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Big Brother 20 – Pre-Eviction Feed Updates

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Thursday in the Big Brother house is usually pretty set. Everyone knows who they’re voting by now and people spend the day getting ready to be on live TV in front of millions. The feeds turn off a lot so production can also prepare and the day becomes a waste.

Not Big Brother 20, apparently. This season has had the most flips and turns out of any season to this point so far (in my memory) and every Thursday the vote has come down to the wire. It’s no different this week in what was supposed to be a ‘throw away’ week after Sam’s power expired and was automatically given to whoever is evicted tonight.  The house is currently trying to decide between two people who both have solid arguments to stay in the house. One is a massive target who can be a shield to advance people further in the game (Kaitlyn), while the other is very weak and has no chance to win a comp that isn’t pure luck (Rockstar). There is no easy answer here, and that is evident by how many times people in the house have gone back and forth with their votes.

Sam’s major concern is not wanting it to be a tie which forces her to break it. That is definitely understandable for any HoH who really just wanted an easy week. Brett’s concern is that Rockstar hates him but Kaitlyn gives him a huge target to go over. Angela also knows that Rockstar would go after her, but likely after all the guys have been eliminated from the house (or so RS says). Tyler knows that Kaitlyn is bad for his game, but he also knows that he can still control her vote rather than the wildcard Rockstar. JC thinks that Kaitlyn has control over Tyler and Fessy so he wants her out.  Everyone else just wants someone else to make a final decision so they can vote together.

I’ll keep track of the house to see if they make a final decision before the feeds eventually cut until the live show, so following along!



  • 12:00 pm – Sam is laying on the floor next to Fessy reflecting on her week
  • 12:10 pm – Rachel is catching Kaycee up
    • She tells her how she was talking with Haleigh and Fessy and they unloaded on Kaitlyn
    • Talked about the manipulation.
    • One example was how she ‘cornered’ Fessy and asked him to save her if he won PoV then stuck out her head
    • Claimed she threw the competition (which she did, but she also would have lost) which nobody believed
    • She (Kait) told Fessy that he was her soulmate – on day 8
    • Kait also confronted Haleigh on being on the fence
    • They agree that she has to go. Sounds like Kait should almost certainly be the one to try the puzzle tonight
    • Haleigh repeated the story how Kaitlyn said Fessy/Haleigh looked like they were having sex under the covers
  • In another room, Kait and Bay are talking
    • Bayleigh whispers something in Kait’s ear that the whole world can’t hear
    • Kait asks her “when were you supposed to” and Bayleigh tells her when Rockstar did (who is now on day 4).
    • I’m fairly confident she was telling Kait that she still hasn’t had her period because this happened right after Kait mentioned how Bay’s boobs are bigger
  • 2:30 pm – Kaitlyn asks Tyler if he thinks she has the votes. He tells her yes (maybe votes to evict)
    • She wants him to basically beg people to keep her
  • 3:15 pm – Kaitlyn is upstairs begging to stay to Haleigh and Scottie

Check back for updates

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