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Big Brother 20 – Rockstar’s Campaign Week

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This week has been turning into an interesting week on a tactical level. While everyone knows the person leaving on Thursday night has a chance to return to the game, neither Rockstar nor Kaitlyn are just sitting around waiting for said chance. Unlike other seasons (like Lawon!), they know there is always a super real possibility they remain out of those doors once they leave and they just don’t want to risk it.


Kaitlyn has been doing her best to prove Sam’s reason for nominating her correct, and that was that Kaitlyn is using her sexuality to her advantage. Since Friday, Kaitlyn has been rubbing up against almost every guy in the house (like a dog in heat) except for I think Scottie. People are going to say – Well, what about JC? She had that covered! Yesterday she hopped into bed between Tyler and JC and snuggled up next to him before he had enough of that and left the bed. I think Scottie really is the only guy remaining in the house that she hasn’t flirted with this week – unless I missed her doing that.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has been taking the pity approach with everyone. Her goal is to guilt people into keeping her by mentioning how much she is struggling financially and how she’s a big fan of the show. She wants to at least make jury which guarantees her at least another $5-6k (they get paid around $1k/week for being on the show). I mean it’s an understandable goal to reach, but nobody really cares because they’re not going to make decisions against their own interests just to give someone a few thousand dollars. Swaggy C already tried that approach and the house didn’t do anything about it.


With that said, I am glad to see both people at least trying. Whether I agree with how they’re campaigning or not, that is a serious step up from recent seasons when the nominated houseguests would just spend the week in bed waiting for Thursday night (Swaggy did this as well after his pity party attempts quickly failed). This season continues to surprise me with how these people are all actually trying, but if you compare it to last season’s disaster, anything looks better.

Updates –

  • 10:40 am – Rockstar has cornered Kaycee and is making her pitch
    • I think Kaycee is surprised anyone even remembered she was in this game
    • Rockstar claims how loyal she is (but she’s on the other side of the house)
    • RS is justifying her craziness toward Brett because she couldn’t dance off her anger
    • She doesn’t seem to understand – In order to negotiate or campaign, the other party has to have something to gain. Right now the only thing RS is offering is something Kaycee already has which is temporary safety. If she was a ‘student of the game’, she would know this.
    • Her offer is that she’ll be happy to be a pawn after jury
    • And RS just offered “I have friends who like girls”… wut?  Does she think Kaycee is going to need a matchmaker after this?  C’mon RS
  • The conversation breaks
  • Haleigh and Angela are talking
    • Haleigh tells Angela that RS wants to talk to her but she was intimidated. Angela said she was intimidated by RS
  • 11:30 am – Rockstar has trapped Tyler in the bathroom
    • She starts with the “I’m not a threat” approach
    • She never saw herself winning. She just wanted to be involved and be in the jury. Way to reach for the stars
    • Tyler tells her no matter what happens, it’s in his best interest if both stay
  • 12:20 pm – Rockstar has pulled aside Angela
    • She is using the typical speech and they are having a decent conversation where Angela is actually responding
    • Doesn’t mean Angela will keep her but she’s not just humoring her like the others have
    • RS mentions how she wouldn’t have a home to go to if she acted like Kaitlyn.
    • Speaking of, this morning around 7:25 am, Brett jumps into bed with Kaitlyn and it’s pretty clear that she was grabbing his junk multiple times
    • The conversation actually may have made a slight difference as she said something that stuck with Angela. She offered to nominate Tyler which is something nobody wants to do
    • That’s what RS has to do. Offer to do other’s dirty work. Begging to stay doesn’t work. Giving something in return works.
    • I’m not sure if she’ll succeed with this campaign but it’s a basic tactical move. You need to offer something when you negotiate. Both sides need to feel like they’re benefiting
  • 1:30 pm – Rockstar is now doing her speech to JC. Stepping out because I don’t know if I can take all day of this
  • 5:45 pm – Back for a few hours before another errand
    • Looking very slow in the house. Going to flash back to see if anything happened
    • I just noticed there is a Big Brother Junkies chat in the live feeds. Be sure to jump in!
  • 6:10 pm – JC and Tyler are in the pantry
    • They are going back and forth on Kaitlyn. JC really wants her gone but Tyler is saying RS is the bigger threat because she can’t be controlled.
    • JC thinks that Tyler has a crush on Kaitlyn and that’s why he wants to keep her but that’s obviously not the case (other way around)
    • Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn because he knows there is zero chance RS would ever flip to their side. Kait is already there
    • Tyler is getting frustrated that JC doesn’t know everything Tyler knows (mostly about how much influence Tyler actually has in the house)
  • 6:55 pm – Tyler is outside talking to Haleigh
    • He asks who RS would target if she stayed.  Haleigh said it would definitely be Brett, probably
  • 7:10 pm – Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she wants him to give him a code if he’s voting her out so she can be prepared
    • Isn’t she psychic?
  • 11:35 pm – Looks like I got back home just in time. Haleigh and Kaitlyn about to have some talk
    • Kaitlyn starts asking about the final 2 she thought they had
    • Kait is upset that Haleigh has been going through pros and cons to keeping her. She doesn’t understand the difficulty of Haleigh’s situation
    • Haleigh says that she’s worried that Kait may take a shot at her because she took a shot at her own alliance already
    • Haleigh says that Kait and Tyler have a much stronger relationship than those two. Kait denies it
    • Kait brings up the promise Haleigh made that they’re both going to be safe this week
    • Kait says that she has legit voices in her head so she’s usually busy all day.  Hmmm
  • I expected a bit more heated of a conversation but this is just going back and forth with Kait basically being upset that Haleigh didn’t automatically side with Kaitlyn

Check back for updates

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