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Big Brother 20 – Post Veto Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone! Quite an afternoon in the Big Brother house!

Bayleigh was nominated for eviction as Tyler was saved by Angela who used the power of veto on him. During her speech, Angela mentioned how Bayleigh was the hacker which resulted in Tyler/Bayleigh having a very quick argument about her trying to go after him the last few weeks. The feeds returned and Bayleigh was naturally upset because of being nominated but also because none of that was true. She’s obviously not the hacker and the furthest from it as she got zero questions right and I don’t think I remember really hearing her mention Tyler’s name at all during her HoH week.  When she got HoH, I immediately thought Tyler could be in trouble, but no more than an hour later, Bayleigh was telling Tyler how she felt bad for him (regarding Kaitlyn) and wouldn’t kick him while he’s down.

Now, I’m not going to just let Bayleigh slide because she has brought race into the discussion numerous times and topped it off by saying she doesn’t want to be in the house with white people. I absolutely hate reporting on that because I don’t think Bayleigh is nearly as bad as she’s made out to be by fans but when you say stupid things like this, you’re not going to earn much sympathy from me. This is without a doubt nothing to do with race. This is because Bayleigh foolishly shared her power with Rachel who wasn’t even close to being in her alliance. The only mistake Angela made was mentioning the hacker thing more than emphasizing the fact that Bay still has a power.

All Bayleigh needed to do was just watch a few seasons of Survivor to see how ruthless people on these shows can be if they think you have a power.


Alright, time for some updates….

  • 4:00 pm – The guys are around the pool
    • Brett is re-telling his granny story this morning
    • She kissed Brett with lipstick all over his face.
    • She was in the house from like 6-7:30 am every like 15 minutes
  • 4:25 pm – Rockstar has to make some cupcakes and do curls
    • She is limping around today from all the exercise she got yesterday
  • No sign of Bayleigh
    • Fessy asks if his dogs are going to remember him when he gets home lol
    • JC helped solve a mystery: Grapes don’t float
  • 4:40 pm – Bay is up and in the kitchen while RS makes her carrot cupcakes
    • They move outside and Bay is telling the guys that babies can breathe underwater when they’re born
  • 5:45 pm – RS is in the bathroom with Scottie
    • Rockstar says moving forward, she wants to know her team finishes first. She’d better choose a new team if she wants that
    • Haleigh comes in and says the obvious – it comes down to winning the comps.  Yup
    • RS realizes that no matter what happens, she’ll likely be right back up on the block
    • RS is realizing that Tyler could be more influential than Scottie would like to believe
    • She is wondering why Tyler told Bayleigh that Scottie is the only person he trusts… ding ding ding. RS is catching on
  • 6:30 pm – RS moves to the bedroom to talk to Bay
    • RS tells her that she thinks this is all …. take a guess…..  yup.. Brett’s fault!
    • Bay asks why she doesn’t think the hacker is Scottie.  RS sits there in silence not really sure how to answer it lol
  • 7:15 pm – Sam is telling some stories
    • She says that if she sees someone park in a handicap spot, she will wait outside WalMart, rip you limb from limb and swallow all your fucking teeth. Sam’s stories turn dark QUICK
    • Sam begins another story and Rockstar drifts off to her happy place. Hasn’t she been punished enough this week?

Fun update… according to the leak from production, Bayleigh is indeed checking to see if she’s pregnant.  I mentioned it in these feeds a week or two ago but seems like she may actually be.. or at the very least, late and scared

  • 8:00 pm – Stepping away for a bit

Check back for updates

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