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Big Brother 20 – Production’s Disaster Season

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I’m going to start this post by saying that this is not a bash on the actual season of Big Brother 20. I think this is the best cast in a long time and I’m completely grateful there were no returning players to ruin this bunch of people who really want to win.


Every season, you can pick out roughly half the house that treats the season like a summer camp where they’re just auditioning for their next careers. Ironically, one of the least impressive players this season – Rockstar – was the person trashing the rest of the house for only being there for other reasons other than winning. The others from Tyler to Angela to Swaggy to JC to Scottie to Haleigh (and more) all really tried this summer and really played their asses off. Some made it further than others (sorry, Swaggy), but it was hard to peg the floaters of the season. Sam has been falling into that role, but she is still gaming a bit on the side. She’s just mostly gaming a social game strategy.

This is not about the cast, however. This is about production’s nightmare of a season.


Here is a list of things they’ve had to deal with this season (in no particular order):

  • Production leak – While I personally love the leak from production, I can’t imagine they’re too happy about it. Unless the conspiracy theories are true and Vegas is an intentional leak. Overall, this ‘problem’ probably ranks pretty low on their priority as I’m sure they’d be fairly easy to catch.
  • No ‘trending apps’ were used voluntarily – This was kind of a slap in the face to anyone who designed the apps that were supposed to be a reward to players. None of the “good” apps were used voluntarily by anyone this season. Of course, some were out of their control (like evicting Bayleigh before she could), but one was just flat out terrible (the cloud app), and the other had too small a window
  • When the good app was used, it failed – We all remember the embarrassing moment of Kaitlyn failing to put together a very simple puzzle on national TV. It’s hard to blame production for that as they really made it as easy as possible. Where they screwed up was the contingency plan had the person actually failed the puzzle. Luckily, due to the first problem (the leak), we know about the panic in production when Kaitlyn failed
  • The first “endurance” comp – Production had us hype up the first endurance comp of the season which is typically a fairly short competition in terms of ‘endurance’ comps, anyway, but this competition was over roughly 15 minutes after the CBS episode ended. Once again, thanks to the leak, we at least found out how angry production was that the comp was grossly miscalculated. The testing crew actually shortened the test track because it would have taken too long (too long is subjective, btw).
  • The next HoH comp was not on feeds – The week after the disaster that was the endurance comp, production had a chance to make it up to us by airing the HoH competition that took place the very next week. This was the one where they rolled the ball to get the highest number. This competition never made it to the feeds, however.
  • Miscalculated veto competition – The competition where they had to catch the balls from the aliens took way longer than anticipated and went so far that they were forced to show Brett and Tyler sitting in the HoH room alone during BBAD while they continued to wait for the competition to finish. There have been times when comps have just ended shortly before BBAD began, but I can’t remember a time when BBAD came and went before the feeds actually went live
  • The second hyped HoH competition – This competition wasn’t really so much a disaster as it was just poor planning. To start the competition at roughly 2am est was just frustrating. Luckily, this competition was actually fun to watch so that took away the sting of the super late start.
  • JC problems – The one glaring problem with the cast this season has been the JC situation. He has been expanding his list that has given production quite the headache this season
    • Snickergate
    • Grabbing Tyler’s dick
    • Kissing Tyler’s armpit while sleeping
    • Using the n-word (while not bad in context, it was still used which shouldn’t have)
    • Holding the door open on Haleigh while she went to the bathroom
    • Blatant disregard to the sleeping rules
    • That’s a big package of bullshit that they’ve had to deal with from that one person. It’s a surprise that he’s still in the house
  • The botched Battle Back – This is the most annoying problem and probably one that was merely overlooked by production. Thanks to the failure of Kaitlyn, production had to scramble to change up a schedule that they had prepared in advance. I don’t think they intended to do a battle back this year so when they were forced to plan one, they apparently didn’t have the proper arrangements to sequester the three jury members away from each other. It’s like they were unsure if they were actually going to have a battle back until the last minute which is why they allowed the evicted houseguests to see the GBMs and then hang out with each other in the jury house to compare notes. You had Julie Chen refuse to say who voted for who because she didn’t want to influence the game, but then went ahead and allowed them all to compare notes. It was bonkers.

Fortunately, thanks to the leak in production, we were made aware of just how annoyed they were with most of those situations. That’s why I personally appreciate Vegas but I’m sure production isn’t too thrilled because this is just stuff they normally would have swept under the rug. To be fair, a majority of that listed above was not the fault of production as it was the struggles of running a show like this. They made the Kaitlyn app as easy as possible. They didn’t plan on the first endurance comp being so damn short. Kicking someone out of the house is a big deal and JC skated right along the border of that all season long without actually crossing the line


No, the things JC did were not excusable or good, but neither Tyler nor Haleigh actually complained to production which put production in a tough spot. Take the kissing thing. The person who was kissed (Tyler) actually kissed Angela on the forehead at one point. Angela didn’t complain because she was obviously not bothered by it. Should production have taken it upon themselves to kick Tyler for that?  The issue people seem to really have is that the alleged sexual assault on Tyler was done by someone of the same sex. We watched Kaitlyn appear to grope Brett in his sleep and whatever outrage over that on Twitter died within a day or so.

As I stated above, the season has been great so far and the title makes it sound like these problems were all a planned sabotage by production. They’ve done the best they could with the things they were given, but it’s just incredible how many crazy things happen during a season that has so far killed in the ratings and has the appreciation of many fans.   Enough rambling. It’s a slow afternoon in the house, but I’ll start a live feed thread soon!

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