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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

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Good morning! I rushed through my work day yesterday (wasn’t easy on a Monday) so I could see the fall out from the veto ceremony and as Steve already discussed, there wasn’t any. Oh well, we’re getting spoiled because this season’s so great but I guess we can’t have everything.  Bay didn’t get why she was being blamed for something she didn’t do (hacker) and Scottie played dumb. Tyler snapped at Bay (we think) and Haleigh tried NOT to look like someone who’d possibly just caused her bff in the game to go home. It can’t be said enough that even people playing badly is great because they are still playing..well, we do have Sam.


If you read Steves posts from yesterday, you already know what went down after the ceremony and how we waited all day for Angela and Bay to talk. It never happened but it may today. Level 6 is patting themselves on the backs and Hive is trying to pick up the pieces and chooses between RS and Bay to be evicted. It isn’t really a choice for Hay and Fessy as they see Bay as the stronger player. She’s won an hoh, is a target and still has a power app they could use. I didn’t hear them voice these reasons but will assume that’s what they are. If they were choosing based on loyalty, hands down, RS would be the winner. (Bay won 1 comp anybody could’ve won and RS came VERY close to winning a couple of them so I’m not convinced Bay has an edge there) It won’t matter what Hay and Fes want as they are only 2 votes.

I’ll go over things by person today. I know I’m not consistent because sometimes I recap going player-by-player and sometimes I do it by individual conversations. The way things happened the night before usually dictates the way I do it to keep it straight in my head. I suppose I’m just one of those box of chocolates type of people. Sorry.

