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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!

First, I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! It may be incredibly slow in the house but hopefully, out in the real world, you’re all having a blast – once you’re done reading this site of course

Alright, time for Big Brother talk. This week appears to be a repeat of last week except for the guy on the block who is in love with Haleigh happens to be Scottie rather than Fessy. Like last week, Kaycee came up with a PoV win which is boosting her resume for the end of the season and once again she won’t have to use it. She’s looking better and better for that $500k if she makes it to the final 2, especially with the bitter jury that Mel discussed in this morning’s post.  Kaycee has had a great social game, didn’t shit on everyone in her GBMs, and has remained a background player – almost a floater – for her alliance. I’m reluctant to label her a floater because she has picked a side since the beginning and has been very involved in game talk. She just has the illusion of a floater.

Now that Kaycee is piling up competition wins, the illusion of her floating is fading away, but left in its place is still a girl playing a phenomenal social game. Needless to say, Kaycee will probably have to win her way to the final 2, or be lucky enough to have someone stupid enough to take her there.


I guess the biggest difference this week is that the person next to Haleigh on the block is unlikely to sit in the havenot room all week and sulk. Scottie will likely try to campaign a bit, even if it means doing another crazy strategy like throwing Haleigh under the bus to advance her game (his strategy, not mine).

Let’s get to some updates but before I do, I haven’t plugged this in awhile so I figured I would. Half of all donations go to my wonderful morning writer – Mel, but if you’d like to donate to her directly, use this link.



  •  3:30 pm – Scottie is in the kitchen talking to JC
    • Scottie is digging for any info he can get
    • He mentions how being away for a week has helped to clear his head. Another disadvantage for the house
    • Scottie says the nomination speech made it sound like he was the pawn, but apparently, Fessy thought the same thing last week (bingo)
    • Scottie mentions Brett taking credit for the RS vote but didn’t reveal Brett’s GBM
  • 3:40 pm – Tyler comes into the kitchen and JC asks when he woke up
    • Tyler said 10 and then said it’s bullshit that they let JC sleep so long.
    • Tyler leaves and the two resume talking
    • JC says he feels really bad about voting out Fessy. Keep working those jury votes, JC
    • Oh boy, more talk about the math leading to the end of the season. Nobody wants to think of the 2 evictions leading up to the final week. It’s not a ‘double eviction’ as it takes place over a few days
  • Production waits until JC is finished then reminds him to change his mic. They told him to change it like 10 minutes ago and he yelled at production and said he’ll change it when done eating. I’m surprised production didn’t beg him considering they basically fear him
  • 5:20 pm – Sam is having a rough time in the house today
    • Angela tells Haleigh about it and Haleigh says “join the fucking club” lol
  • 6:20 pm – Back from the CBS episode
    • Tyler is talking to Kaycee a bit
    • She asks if anyone has tried to make a f2 with him yet. He says no but leaves out how he has one with half the house
    • Tyler says the two bozos (JC and Brett) are worried about Kaycee and Angela getting too close and too close with Haleigh
    • She says Haleigh follows them everywhere
  • 6:50 pm – Haleigh made her way up to the HoH room again to break up Kaycee and Tyler talking
  • 7:40 pm – Haleigh is talking to Tyler in the HoH room and mentions the 4 person alliance (level 6) she saw celebrating. He denies it
  • 8:50 pm – The guys are out by the hot tub. Kaycee and Angela are together in the bedroom
    • Please don’t be as slow as last week

Check back for updates


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