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Big Brother 20 – Monday Overnight Report

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There were many quiet conversations happening last night and they may end up more important than the blow up from the day before. If Steve doesn’t have to change the image at the top because of size, it’s a pic of Kaitlyn making sure she stands in front of and by Hayleigh during a Hamlet reading. She has to know this will be aired and wants to get that camera time. Rachel is another one who doesn’t miss the opportunity. It seems appropriate because Kaitlyn is a mess even though she has nothing to do with what’s going on this week.


Sam confirmed to Tyler she had no intention of saving Brett or Winston so it’s a given that Brad or Chad will leave. (These are the names they gave themselves in case you’ve missed it) I’m telling you that first because they arn’t relevant in most of what was talked about last night. However, it will impact the people who stay. This season has been harder to cover since things happening now are still about what happened 2 weeks ago. I’m not complaining since they’re playing the game but in order to give you the reason things are happening, it makes the updates longer so bear with me.

  • Sam & Bayleigh Bay asks Sam about her power and tells her Kait told her about it. Sam isn’t happy, doesn’t give Bay all the details but does answer questions from Bay honestly. Bay finds out what Kait said was incorrect.  (Tyler insinuated to Kait whoever voted to evict Sam would be put into a pool of people selected to go on the block. This happened when he wanted her to keep Sam and she still believes it) Kait told Bay and Scottie the day before about it and about her being the flip vote on week 1. Kaitlyn’s spin to them was that she singlehandedly saved her alliance from going otb. It never made sense-why would anyone go otb, the eviction would’ve already happened??? Sam tells Bay her power wouldn’t impact anyone else except maybe one other person and it was good, not bad. She doesn’t tell Bay how long it lasts when she’s asked. (Bay needs some tissue, allergy meds, something because listening to her snort and sniffle had been driving me nuts!)
  • Sam & Tyler She says she isn’t saving either of the bros and says people know about her power.  She doesn’t want to mess up Scotties HOH. Sam believes the leak came from Kait, not Tyler. (True because the people he told haven’t put it out there) Tyler admits he’s the reason Kait has so many details wrong and says he had to tell her that to get her to vote to keep Sam. Sam doesn’t tell him Bay is the person who told her everyone knows but he starts to put it together anyway. Tyler tells her to vote to keep Brett even if Kait wants Brett out and says Kait can’t be trusted anymore. Sam agrees.
  • Scottie & Rockstar They basically figure out Tyler’s entire game. Between things Scottie knows, things Kait told RS and simple observations, the pieces finally start to click. They realize Kait wasn’t trying to protect Brett, (Foutte thought Brett might be the mastermind on the other side…I’ll give that a second to sink in) she was actually protecting Tyler. (I’m only surprised it took this long because Kait is a terrible player and had accidentally told on Tyler multiple times but it kept going over their heads) They see how Tyler had deals with both sides when he was HOH and that’s why Tyler wouldn’t even consider putting Angela or Winston otb. They figure out he was behind Swaggy leaving and how Tyler doesn’t think Fessay should use the veto on Steve on week 1. Scottie feels played and RS feels justified because she’s been saying it for a while. (True)  Talk moves on to Sam but their logic doesn’t hit the mark on this one. They realize Sam has probably been working with Tyler but they get most of everything else wrong. RS is trying to figure out when Tyler and Sam could have gotten together so early in the game (oh I don’t know, maybe when he was HOH, also the time she got her power) Scottie says it’s obvious now that Tyler knew about Sam’s power all along but lied to him yesterday by trying to act surprised. RS confirms this and tells him the week Steve left, Kait briefly tried to get them to flip their vote and told them Tyler was the one giving her the advice. The thing about Sam which puzzles them the most is how she got the power app. They don’t know why she would be so popular before she was even a robot. (she was already a robot when she got it, they have their days off) Sam was told early in the game by someone that she reminded them of Christmas and they are aware of this. During the BB dating app comp which included a picture of Christmas, Sam went on and on about how Christmas was beautiful and she didn’t mind being compared to her. (this is true) Sam also has some kind of Christmas shirt with her (not CrossFit Christmas- its ho ho ho Christmas) so they start speculating Sam is related to Christmas and that’s a clue. They discuss putting Tyler and Sam otb together to see what would happen. RS is more reluctant to put Sam up and says that would be hard for her… Tyler, no problem. Scotty doesn’t have a problem putting Sam and Tyler up, he says he might have three days ago but not anymore. (Sam is busy telling Tyler she’s loyal to Scottie and won’t do anything to mess up his HOH, Lol)
  • Tyler & Kaycee They check in and mostly discuss Kait. They agree she’s too big of a mess to keep around. Kaycee also let Tyler know recently Bay is on to him because they’ve been talking game lately. They know Kait will be pissed when Brett stays but don’t care anymore. (Tyler’s duo with Kaycee may be the only secret he has left by the end of the week)

