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Big Brother 20 – Monday Overnight Report

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Good morning everyone! BB20 just keeps giving and giving. Remember, this was supposed to be the week we were bored because anything that happened wouldn’t matter. The reality is I’m struggling to keep up with all the game talk and recap it in a cohesive way that makes sense. Have I said lately how much I LOVE this season? There was so much game talk after the veto ceremony yesterday, I’m going to recap a little differently. I don’t want to tell you the same conversation 5 times because it happened over and over. Instead, I’ll go through each person and where they stand in the game (at least at the moment) based on things that happened yesterday. This isn’t Kaitlyn vs Rockstar. The next couple of days is Tyler vs JC. They’re still together but have very different agendas this week. I’ll list them in the order of potential relevance this week.

  • Sam:  Sam was a mess and finally started to realize BB isn’t the relaxing retreat she wanted it to be. I can’t wait to see the veto ceremony aired because she started to put JC otb, he interrupted her and apparently talked her out of it so she nominated Rockstar as the replacement. (That may be a first) She told everyone about her power but people are still confused. Sam doesn’t understand the game and doesn’t get BB terms. She’s also one of those people that talks almost in riddles in any conversation. Add house paranoia into the mix and I’m not surprised no one knows what the hell is going on. She’s upset she had to nominate 4 people (4 ??) and didn’t realize there could be a tie until JC pointed it out. She told everyone she didn’t want the power and it wasn’t a good one. (Convince someone who go a crap app) She sees nominating people this week as doing them a favor. Her reasoning is ‘wouldn’t you rather go up when you have a chance to come back?’ I really think she views it as a ‘everybody’s got to take their turn’ kind of thing, like Have nots. She doesn’t realize people would rather avoid the block completely if possible. She told them she wished she’d used it on Winston. She went to the storage room for a cry and was saying to herself ‘I want to go home.’ I give Sam a hard time but it was still sad to watch. She told JC she was never going to put him up and was only trying to make it look that way. He doesn’t believe it and we won’t know until we see the show. She said in order to repay him for scaring him, she’d vote out Kaitlyn for him if there was a tie. I don’t know if she’ll stick to it but I lean towards yes.
  • Kaitlyn: She cried and put Fessy on a guilt trip . Shocker! She said she knew he wasn’t going to use the veto because of numbers she read on a shampoo bottle right before the ceremony. (This stuff writes itself) She wavered between saying she was a badass bitch who knew she had the votes to stay because L6 is so grateful to her to “why, why, how could you Fessy, You know how I feel about you, wait until you see when you go home, you’ll be ashamed of yourself, Joe’s probably waiting outside CBS to f**k someone up and if I stay and get hoh, I’m going to be a f*****g tyrant. ” Yep, that was Kaitlyn’s day.
  • Rockstar: She was understandably upset because bubbles bond people, yo… she started the process for the steps of otb grief. At first, she wasn’t going to campaign and said people were going to do what they wanted to do. Baileigh gave her some tough love and told her she had 5 votes right now and basically to get off her ass and get the last one. Yes, I know she’s annoying and holier-than-thou (similar to Sam) but in a different way.  Still, she did start campaigning. She talked about wanting to make it to jury, be able to participate and help vote for the winner even if she couldn’t win blah blah blah. For the record, I don’t have a problem with them talking about making it to jury when it’s part of campaigning. Swaggy did it too and we know he saw jury as a fail. It won’t do her any good but she even stepped up and talked to Brett. That couldn’t have been easy for her. They’ve despised each other since day one because of things they’ve both done but she lowered her pride and gave him her pitch. It wasn’t a bad pitch either.  It still isn’t going to do her any good. She went to Sam and asked her to break a tie in her favor. Kaitlyn hasn’t done that.
  • JC: He was mad and it seems talked himself out of a close call with the block DURING the ceremony. I can’t wait to see it on the show. He chewed Fessy out and told him he would never talk game with him again. He said they’d be good as friends but no more game talk. (He’d already warned Fessy he’d do this)  He calmed down and said he understood why he used the veto but didn’t like that Fes didn’t give him a heads up so he could talk to Sam and make sure he wouldn’t be the replacement. JC told him Kaitlyn had to go and filled him in on Kaitlyn telling Tyler she also had feelings for him. He told him Kaitlyn told Tyler the reverse of what happened between Kaitlyn and Fes. He let Fes know Kaitlyn said (to Tyler) Fessy confessed his love to Kaitlyn, instead of the reverse. Once again, JC’s doing good work and pushing the right buttons. JC said Kaitlyn would go after Fes now and told him he was a “no brainer” and that he was emotional. (He cracks me up!) They talked about getting with Tyler sometime on Wednesday to go over all the lies Kaitlyn has told both guys. JC keeps trying to convince Fes they can work with Tyler. He says Tyler is a “no-brainer” too but they can use him as a tool because he can win comps.  JC’s done a good job of convincing at least a few people that Tyler is just a dumb surfer guy who’s physically capable. JC tried to work on Angela and Rachel to get rid of Kaitlyn but got nowhere. He went to Sam and got her to commit to breaking the tie to evict Kaitlyn. He and Tyler are working together but openly disagreeing over who to evict. (This could be the first week things don’t go JC’s way and I want to see how he handles it if it happens)
