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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

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Good morning everyone! Thank you again for all the birthday wishes from yesterday. I officially have one year left that I can say “I’m in my 40’s” and leave it at that. Yesterday, in the BB house was about hairstyles, a production oops, a little rule breaking and trash talking Sam. As Kaycee says, let’s go:

  • Fessy & Hay argued because she wanted to play outside and he wanted them to be depressed together. (Let’s be honest, Fessy didn’t mind being otb when he and Hay spent so much time alone together after it happened. He thought it would be the 2 of them against the world this week)
  • Fessy decided to take a hot shower and have a bit of cottage cheese. I don’t care when they sneak food and they’re actually being sneaky about it. If they don’t get caught, score one for them.  I do care when they’re complete assholes about it tho!  Here he is on the wrong side….just like all his votes.
  • Fessy made a snide remark to KC during the veto ceremony about her veto win. He said “it was a long time coming” or something similar.  She said later she wanted to tell him it was a long time coming for him to be evicted but didn’t. (She may in her goodbye msg, let’s hope)
  • Fessy moped around and JC told him he may come right back if there’s a battle back.  He tried to blame JC for Scottie leaving. JC told him to blame his shomance. JC told Fessy he should try to get Sam to target Angela & KC instead of Haleigh before he leaves.
  • JC had a ‘WE have to win hoh’ talk with Hay so she’ll still be good with him in the game.
  • JC talked to Tyler again about separating KC & Angela. Tyler was a firm no. JC said he wants Hay to stay after Fessy leaves. Tyler said there’s no way he’s leaving her in the house after she put him otb.
  • Fessy is just as confident he’ll win the battle back as he was that Angela and KC couldn’t beat him in any comp. I think this pic is from the night before but it fits his attitude. I’ve made jokes about how he ‘blankets’ after Thursday night evictions when he’s confused but here, he’s combining his confusion with his over confidence in his game abilities. Is he a strategizing superhero?
  • Fessy & Hay argue/talk some more. He admits his mistakes but then he wants to blame them on somebody else right after. (It’s really a pattern)  He said he realized it was a mistake to get out Scottie.  Hay  said she’d tried to tell him. (It’s the same conversation they had after they were nominated but it’s like they’ve forgotten and are figuring it out for the first time. You’d think they’re the same person! They both do it!)  Hay explained the game was still going on and that’s why she was hanging out with the other people in the house. She encouraged him to do the same and promised she wasn’t doing any campaigning. He said he was going to take care of it so no one would go after her for 2 or 3 weeks with his speech. He’s going to throw Angela under the bus from what I can gather. (He can’t blow up anyone’s game, he doesn’t even understand his own and who’s going to care? He’ll be talking to her alliance)  Hay assured him her feelings for him are real and sincere and he said the same….I’m maxed out on how much of this crap I can take so here’s a pic, I’m moving on!
  • Hay asked Brett if he wanted to “hammock” again later. (It would appear Hay is moving on too)
  • Brett started making dinner, he loves his salmon recipes. Hay offered to help so she cut some pineapple in these huge chunks and walked off. This is Tyler actually cutting it up after she left. (I’m with Sam on this one, she doesn’t do shit) Sorry Steve, I know that’s your “gurl” as JC would say.
  • It’s nice to see Brett isn’t afraid of the oven after his fire. He got right back on that horse.
  • Sam yelled and I mean yelled at Fessy for using Angela’s sunscreen.  She told him she was sorry a little bit later.
  • Haleigh and KC hid a couple of cinnamon rolls from the night before to save for when they arn’t have nots. (I don’t think I’d want a week old cinnamon roll….then again, it would depend on how often I had dessert available in the house. I have a sweet tooth so if I was desperate enough, I’d probably eat chocolate covered dirt if I’m being honest) Hay is really buddying up to KC and even told her that she’s going to be Hays “new person.”  The only person who dislikes Hay more than KC is Sam so Hays read on this is wayyyy off.  KC’s always said Hay is fake and kisses the hoh’s butt so I doubt a cinnamon roll is going to change that.
  • Angela and Hay talked about Sam. Hay doesn’t know why Sam is so mean to her and hates her so much. Angela told her Sam played a personal game. Hay said Sam used to trash the two of them to Rockstar. Hay said if Sam likes Brett so much, she should just tell her and she’d back off instead of being so passive aggressive.  (Sam’s wrong to play personally but this is dumb too. Hay already knows Sam likes Brett, she knows Sam’s after her because of it and she’s paranoid about Sam getting hoh and putting her otb. If Hay is genuinely scared of that happening, she could make the decision to flirt less with Brett on her own if it would help her game)  Before anyone comes after me over this comment, I’m not saying she should have to flirt less with Brett but Hay cleaned the bathroom after Sam said she didn’t contribute in order to make her situation with Sam better in the game.  What’s the difference? Hay adjusts her behavior ALL THE TIME to appease whoever has power. I’ve been saying the only game she has is flirting so that’s why she won’t do it imo.  If she backs off the flirting, what’s left? I wish she had more because there are things I really do like about Hay.
