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Big Brother 20 Predictions – Plus Potential Nomination Spoilers

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It’s Big Brother 20 eve so you know what that means?  Me spending a summer sitting in front of a computer watching live feeds? Yes, but also the beginning of a new season is tomorrow!!!


We’ve already been able to confirm that there are no returning players this season (barring any unexpected ‘twists’) which means the 16 players listed above are the 16 we’re rolling with for the summer. Check out all their profiles by clicking on their little pictures and see my thoughts on each player, plus so you’re not lost tomorrow night during the opening segment when a bunch of strangers are getting their keys to the house. (side note – always the cheesiest part of the season)

At first glance, this appears to be a traditional cast with most of the stereotypes filled.  One thing I did notice, however, was the increase in players who aren’t potential models looking to use Big Brother as a launch into their acting career. This means the season could actually be fairly interesting and I’ll explain.


Most seasons, the ‘cool’ crew of people (aka the super good looking and strong) all kind of form together leaving the rest to do their own thing. The rest typically form sub-alliances within a very loose ‘outcast’ alliance that is in no way, shape, or form loyal to anyone. The floaters and people just not ‘cool’ enough for the main alliance all find their way to this side of the house and they typically just sit around waiting until each one gets picked off.  It’s usually quite sad.

This season may be a tad different. While I fully expect a ‘cool’ alliance to form, I actually expect the rest to build an actual alliance of their own that can possibly compete with the cool kids. Best of all, with no returning players this season, there won’t be any Pauls running around the house with everyone sucking up to him.


Here is what I expect to happen:

Cool kids – Haleigh, Bayleigh, Angela, Rachel, Winston, Brett
Outsiders – Sam, Kaycee, Kaitlyn, Angie, JC, Scottie
No alliance ever – Steve
Wildcare – Chris, Tyler, Faysal

I fully expect the hot girls to all form together and string along the standard buff dudes like Winston and Brett.  I think there is a very solid chance any one of (if not all of) the wildcard group could flock to this alliance. My best guess is Faysal for sure and maybe some Tyler as the add-on. Chris could swing either way, but I actually see him going to the outsiders.


Steve is going nowhere, nor did we ever expect him to. Sorry, Steve.

The outsiders will flock together and be very vulnerable for a week or two until cracks start forming in the cool alliance. That is when they can possibly snag one or two people and flip the house in their favor (they’ll have to win some comps at this point).


Steve will probably be home by then.  Sorry, Steve.

How it goes from there will really depend on way too many variables to predict from twists to comp challenges.


There has been a pretty solid leak on Reddit and so far they have announced that Sam and Steve have been nominated for eviction. No word on any comps yet, but this is not at all a surprise and I expect Steve to be leaving the house first. Sorry, Steve.

Remember, sign up to the live feeds now to get a week for free by using this link!

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