  • Bayleigh: Bayleigh and Scotties votes will decide the week. I’m listing her first because she’s more ‘in the know.’ She doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote but wants Kaitlyn out if possible. She thinks Swaggy could come back in a battle back (as do many people who are confused over the app) She told RS and Hayleigh about Kaitlyn telling both guys she’s in love with them (JC told her) and convinces them the BF pics are of her brother.  She doesn’t completely trust Foutte side because she wasn’t included in the original alliance. She’s trying to balance starting new alliances but sticking with Foutte in case Swaggy comes back. She’d trust Tyler more if Kaitlyn was gone. She confides a lot to Kaycee and has for a while. I think she’ll happily vote out Kaitlyn if she’s sure the votes are there but with the track record they have with voting every week, I don’t known how she could be sure. She compared notes with JC, Kaycee and Scottie. She’s doing a very good job of riding the middle if she can  keep it up. She’s been shameless with her flirting towards Kaycee.
  • Scottie: Once it was announced Sam still had a power, everyone went on a new search for the flipped votes. He knew it was time to pay the piper so he admitted to Bay that he was the person who flipped the vote on Swaggy. He pointed out that he knew where the votes were going and that Swaggy you would be leaving anyway and said he did it while wearing the Swaggy shirt in the hopes he might get a power app. She tells him she already knew but would have rather heard it from him. They agreed to put it behind them and said they still trusted each other. He doesn’t know as much of what’s going on this week but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He ended his HOH reign with a potentially huge target on his back but has managed to fade into the background. Like Bay, he prefers Kaitlyn leave but his priority is being on the right side of the vote this week. We didn’t hear enough from him this week to know if he’ll still go after Tyler and Sam or if he’s working with them. We may not know until one of them are otb or he’s HOH again. I have him high on my relevance list because his is one of the two votes that could put the decision in Sam’s lap.
  • Tyler: He doesn’t know JC told Bay (who’s telling everyone else) that Kaitlyn said she had feelings for him.  I’m curious to see if the meeting happens today with JC, Fessy and himself. He doesn’t even know about it yet but he is pretending to work with Fessy. Kaitlyn is a liability but he does have a lot of pull with her and he knows RS will never be on his side with any vote. It mskes sense he’d want RS out. He needs Kaitlyn to know he voted for her to stay in the event she stays or leaves and comes back. When JC tried to tell Tyler Kaitlyn was working him, Tyler shot it down and told JC it was the reverse. He said when he said jump, Kaitlyn said how high? (Not a good look on our sweetheart surfer boy but hey, he ain’t lyin’) If it looks like it’s heading to a 5-5 vote, look for him to work on Sam just like JC did. He thinks they have Bay after Kaycee filled him in on their talk.
  • Fessy/Hayleigh: They may not be on the same page with the shomance but they are with the vote. Fessy finally gets why Kaitlyn has to leave. He’s already given his word to RS that no matter what she hears, he’s keeping her. It isn’t even a question in Hayleighs mind. I’d like to add that this girl is killing it. She keeps Fessy at bay, has a great friendship with Scottie, has Brett thinking she wants to be the bro replacement and pretty good relationships with both sides of the house. Sam, Tyler and Brett are the ones in trouble if she gets hoh. She isn’t going to forgive Sam for the personal comments made about her. She told Scottie she should maybe run for president. He said he totally supports it as long as he can be first lady. They need to stay on top of Fessy until Thursday even tho he promised RS. I’m curious too see his reaction when Hay doesn’t stop talking to Brett now that the veto has been used.
  • Kaycee: She’s doing great work with Bayleigh and she & Tyler may get a heads up when they’re in trouble because of it. No one suspects the alliance she has with Tyler apart from L6 either.
  • Rachel/Angela: They want to keep Kaitlyn as a target and still have the secret Vixen alliance. They hashed out the concerns Rachel had about Brett and Angela getting too close. Angela assured her they weren’t and she had zero interest in Brett. They went over the smack talk they’ve said against each other to people to cover up how close they are. JC tried to sway their votes. Angela pretended to be undecided and Rachel (who already has a shaky relationship with JC) said, no way, she was keeping Kaitlyn.
  • Brett: He’s ready for RS to go and will stay on the same page as Tyler this week. He wasn’t an asshole to RS when she campaigned to him but he made fun of it later.  Brett still has to avoid Rachel’s flirting but with her being a have not, he may get a break. Bay made a comment about everyone being single except the 2 people otb. Rachel said it meant they could have and orgy and wanted to be on Brett’s side, then said she was just kidding.  (Are orgys a team kind of thing with sides? When you’re ready for a new partner, you say ‘red rover, red rover, send so and so over’? Nevermind, probably not something to get into) Brett told Kaitlyn a story about doing a 10th grade talent show. He danced to Thriller and his group came in last. Haha

Look for more whining from Kaitlyn, a possible boys meeting with Tyler, JC and Fessy and hopefully some tug of war between JC and Tyler. RS will find out Rachel is campaigning against her. (they talk a lot a have a small personal relationship) Tyler should find out the house knows Kaitlyn’s love secrets when he was trying to keep it quiet. Sam may ask the DR if she can leave in place of the nominees. Check back with Steve to see what these crazy people do today.

Have a great Tuesday!

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