  • Sam straightened Tyler’s hair and it became the biggest event of the night. As Steve covered yesterday, Sam kicked Angela & Hay out of the bathroom while she was doing it. (yea, I think she did it partly because she doesn’t like them but I also think she wanted to have a big reveal moment and wanted everyone to be surprised, I think it was both) She did allow everyone to make their way back in there to watch except Hay & Ang but in Sam’s defense, they were already outside hanging out by then.
  • Since Ang & Hay were banished from the bathroom, they talked more about the game. Hay told her she let other people run her hoh, otherwise she wouldn’t have put Angela otb. Angela said Scottie told her about Hay calling Angela a bitch all the time. She also said she’d never have put Hay otb if Hay hadn’t put her up. Angela did a good job of putting everything back on Hay and the moves she’s made in the game. (Look, I get it, Hay doesn’t have a lot to work with at this point and I like she’s trying to get in with the group. This isn’t the way to do it tho. If she had a real chance, telling someone you can be swayed so easily, isn’t the way to go. Hay always goes so far to blame others for her game, it makes her appear too weak and wishy washy to be appealing as an ally)
  • Before the hair was finished, Hay came to ask it there was a water bottle left in the room. Sam asked if she was trying to sneak a peek. Hay said “I don’t care that much.”
  • Tyler was shocked once he saw his hair and everyone except JC and Tyler really liked it. They all wanted to touch it.
  • Hay kept saying she wanted to braid it which sort of defeated the purpose of trying out the new look since it was going to be hidden.
  • Sam did a good job with it and the only thing I didn’t like wasn’t her doing. He really needs a trim and some major conditioning, then I think it would look great.
  • When Sam went to the backyard to get Ang & Hay to see the new hair, Sam said Tyler couldn’t sleep up in the hoh room. This didn’t sit well with Angela. (I’m not even sure Sam was being bitchy in that moment. I think she was saying that he looked so good, he’d be too tempting, as a joke. Maybe not, it is Sam I’m talking about) I’m expecting Ang & Hay to both become less tolerant of the things Sam does to piss them off. The two of them spent a lot of time complaining about Sam and they’re starting to feed off of each other. I know part of the reason Angela is doing it is to keep Sam as Hays target but it’s also giving both of them an outlet to talk about the things that have irritated them about Sam.  Individually, they’re more likely to stay quiet but having another person validate your feelings, who’s been treated the same way, over the same issue makes them more likely to say something. It’s easier to call someone out when you’ve been pumped up by someone else.
  • JC had some funny comments about Tyler’s hair but I mostly think he’s pissed over the talk he had with Tyler about Ang & KC and his insults had more to do with that.  He said Tyler looked like a “40 year old independent woman” whatever that means. Brett said he really like the hair and JC said “that’s because Brett likes women.” Hay said he looked like Thor but JC said he looked like Thors wife.” Tyler asked JC why he couldn’t even look at him and JC told him if his hair was going to “stay like that, this can’t continue,” meaning JC’s crush on Tyler. (Tyler isn’t crazy about the hair but maybe he should keep it and JC might stop monitoring the hoh room??)
  • JC was still going on about the hair because when Sam got called to the DR, JC told her she was in trouble because “she f**ked him up.”
  • There was a problem with the spy cam in the hoh room. KC came upstairs to tell Angela, Tyler, Brett and JC that people could see and hear what was going on up there on the one downstairs. They’ve been doing a little complaining about Sam and tried to figure out what she’d heard. Initially, they thought the button had gotten stuck in the on position but they realized they could still here even after the switch was turned off. Naturally, some paranoia followed. (One season of BBCAN, the hoh had a few minutes alone to decide who they wanted to nom. They went over everything, thinking out loud and everyone downstairs heard it. This wasn’t an accident, it was done intentionally as a mini twist) We may get a better idea today what was heard and what wasn’t.
  • Tyler had the idea of using the body pillow Sam made and using hair extensions to make it look like Tyler was in bed downstairs so he could sneak up to the hoh room to sleep. (Yes, I think they’re cute too but it’s so dumb for both of them. At this point, if they lose, they deserve to lose because unlike the situation Hay is in, this is something they can easily fix but won’t exercise the willpower to do it. The longer it goes on, the less chance they have to fix it because people will think they’re just trying to hide the relationship)

I had a few other things but they aren’t really important anyway and for some reason, I’m slow as shit this morning. Maybe it’s being a year older but this recap had taken me longer than it should’ve to finish. I’ll end it here and catch up with you all later. Have a great Tuesday!

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