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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Night Feeds

Never Miss A Post Update:


Good evening, everyone!


I hope I wasn’t missed today! With the veto comp set to be a fairly long one (2-3 hours), I decided to step away for a few hours this afternoon considering I knew the house was just going to be sitting around waiting for the comp to begin.  I didn’t realize the comp would start this late (4:30 pm) which means feeds won’t be back until possibly BBAD.

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far this season. It means a lot and I really appreciate it!


Back to the game – it’s a huge night for level 6 as Kaycee’s hard work of winning the PoV could be for nothing if half of the people playing end up winning the PoV. For the second week in a row, the person removed from the block was picked to play and not by the hacker which means Kaycee will join Angela, RS, and Haleigh in addition to Tyler (hacker pick) and Fessy (picked by RS).  Seeing as the veto competition is OTEV which is around 75% luck and 25% skill, anyone playing can win – even Rockstar.  Sure, if it came down to a foot race, RS has no chance, but if she gets lucky every round and finds the right answer to the question, she can win.  Less athletic people have won this competition in the past.

Personally, I wouldn’t put my money on it. I think odds are great that we’ll see Tyler or Haleigh with the veto when the feeds return, but I’m just saying don’t count anyone out quite yet.


The scenarios are pretty simple, however:

  • If RS, Fessy, or Haleigh win = RS gets taken off and KC or Tyler up
  • If Tyler, KC, or Angela win = They can use the veto but it’s irrelevant if they do. If Angela comes down, KC or Tyler go up.  Tyler can use his cloud, but then KC definitely goes up.

Pretty simple outcomes here.



Let’s get to the updates:

  • As mentioned above, feeds down for veto at 4:30. Don’t expect them back until at least 6:30 or later
  • 6:40 pm – Feeds back
    • KC and Tyler seem happy
    • Pretty sure a member of L6 won. May be Angela
    • Sounds like Tyler won
    • RS may have had a legit chance to win but screwed it up somehow
    • RS keeps walking around calling herself a fucking idiot
  • 7:00 pm – Upstairs, Haleigh is prepping to talk to Tyler
    • She is going to try to get him not to use the veto I think. Tyler doesn’t have to use the veto so he’ll probably agree to it
    • Haleigh keeps hinting to RS that she just wants to listen to music
    • Haleigh puts on her headphones anyway and RS keeps talking lol. I would snap. I hate when people talk to me when I have music on
  • RS is downstairs talking to Tyler
    • RS is pushing her “you wouldn’t have been up there if it wasn’t for me” thing to Tyler and he isn’t biting.
  • 7:15 pm – Fessy heads upstairs
    • Haleigh immediately says “why the fuck did she show him (Tyler) the answer”
    • Haleigh tells Fessy that she trusts Brett and also that she’s loosely working with her and Scottie.
    • Hay says that is the dumbest thing she’s ever seen in the history of BB (showing Tyler the answer)
  • 7:35 pm – Sam is downstairs on a high saying she feels good today. This girl bounces back and forth
    • Back to Fessy and Haleigh.  She tells him that there are times she doesn’t even trust him. He gets butthurt and leaves
  • Scottie heads upstairs
    • Haleigh is convinced that Angela and Tyler only began working together last week and only because she wanted Bayleigh out
    • Scottie points out that it could have started sooner but Haleigh is in her own world
    • Scottie believes that he’s Tyler’s #1… poor guy
    • Hay tells Scottie what she said to Fessy. Scottie says “nice move, I love the recklessness”  lol
    • Haleigh guarantees her pitch will be better than anything Angela can pitch – she took speech for 4 years. Oh boy!
    • RS is up now and she mentioned – once again – how she is not here for IG followers or a modeling career, etc, etc. This is RS’s goto line.
    • RS says “I’ve been real honest to all of you why the fuck I’m here” and Haleigh says “I know, Rock, but you need to stop because some people get offended by that. Everyone is in the house for a reason” (and she’s right. It’s SO annoying when people think their reasons for playing the game are superior because they have kids, a family, bills, a pizza delivery job, etc)
    • Haleigh’s best bet right now is to put JC up but she obviously doesn’t know that because she thinks JC is on her side
  • 8:25 pm – Mark is down, if RS goes home on Haleigh’s hoh, she’s going to self evict   (she won’t)
    • Haleigh believes Brett is in the middle with JC  lol
    • RS has left the HoH room. Going to step away from computer to take strain off eyes. Be back shortly
  • 9:00 pm – Haleigh and RS are still talking. Haleigh says she can’t trust Scottie
    • Oh, we’re back on Angela not needing the money
  • 10:00 pm – Tyler finally makes his way upstairs
    • Haleigh tells Tyler he looks cute and then does a flirt way to hand the cup of wine to him
    • RS pulls the ‘if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have the right answer’ and Haleigh says “he might”  lol what side is Haleigh on?
    • The girls mention how quickly Angela threw Rachel under the bus but then Haleigh justified her voting Bayleigh with “both of my best friends were on the block”… well, Angela had to choose between Rachel and Brett lol
    • RS is the only person to have Sam (lol)
    • The girls promise a whole 3 weeks of safety to Tyler!
    • Here is a Tyler pic because this thread is full of Haleigh
    • RS is a competitor because she’s sat on the block.  Oh
    • RS fell asleep and woke up to Angela fake giggling. RS can’t play that game.  — RS, you don’t NEED to lol
  • 11:00 pm – Haleigh is alone with her pitch which isn’t any better than it was when RS was in the room.  This is going nowhere other than Tyler gathering a TON of information for his alliance.  Haleigh is screwed

Interesting day today.  The week is not over for L6 yet but they did everything they were supposed to this weekend. The biggest challenge now is getting Sam or JC to vote out RS.  By wiping out Fessy’s vote, the vote is either going to be 5-1, 4-2 RS gone or 3-3 tie with Haleigh breaking and KC going.

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