  • Bayleigh: She continued to be mad but kept her cool very much the same way she did when Swaggy left. This is the version of her I thought might be a good player and someone I wanted to see go far. I still don’t think she would be a target if she hadn’t won her HOH. She was in a great spot in the house and would’ve had both sides needing her as a number. Oh well, that ship has sailed and it could be docking at the maternity ward. Speaking of that, the Vegas leaker was taking some heat last night on Twitter for the tweet Steve showed you guys last night. Some felt it was too personal to be considered a live feed update. I think it’s really personal too and it’s why I don’t think BAY should’ve spent the past couple of weeks talking about it nonstop. She hints at it all the time and randomly brings up babies in other conversations. I said a while back that I don’t know if she really thinks she is or if she’s doing it for attention. Either way, she brought it up…and a lot. If it were me and I was already talking about it, hell I’d use it for strategy. I’d be saying ‘you’re not gonna evict a single pregnant woman, are you?’  Anyway, back to last night… After getting upset for being accused of being the hacker, she stayed quiet a while.  She still maintained she wasn’t mad over being nominated, only being accused of hacking the game. We know this is BS because who wouldn’t be upset at being nominated? She said she kept her cool and didn’t go off like she wanted. She wanted to call Tyler a brainless idiot and call Angela a whore who sleeps with married men. Well, ok then. We’ll have to see what today brings but she said she isn’t giving up yet. She was really mouthy to production last night and talked lot about them pissing her off.
  • Rockstar: She’s socialized more since going otb than the entire game so far. Unfortunately, unless she gets some power, she has pawn star in her near future. She’s done a good job this week, it’s just too late. The same can probably be said about her piecing things together in the game. (Good job but too late) I brought up in past threads she was the first person to mention Tyler as a threat. She spoke with Scottie last night and brought it up again. A light bulb went off and she finally realized that Tyler, Brett, Angela, KC and probably Sam are all working together. She thinks it could’ve started as far back as when Sam was a robot. (Ding ding ding we have a winner folks!) She said it’s like a murder mystery except nobody dies. Scottie reminded her they kill off someone every week. They also said their inability to see what’s going on will make viewers think the show is scripted because nobody could be this stupid! Haha RS was going the right direction but started hitting potholes. She thinks Brett and Sam may be the ringleaders and need to go otb together. She wants it to happen and wants her group to stay together no matter who leaves this week. (She’s bad at BB but she’s the friend you’d ask to help you bury a body. This chick is loyal!) She’s taking her punishment with a great attitude and they have her baking at 2:00 a.m. It’s not an easy punishment like some of them are and don’t forget, she has to work out while her foods cooking. She’s really impressed me this week.
  • Angela: She didn’t do much last night and her work for the week is over. With the hacker stealing a vote, she doesn’t even have a tie to break. I’m anticipating Brett and Tyler having a bit of a battle in the near future for Angela’s loyalty.
  • Tyler: He said he lost it a little after the veto ceremony with Bay. We don’t know what this means and only have this reference and Bay telling people he yelled at her to go on. I’ll be curious to see that play out on the show. He hinted to KC yesterday he had the last app. When talking about the first two being gone, he told KC that they didn’t need to worry about the third one. I’ll be waiting to see if this comes up again. He filled in L6 about the other group first being called Foutte and what it meant. He knew about Bay not being an original member and being brought in by Swaggy later.
  • Haleigh: She wants Bay to stay and is trying to figure out how to do it without directly talking to people about votes. She spoke with Fes about Tyler being a floater and Fes saying Tyler’s a weak player who goes back and forth with whoever has the power. Hay says Angela controls Tyler this week. She thinks JC and Scottie are their best way to get the votes for Bay. She gave herself away about being the hacker but I don’t know if Fes caught it. She said they just needed JC and Scottie to keep Bay. They know a vote will be canceled this week so how does she know it won’t be one of those? She tells Fes all the people who wouldn’t put her on the block and it’s everyone besides Sam and maybe KC. Fes says she’s playing a good social game but says it could backfire. She says it won’t because she’s good with almost everybody. (Tyler told KC if he won hoh, he’d put Hay & RS otb trying to backdoor Fes) She told Scottie her goal is to be a yoga instructor, live in a van and make enough money to be able to paint and play piano.
  • Fessy: He thinks it’s cute that JC sees he and Fes as a duo but tells Hay he’s loyal to her first. He asks Hay again if she’s the hacker and she gets irritated. She asks if it’s him. He tells her no and it would be stupid to put Tyler otb and pick KC for the veto. (guess he’s not impressed with her logic)  He thinks America loves them because he gets asked about them as a couple in the DR. He wonders if Scottie is using them to hide in numbers since they have 5. (I’m counting 4, soon to be 3 but ok)
  • Scottie: Bay questioned him about what he knew and he played dumb. He still has RS telling him info which he told Tyler. He thinks Brett’s alone and not with L6. He told JC about Kaitlyn rubbing his arms, neck and back when she slept with him. He’d asked Angela if that was normal and she’d said no. JC confirmed it was sexual and said he could’ve lost his virginity to her. Scottie said he’d rather take out his eyeballs with a spoon. Hay insinuated to him he should be happy with 5k and Greece trip (she called it 10k) because added to the stipend, it’s close to 2nd place. She’s still working him but now he knows she tried to get him evicted this week so it could get interesting.
  • JC: He’s a much better player than I thought he’d be but he could be in trouble soon. Angela and Brett talked about JC playing both sides. He’s still missing Rachel. She annoyed him but they gave each other a hard time constantly and he misses it. Fes asked him if Rachel was probably watching. JC said yes and said she’s saying “f**k you” to them. He wants to say “this is for you Rachel” when he votes out Bay. Fes pointed out leaving early meant you got a jump start for other opportunities. (Oh geez)  JC made fun of RS because she was telling him she didn’t believe Bay was the hacker. He said her game is terrible and if he was otb with Bay, he’d be saying that she’s for sure the hacker. He’s also happy RS isn’t leaving this week. He doesn’t want to see her evicted when she’s already having a hard week. He said he knows sometimes he comes off as an a**hole.
  • Brett: Like JC, he has a good read on the house. He knows JC is trying to keep the sides even and thinks JC may go for his side next. He says Hays only game is flirting. He tells L6 Hay and Fes do have a shomance regardless of what she’s saying. (True) He loves watching Fes be confused every Thursday. (Brett’s somehow became us)
  • Kaycee: She wasn’t faking being upset yesterday. She’s spent a lot of time with Bay and really is sad to see her go. She said the move was necessary but she didn’t like to see Bay crying. Tyler comforted her and said he could relate because he felt that way when Kaitlyn left. She’s and so doing well with her punishment. (The whole house joins in)
  • Sam: I’m sooooo over Sam and her unwillingness to play the game. It was interesting for a bit but she has a damn jury vote now! (Remember way back when I said I wouldn’t want Sam or Kaitlyn in the jury no matter what side I was on?) Unfortunately, she’s making our fear come true. She told RS, she’d make the perfect juror because she’s gotten to know people on a personal level the most out of everyone. RS asked if she didn’t play the game, how would she know who was after her or who to nominate. Sam said she goes off instinct.  She said she’ll be able to vote based on what she knows about them as people instead of the game. She actually sees this as an asset because she thinks it will make her unbiased since she’ll be able to take the game out of it. She said she thought the clips she watched of the show made the a how seem dumb to her. (some you tube clips is her BB knowledge, she also said that in her interview before going in the house) This isnt the annual debate over whether jury management should be important. This is entirely different! Why go on a show you think is dumb? Why play a game you say you don’t want to play? Why couldn’t you just stay home and spend your summer building a f*****g tree house and making throw pillows for it out of all the damn dryer lint you could collect?

Sorry, maybe a little too much coffee this morning! Have a great Tuesday!


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