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Big Brother 20 – Monday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone! It’s another fine summer night in the Big Brother house – for all but two people really.


The week has been locked in and now it’s the very long wait for Thursday night that is sure to see plenty of Kaitlyn tears, Rockstar whines, and plenty of lies. The big debate of the week is who they’re going to keep, and it really is tough because they also do have to factor in the chance to come back. They can either keep the wildcard shield that is Kaitlyn or the more stable but useless Rockstar.

Fez’s wild week is also going to continue because as of right now he is planning on voting to evict Kaitlyn. This is after he promised to save her with the veto (which he clearly didn’t), and after promising to vote to keep her (which he may not). She’s already on the verge of a breakdown for trusting a guy (or many guys in her case) despite being a ‘strong empowered female’. Maybe I don’t really know what the definition of a strong empowered female is, but Kaitlyn is currently one of the last people in the house I would give that label to.


Anyway, time to jump into the feeds to see what’s going on tonight…

  • 5:15 pm – Rachel, Bayleigh, and Kaycee are in the HN room talking
    • They are trying to decide who to keep. Rachel brings up the point that Kaitlyn is a big target if she stays which gets them one week closer to jury
    • Rachel also says she looks at it like who she’d rather sit next to in the future and Kaitlyn is once again her choice
    • Bayleigh says she doesn’t care as long as she makes jury
    • They point out how Kaitlyn coming back is bad for everyone
    • Rachel thinks that Haleigh may want to get rid of Kaitlyn
  • 5:30 pm – The girls are still talking about what is going on this week and Bayleigh is talking hopeful that she will see Swaggy on Thursday. Nope
  • 6:30 pm – Browser crashed and now flashback not working. Moving on to RS outside
    • She is crying and Rachel talking with her
    • Rachel is pumping her up but not very interesting of a conversation
    • And for the ladies
  • 6:45 pm – Brett, Angela, and JC are in the Jenga room chatting about the possibilities of Swaggy or Winston coming back
    • Meanwhile, Rachel gets pulled aside to talk to her new BFF Rockstar
    • Rockstar is chatting her ear off while Rachel is acting like a good sport and listening
  • 7:00 pm – In the Jenga room, Tyler and JC are talking
    • Tyler tells JC that Bayleigh likely wants him gone from their fight
    • Tyler says that Kaitlyn is loyal to him but JC tells him that she told Fezzy the same thing
    • JC says she’s smarter than the both of them together
    • Tyler says he has control over her. JC denies it
  • 8:30 pm – Sam is now crying in the storage room.
    • She’s not a fan of how the week went. She doesn’t like being HoH
    • She is talking to JC in the storage room and calling him her best friend.  Weird
  • 8:50 pm – Kaitlyn is lecturing the camera on following JC around rather than focusing on her and Rockstar
    • Here she is yelling at the cam not realizing she’s the one on the feeds and she’s always on the feeds
    • RS keeps talking about how she’s going home. This is going to be a long week of pity parties
  • 9:30 pm – Angela, Rachel, and JC are in the backyard talking
    • Angela says that Sam asked her what she would do about the vote and she said she’d nominate the biggest bully in the house – Rockstar lol
    • She also told Sam that Rockstar shouldn’t be in jury. If she gets evicted, it should be before jury so she can be home with her newborn
    • JC points out how going to jury guarantees her a few thousand dollars and Rachel said she’s not there to just give others money
    • Rachel is re-telling the conversation earlier how RS had two long talks with her
    • They talk about how it’s ridiculous how her and Swaggy tried to play the pity party card for being big fans
    • Angela mentions how Swaggy and his alliance likes to shoot air guns and it pisses her off because the state of the country
  • 10:30 pm – A little recap of the last hour
    • Brett, Rachel, Bayleigh, and a piece of furniture (Kaycee) were having a conversation
    • They were just joking and having fun
    • Rockstar comes in and gives the depressed act again
    • She is looking for Sam but they think she locked herself in the HoH room
    • RS stood in the doorway for awhile before leaving
    • Rachel couldn’t help control her laughing at the awkwardness of the whole situation

Check back for updates

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