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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Overnight Recap

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Good morning everybody! There was plenty of gaming yesterday and a prize veto comp that gave away one of the Level 6 secrets…maybe. Sam didn’t play in the veto but she was mad when it ended.  She was trying to get the players to play the “fair” way. She didn’t want Kaycee to get a costume since she’s already had to wear one. I’ve already talked about how she didn’t know what the show was before coming. (I don’t mean not getting how ruthless it is, I mean actually not knowing the concept) She’s had plenty of time to figure it out by now so it’s just bossy,  stubbornness at this point. Sorry Sam, production won’t do what we want either most of the time and they aren’t going to turn BB into a remake of The Partridge Family just for you!


We don’t know the details yet but it sounds like Scottie was fighting very hard for the veto. He ended up taking 5k and let Angela have it but she had to give her word she would take Tyler down and not put Scottie back up otb. Everyone knows this so  it looks like (to them) Scottie wants to save Tyler very badly.  (I don’t know why they don’t see Scottie wanted to make sure he didn’t go back up, that’s why he wanted the veto so bad. She put him up once already!) It could look to everyone like Tyler is in good shape with Angela and she gave up 5k to save Tyler or they may think she simply wanted control of noms back in her hands.  L6 isn’t taking any chances and Tyler may not be able to play the middle any more so they have a new plan.  Brett is pretending to be mad over the whole thing to make himself appear alone and without allies. (He probably was annoyed Tyler took the Hawaii trip from him but the anger is fake) Tyler and Brett are basically switching places in the game. L6 had already devised a plan to fake a fight so it appeared there was friction between Angela and Brett a couple days ago. It was originally planned so Bay & the Hive would feel more comfortable this week and think Brett or Tyler may be the target. Now that Tyler may not be able to hide his game relationship with Angela, they’ve gone a new direction. It’s Brett’s turn to be the lone wolf. He lost Winston and Rachel so now he’s looking for people willing to take him into the fold and work with him.  They are constantly coming up with plans and once Tyler hit the block, they went into overdrive. Some of the plans are stupid (like saying RS and Scottie are related)  but at least they’re plotting. Tyler’s got a great social game but strategically, he does too much and has since week 1. It’s fun to watch tho!

The biggest thing that happened yesterday, besides knowing Tyler’s coming off the block was the meeting between Angela, Tyler and Scottie. Angela, again said she wouldn’t put Scottie otb when she took Tyler down. Tyler told Angela people on the other side had made him swear on a bible about game things in order to work with him. (Ty and Scot talked about this the night before) Tyler said Scottie was the most loyal guy in the world, (he should try to find a home for stray puppies when this is over) Angela hugged Scottie and made him feel safe and Scottie cried because of all he’s been through. Here’s the thing, did Scottie really cry because he’d just played veto and his adrenaline was up? Did he fake the whole thing the way Tyler and Angela were faking? Scottie told secrets about the Hive and said they were trying to force him to go after Angela, Rachel and KC and do their dirty work so he did tell Hive secrets.  I don’t know what Scottie’s doing but if I had to guess, I think Scottie is sincere…..this week. If he faked that whole thing, that’s fantastic!


Kaycee and Rockstar got their costume punishments. Steve already went over it so I won’t. Jesse came back and hosted the comp.  I think it’s funny they’re calling it “Jesse fitness since Fessy has a “Fessy fitness” app on the outside.  These may not end up being punishments for the long game anyway. KC is in decent shape with the hg’s but the costume, dance and song could give her some visibility to the tv viewers.  She said she was going to own it (shout out Lisa Rhinna, I think she got a shout out from me last year too) and said “I’m gonna own this penis costume.” Angela, JC and Haleigh helped her work out some dance moves too so watch your back Whack Street Boys!  KC said she wished she had a place for her water bottle and Sam told her not to worry. Later, Sam said she’d made KC an apron from a dinner napkin and a biking top…well of course she did!  I don’t think KC will do as well as Paul in bb18 with the secret service thing but it turned people around with him. Many tv viewers couldn’t stand Paul but started liking him after he had that punishment and started wearing the duck around his waist. They mentioned that Kaycee wasn’t feeling well so she laid down early. Haleigh was right in the middle of the dance action being Angela’s bff. When KC said she had to wear it all the time and they talked about how hot she’d be outside, Hayleigh said at least 3 times that they’d just spend more time inside this week. Does Hayleigh ever hang out with KC? Well, she does this week! I told ya she was the house butt kisser. Haleigh also made a big deal to Tyler about the Hacker saying “f**k the hacker.” That was funny too! She didn’t get her way with the twist but at least she’s rolling with it and trying to move on, I like that.


I think RS’s punishment could be the best thing that could’ve happened to her. She’d already made progress, stopped crying and started talking to everybody but this will give her something to do besides obsess over noms and the vote…at least until Monday. My favorite thing last night was watching Brett eat the cupcakes she made. You could tell he was going to reluctantly eat it but once he started, he devoured it! He was licking the wrapper!  Winston never looked at Brett and Fessy doesn’t feel about Haleigh as strongly as Brett was over that cupcake. If she had this punishment all summer instead of a week, he might actually make that F2 with RS. Sam may be the only one having a bad night with the punishments. She was all over RS and her ingredients. It was driving her nuts that she wasn’t doing it and she REALLY wanted to play with the food processor. She was told “stop that” twice for messing with it. It’s too bad Sam wasn’t with Paulie on bb18. He needed help baking those pies and they kind of share the same views on women’s empowerment.

