the way with BB20. Good people, just boring.
  • Looking back…
    • BB19 had Christmas, Alex, and Josh who were terrible.
    • James was awful in BB18 but the rest of the final 5 were okay. Natalie was awful but she was final 6.
      • Note – Paul was growing to be annoying with his ‘friendship’ thing and Corey was boring as hell but I didn’t dislike them
    • BB17 was meh. Vanessa grew old quick. Liz was a whiner. Austin was pathetic.  John was awesome though so he made up for a lot
    • BB16 had Frankie who was just terrible to watch. Derrick, Cody, and Caleb were all decent though. Victoria was just SUPER boring and entitled
    • BB15 had GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer…
    • BB14 had Ian who was super annoying to me. Unpopular opinion, I know. Although he redeemed himself a little at the end when he had the balls to take Dan rather than Danielle. JennCity and Joe were complete wastes of space that season and they made it WAY too far
    • I’m rambling to fill time now because they’re not doing anything in the house

Check back for updates

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