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Big Brother 20 Season Premiere Live Blogging!

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We’re here!  Can you believe it?


I started this blog at the beginning of Big Brother 13 and here we are about to begin Big Brother 20. It’s surreal that you guys keep coming back and making this blog what it is. I may not be the biggest, and I may not ever get mentions from houseguests, but I look forward to doing this all year long because of the interaction I get with other Big Brother fans.

As always, a new season may bring new bugs and issues with the site, so if you see anything strange, feel free to let me know here.


If you’re relatively new to the show, here is brief summary of what happens – The houseguests have been in the house for roughly a week now playing the game. Unfortunately, this is the one week that fans are not able to see inside the house. It is likely to build up a solid season premiere on CBS and they need a weeks worth of content to fill in the time (especially considering the first competition is typically an endurance challenge). However, after tonight, all my threads will be discussing what is going on live inside the house which you can watch along by getting the feeds here.

For most of the episode tonight, we’ll see the very painfully scripted handouts of the keys. People entering the house, making day 1 alliances that will undoubtedly crumble by day 7, and the beginnings of the showmances. Seeing as this is one of the youngest casts in BB history (I think third youngest), and mostly single, I expect quite a bit of hooking up. I’m not a huge fan of that part of the show but it is what it is.


Alright, enough rambling. With an hour to go before the show begins, I’m going to wrap this up and get ready to watch!  Keep checking back here throughout the season for updates, spoilers, discussion, and fun!

Updates –

  • Doing standard intros
  • First impressions of the initial 8.  Meh.  Winston and Angela have the best shot
  • First four to enter…
    • Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam, Winston
  • Second group
    • JC, Steve, Kaitlyn, Angela
  • I’ve been tweeting a bit but back to this.
  • Initial impressions:
    • Scottie – I like
    • Brett sucks
    • Kaitlyn is annoying
    • Haleigh seems decent
    • Kaycee seems cool as hell
    • I like Swaggy C
    • Not many opinions on the rest yet
  • Tyler freaked out by Steve
  • Ok, introductions are finally over. Perhaps we can get to the season now
  • Julie tells the house that this season is full of tech
    • ANd it begins ‘now’ for their first comp
    • Winner can keep 8 houseguests safe
    • Looks like the two groups are in two different competitions maybe
    • First group is in the dark standing in water.
    • THey need to find folders. The person who doesn’t find a folder gets a punishment
  • Tyler’s folder – Escape. Chooses house (returns to house with nothing maybe)
  • Bayleigh’s folder – Escape. Chooses house
  • Brett’s folder – Escape. Chooses house
  • Rachel – Escape to house
  • Angela – Escape and play
  • JC – Escape to house
  • Winston – Escape
  • Kaycee punishment
  • Ok, second competition
    • The 8 are hanging and need to dig through blocks to spell housguest
    • Winner gets to advance. Loser gets the punishment
    • Swaggy C wins
    • Sam gets punishment
  • Bayleigh tells Swaggy C to calm down a bit
  • Swaggy talks with Angela to make a deal and she tells him she won’t.
  • Swaggy gets worked up and tells himself he’s going to try to win
  • The competition is a two person endurance challenge
  • Swaggy C wins the competition
  • Semi-Twist
    • Julie announces that he can only choose two of the four move-in groups to keep safe
    • This completely throws off any plans that they were thinking of before
    • And it also prevents the annoying ass-kissing session they had last year with Paul
    • Swaggy, Rockstar, Rachel, Brett is one group to be safe
  • Bay is working the friendship angle with Swaggy
  • Hay is working the angle of keeping the original 8 together
  • Angela’s angle wants him to keep his word
  • Kaycee comes out with a unitard. Angie loves it and is jealous
  • Sam is stuck somewhere and she is using the robot to control her around the house
  • Kaycee is wearing a pinwheel. When it spins, she has to stay in whatever room she’s in
  • Sam can be allowed to come back in the house when the voice tells her to switch off
  • Next up, Swaggy’s decision
    • He saves Kaycee, Scottie, Faysal, and Hayleigh
  • Next twist –
    • Go to cbs.com/bbvote and fans will help give someone power based on votes or something along those lines
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