Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Powers and Punishments

Every season of Big Brother has twists and turns, so I have decided to keep track of them here to make it easier on everyone

Week 1

Sam Punishment Robot form for over a week Completed
Sam Power If evicted over the first four weeks, she has a chance to immediately come back (transferrable) Still in play
Kaycee Punishment Wear a unitard for a week Completed
Faysal Punishment “Hamazon” – Eat ham on demand for a week Completed

Week 2

Rachel Punishment Get yelled at by someone for 24 hours Completed
Tyler Power “Cloud app” – For the next 8 weeks, sit on the ‘cloud’ if worried about nomination to be safe. Can only be used once Still in play

Players still eligible for a reward or punishment through trending twist:

  • Kaitlyn
  • Chris
  • Winston
  • Haleigh
  • JC
  • Angie
  • Scottie
  • Kaycee
  • Bayleigh
  • Brett
  • Angela