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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Overnight Recap

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We’ve been saying that one side of the house couldn’t strategize but won comps, the other side was using good strategy but couldn’t win comps (except Tyler). Well, we can’t say that after last night. Level 6 wasn’t going to be outdone by the bad gameplay of Foutee. (I still call the people who aren’t in L6 “Foutee” because they aren’t an official alliance with a name) Speaking of names, the girls alliance, except for Sam met last night and discussed names. Hayleigh had already come up with “Maneaters” but it didn’t fit because of Kaycee. Bayleigh (I think) suggested “KC and the Maneaters” but I don’t know if they agreed on it. It doesn’t matter and the alliance is ridiculous. These women don’t really like each other but I liked the idea of picking off the men from each other’s groups until they’re gone. There isn’t any trust and can’t be because Angela, Kaycee and Rachel haven’t won anything to prove they’ll stick to the plan. Bayleigh is trying to show she will (on the surface) this week but if Rachel leaves, it’s going to be over before it really began. The women speculated as to whether there is actually a guys alliance and Rockstar said that if there is, it isn’t doing very well. Lol


For readers who aren’t watching the feeds, I’ve tried to figure out the best way to explain the big mistakes and accidental good game from last night because people were all over the place. I’m just going to dive in and hope for the best:

  • We know Tyler won veto and thought it was stupid. In his defense, it’s an individual timed comp and he didn’t know how others were doing. At first, we still thought it was dumb because he should have been fine no matter who won, Bay wants to work with him now. Here’s the thing, Bay knew that and we knew that but Tyler didn’t know that. Since he isn’t much of a camera talker, we didn’t know until it was over that Tyler genuinely believed he was the back door target this week. He was thinking, if he won the veto, he wouldn’t have to use his power app yet. He’s all for L6 but he’s for Tyler first.
  • Tyler told Kaycee and JC (separately) he thought he was being backdoored. Kaycee told him Bay never said anything like that and JC told him the same. Once Tyler talked to Bay and she repeated all her thought about them working together, I think he started to realize he may have screwed up but by then, he held a veto that was going to cause problems no matter what he did with it.
  • Tyler’s plan was to continue to push for Scottie as the renom.  (He told L6  this plan and that’s important to remember later) He decided to tell Bay how close he and Scottie are and make it sound like Scottie is his #1. Remember, he thought he was the target at that time and usually if the HOH can’t get the target, they’ll settle for the targets best friend. This backfired when Bay and Tyler talked because Bay wants to work with Tyler, she feels good about Scottie so hearing that Tyler feels good about Scottie makes it even better. Bay makes it clear she doesn’t want Tyler to use the veto. He tries to do some ‘what ifs’ while singing Scottie’s praises and does finally get Bay to say that if the veto were to be used, she’d probably renom Angela.  (Tyler has a good social game but this is the when we realized Tyler’s ability to brainwash only works on crazy people like Kaitlyn. It’s also when we realized that Tyler doesn’t have as good a read on people as we thought. I don’t completely blame him, he’s never trusted or been close to Bay so why should he believe he’s safe this week?)
  • Brett was fairly quiet around this time but stayed calm. Rachel told Brett she felt Bay was the type of person who would bully someone into not using the veto and voting a certain way. Brett said “who gives a f**k? Guess who can’t be hoh next week? Her. (This explains why he’s calm, he doesn’t realize Tyler and KC will mess up their own games if they out everything to Bay this week by talking Brett off the block)
  • Rachel went to the hoh to talk with Bay. She was fast approaching another meltdown. They had a nice talk meant to comfort Rachel and Bay assured her she would be safe and said she told Tyler she didn’t  want the veto used. Bay lied and made it sound as if Tyler wanted to use the veto but only if Bay would put Angela up as the renom. Rachel was visibly shaken by this and instantly believed it.  They talked about how close Tyler and Scottie were and Bay said Tyler told her that he only trusted Scottie. (I know people get paranoid when they’re otb but this was the moment Rachel should have calmed down and given Tyler the benefit of the doubt.  L6 had already discussed Tyler pretending like he and Scottie were BFFs. Bay was confirming that Tyler did what was planned but all Rachel could see was that Tyler had betrayed her)  This wasn’t smart of Rachel but it wasn’t smart of Bay either.
  • Bay did accomplish putting doubt in Rachel’s mind and making her question Tyler. Bay assured Rachel she had nothing to worry about and told her even if Tyler used to veto, he wouldn’t get his way and she’d never put up Angela. Bay said she’d put up another guy. This is why I say Bay screwed up too. The only guys left to put up are guys L6 is ok with leaving. (Tyler doesn’t want to use the veto and ruin his ability to play the middle a little longer but if he was willing to draw that line, Bay just gave them the info they were after which is knowing who the renom would be) If Bay had convinced Tyler she really wanted to work with him, she blew it when she told Rachel this lie. The worst part is, she didn’t even do it to screw Tyler, she just wanted Rachel to be happy with her and believe she’d put up a guy.
  • Rachel left the hoh ready to explode. She couldn’t vent to Brett because he was talking to JC. Tyler was in the DR this entire time this was going on. Once Rachel told Angela and Kaycee, Angela believed it but Kaycee was skeptical. It didn’t take long for Angela to start doubting what Bay said bit Rachel believes Bay. Angela pointed out it didn’t make sense for Tyler to be saying “the only way I’ll use it…” during a conversation with Bay saying she doesn’t want it used. (Good catch Angela) Angela is still paranoid that Tyler doesn’t want to be the only guy left in their group tho.
  • The stuff Bay told Rachel about how close Tyler and Scottie are had her paranoid too. Rachel forgot all the “Scottie is my #1” talk was planned and now she’s paranoid about the veto being used, Scottie going otb (which is what she wanted) and Tyler keeping Scottie over her. She doesn’t want the veto used anymore!! This is hilarious! (Scottie also knows Rachel is after him now because Bay told him, he was already planning to target the 3 -L6 women anyway)
  • Kaycee filled Tyler in on Rachel’s meltdown and he was annoyed. He told Kaycee “this one (Angela) needs to calm the f**k down and this one (Rachel) needs to shut the f**k up.”
  • Tyler talked with Angela and started to get her on board with evicting Rachel for being all over the place and possibly making things up.  (This is what he needs to do and it’s his best move this week. He needs Brett there as a target) Angela said she trusted Tyler more than Rachel. She said she wished they’d won hoh and Tyler said they “should probably start doing that.” We’ll have to see how today goes to know if it’s working but Rachel’s behavior may really help Tyler get this accomplished.
  • They got the backyard last night. Haleigh did a little twerking but kept looking for Sam so she didn’t get in trouble for it I suppose. Haleigh keeps bringing up Sam’s name as someone their group needs to get rid of soon. She mentioned Sam not wanting the girls alliance and said Sam is more of a “guys girl.” (I think Haleigh is correct) There was some discussion about Haleigh’s booty. Bay said Hay would make someone very happy one day because of the lovely booty and JC said “hopefully is isn’t f*****g Fessy.”  Haleigh’s been cleaning the house and not leaving her clothes and dirty dishes all over the place as much. Once Hay complained to Bay about Sam and Bay said that Sam had a point, Hay has made a few changes. Lol
  • Rockstar told Scottie she’d target Angela and Tyler if she won hoh but said Tyler may need to be backdoored. Scottie agreed but said he’d target the 3-L6 women first. I’m not gonna judge people for how they dress or don’t dress where Rachel and Angela are concerned. However, if Rockstars (yarn buns ?) are too large for a ball cap to go on her head, why keep trying  to sit it on your head?
  • Tyler, KC and Scottie hid some wine from the other hgs since they FINALLY got some alcohol. They eventually gave it up or what was left of it but people don’t like that. They talk about wanting alcohol this year but not ad much as previous seasons so maybe it won’t be a big deal. (Vegas tweeted days ago that this year’s hg’s don’t really ask them for alcohol and don’t repeatedly beg for it like in past years. That’s the main reason there hasn’t been much of it. Vegas also said season 15 had alot because Amanda knew someone in production and the hg’s knew which people to ask to increase their odds of getting it)
  • Bayleigh thinks her hoh was the first one not based on personal decisions. (Tyler and Scottie say hello, Bay!)