Although those were the most important talks that happened, here’s some random stuff that’s  game related but some of it isn’t:

  • Hayleigh and Rachel trade-off with the guys. When ones leaves a room, the other one steps in. Hayleigh HATES Rachel and I stand by my original opinion. I don’t think Rachel’s done anything to Hayleigh, she just doesn’t want competition with the flirting strategy. RS likes Rachel and thinks she’s fun but RS can’t stand Angela. They’ve debated who should go first because it’s one of the few things that Hay and RS don’t agree on.
  • Sam thinks Winston is a surgeon and debates it with Rachel. She ends up saying she’s 78% sure but does tell Rachel to “stop playing dumb.” (Sam’s s little behind on house rumors I suppose)
  • Rockstar wonders which one of them has been a TMZ story. (She may actually be Twitters Player!)
  • The BB voice tells Kaitlyn to chill out and she says “do you like me?”
  • Kaitlyn’s senses told her Brett has a power or had one that’s over and if it’s not him, Swaggy had one when he left. She had “hits” the week Tyler got it telling her the person who got it had a name starting with an “S.” She also told Tyler that his dad came to her in a dream and said not to listen to Tyler. She claimed his dad was hostile and Tyler quickly told her he wasn’t. (This was a bullshit move even for this crazy mess of a person)
  • Scottie thinks no one talks game with Kaycee and RS thinks she would have been on their side if they’d bothered to talk to her in the beginning. (They are very wrong)
  • Scottie is concerned 2 of the crap apps went to people on their side.
  • Hayleigh worries about her plants and says they’re probably dead. Brett asks if she had someone take care of them while she’s gone and she told him no…Well, ok then…yes, Hayleigh, they’re probably dead.
  • Fessy got upset because the girls started saying Scottie was hot. He says he’s not letting them in the HOH room if he wins because of it. He certain he’ll win if the comp is endurance.
  • Tyler says Kaitlyn will hate him when this is over. Brett said he didn’t even want to repeat what Kaitlyn said/offered on day 2 to him because he doesn’t want it on TV. He said in a coded way that if he was the boyfriend, she wouldn’t be allowed to come back once this ends. Tyler says the people who watch feeds already know what she’s done.
  • The diary room is referred to as “Doctor” this year for anyone watching BBAD but hasn’t picked up on it yet. (It was ‘mom and dad” during bb18)
  • The backyard is supposed to close at 5:00 today so everyone is expecting endurance for hoh comp.
  • Tyler and JC have plans to do the cinnamon challenge sometime today.
  • Fessy tells Hayleigh it’s good they got crap apps since people won’t question them about getting a power app. She points out getting a crap app means the don’t HAVE a power app. (Ya, he’s still pretty)
  • Rachel mentions Cody trying to  nom Paul last year but Paul getting a “pendulum of doo doo or doom or something.”

People are making comments online about Kaitlyn’s career being ruined by her actions on the show.  Let’s be real, Kaitlyn gives spray tans for a living and would like to be a life coach. That’s the reality of her career. This isn’t the first time CBS has taken liberties with someone’s job. The same thing goes for the intro packages. Many people turned against Winston during the first episode because of the “gun loving” intro. It could be true but just as easily, not true and it happens every year. Christine (bb16) was made out to be some kind of obsessed nudist but it was NEVER talked about during the season and there are plenty more examples. Haleigh was irritated with the “farm girl”  package and talked about it on the feeds. She’s from Texas so that’s what they ran with. Sam has money and relates easier to people who do (she sort of said this, I think but it was the night she didn’t make any sense while talking to Brett) so maybe she lives in a camper in her mom’s backyard…maybe she doesn’t.

Have a great Tuesday!


NK: Got your msg from last night girl!


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