JC “interviewed” RS and we learned she’s only been married once, she bought her boobs but her booty is home grown. (I have to say, RS’s figure is looking great. BB has whipped her right back into pre-baby body, Id imagine) He asked her how she felt being the “BB20 crier.” He told her not to feel bad and said last years crier won. JC was in a great mood last night. He was amazed by Sam’s banana bread, (one of my faves too, also love carrot cake, not that you guys care about that) he knows he’s safe this week and he’s getting rid of the potato chip police on Thursday.  JC=Winning!

Sam got in one of her weird moods last night thinking everyone wants her out. Angela assured her she was good and it wasn’t true. I heard Angela talking to Sam earlier in the day and before Angela could tell her anything, Sam was saying “I don’t need to know.” Well, make up your damn mind!  Later, Tyler told Sam the real plan but said it had to stay a secret.


Next on last nights agenda was creating the “weekly girls alliance.” I really do think they decide to make a women’s alliance every weekend and then on Monday, it just goes away. Angela and KC knew the Hive ladies wanted to meet with her in the hoh, she avoided it as long as she could. RS talked to her first before her baking. RS said they had 3 loyal girls and with Angela & KC being a pair, it gave them control if they stuck together. (Yep, Angela wants an alliance where you have 3 and she has 2)

Next up to bat with an amazing sales pitch was Bayleigh. She said they should do it for real now that they’d got out the people who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Yep, she really said it. Angela asked if Bay would use her power to keep her safe next week if needed. Bay avoided answering but did tell her how long it lasted, I guess to clear up any confusion, in case Bay had one drop of secret info remaining. She also talked about trying to keep Fessy safe. She brought up, which she always does when she thinks she needs Angela, the connection they had on day 2 but then said the whole Swaggy thing happened…. Bayleigh needs to realize “the Swaggy thing” was Bayleigh dropping the connections she was making for someone who went home soon after. They talked about the “Amazon” alliance they once had. (Are they really both that much taller than the other women or are they both just prime members?) Bay said Scottie and Tyler have a final 2 and they also have a final 3 with Sam. She threw out everyone as a replacement. She told her Fessy wasn’t after her either. (They coached Fessy on what to say to Angela when he talked to her)


Haleigh put her time in and basically repeated everything Bay said but also told Angela that she and Bay didn’t talk much game. She told Angela that Tyler likes to be controlled and Kaitlyn was bossy so that’s why they got along. She thinks maybe Scottie should leave first because Tyler will take direction and follow instructions.  (This is the real reason Hay wants Tyler gone. She knows her flirting didn’t work on him. He actually liked her but wasn’t going to let it affect his game. If he can be controlled, she knows she won’t be the one doing it) Here’s what Angela was mostly offered from RS, Bayleigh and Haleigh:

  • Girls alliance they’ve made 3 or 4 times already
  • A 3 against 2 final 5 situation
  • Offering to take out the guys but should probably keep Fessy
  • Bayleighs power app needs to be kept for herself since she could be the hackers target next week
  • Bayleigh already assuming she’s safe this week AND next because she’d like to just keep the power and use it the week after the hacker twist is over so she doesn’t lose some of its power

Angela played along and got the info she wanted. She knows how long the power lasts now. She wanted names from Haleigh and Bayleigh and she eventually got them. Scottie may be faking his new allegiance L6 but it could become real if Angela tells him that he’s who they want out this week. Angela told KC she thinks the girls thing is just something they do every week to keep them safe and after noms are set, the Hive women just go back to the “regularly scheduled program.” Tyler didn’t use a veto on Brett to ensure Angela didn’t go otb last week. (We know that’s not the main reason but she thinks it is) She ISN’T going to fall for what is being pitched….for anyone who was nervous last night.

Fessy and Haleigh talked about how Tyler is weak and Brett is alone. She isn’t sure but feels pretty confident Angela is going to go for their new plan. She thinks Scottie should leave first since “Tyler’s a little lamb in the lions den.” Hay says they should work with Brett now but Fessy would still like to see him go because he spends too much time with Hay. He doesn’t like that Brett touches her. Hay tells him she allows Brett to touch her and she does it too. (She’s owning it too) She said it isn’t Brett’s fault because he doesn’t know she and Fessy are actually “a thing” and he wouldn’t do it if he knew. (She told him the other night in the storage room they’d be a couple once shows over) Fessy wants to take Hay and RS to Margaritaville when this is over. He said he’s already a big deal there but thinks they’ll go crazy now. (If I haven’t mentioned before, his main job is working there and he sub teaches on the side, good ole production again.)  Hay is still mad JC keeps making jokes like she and Fes are having sex because her family watches the show. Fes said AGAIN, this move will go down in BB history if Angela goes through with it. He thinks he knows a lot about what will make BB history every week but spends every post veto ceremony and eviction walking around with a blanket around him saying “What’s going on? I don’t know what’s happening.” (say it with kind of a dufus, big guy voice and it sounds better) Fessy said if he’s evicted, he wants to pick up JC and take him with him to see if production will tell him that he has to return JC to the house.

I’m guessing fun in the sun today, except for KC. I’m anxious to hear Angela relay everything to Tyler and if she tells Scottie what was said. Tyler needs to take his plans down a notch so I’m curious if that’s going to happen too. I also want to see if Brett starts following RS around when it’s cupcake time.

Have a great Sunday!

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