The consensus seems that Bay is playing Tyler so she can set him up to put him otb next week with her power. I may be wrong but I don’t think so. I think she really wants to work with Tyler, she just needed Kaitlyn gone to do it. Bay did mention putting Tyler otb days ago but she also takes every opportunity to shoot down the idea of evicting him. She was more pro Tyler than Scottie was when they talked. When RS said Tyler would win if he made it to the end, Bay told her just not to vote for him and he wouldn’t. She also worded it as if RS would be in jury but she wouldn’t. She talks about him being a wounded bird right now and has done as much deflecting for Tyler as JC usually does. We’ll have to wait and see but I think Bay is sincere. I don’t believe Tyler trusts her tho.


If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love Scottie and Hayleighs friendship. They are very funny together and despite Bob the Builders/Martha Stewarts fears, Scottie seems to be coping just fine.

I gave July 27th as the day Bayleigh ruined her game by telling Rachel about her power app. It looks like July 29th will be the day L6 broke apart. I know they’d already lost a member (Winston) but they remained in tact afterwards. It’s ironic that Rachel will be the reason Bays game is messed up (telling Angela about the app) and Bay is the reason Rachel’s is messed up. (accidentally making Rachel think Tyler betrayed L6)


Production could be in a panic this week. If they go with the storyline of Bayleighs lie saying Tyler wanted Angela otb, they have to find a way for the tv viewers to know who the hell Angela is pretty quickly.

I had some gossip but nothing major so I’ll have to save it until later since I’ve gone kind of long on this recap.

Have a great Sunday!

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