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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Night Feeds Plus PoV Results

Never Miss A Post Update:


Good evening, everyone! It’s Sunday night and that means Big Brother is on tonight! In fact, you may be coming here after the show, so I’ll say it was great (even though I haven’t seen it yet)


I will say though, if you’re interesting in checking out the live feeds, you can get a free week of them by signing up through this link

This afternoon, they ran the PoV meeting which makes sense as there is usually a day gap between the comp and ceremony. While it’s typically done on Saturday/Monday, production may be preparing for a skeleton crew during the 4th.


As expected, Steve did not use the POV.  Sam and Steve are the final noms for the week.

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Let’s jump to some updates:

  • 5:00 pm – Tyler is sitting alone in the HoH room while a few people are outside
    • Haleigh’s neverending cold/allergies brings her inside when Sam was trying to hang out with her (in human form)
    • Sam goes over to Angie and Steve and thinks that Haleigh doesn’t like her.  They try to tell her that she does, but Sam has been so out of the loop this last week she can’t get a good feel on people
    • Angie tries to reassure Sam that people may be weird with her simply because she’s on the block and people feel real bad and guilty about it. This makes it generally harder to talk to the person because of the weird guilt which is actually interesting. While hearing it, it sounded dumb, but while writing it, sounds a bit deeper.
    • Meanwhile, Brett comes up to the group and Angie awkwardly fishes for compliments and then rambles on
  • Taking a break to watch the CBS show
  • 6:30 pm – Ok, I’m back
    • Weird episode. I know I usually say the unpopular opinion, but I’m saying it now. Sam is a bit crazy and is going to grow annoying to the fans.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I see what everyone else does now. She has a nice innocent voice and appears sweet, but there appears to be a crazy side in her and I can totally see her freaking out on production during the PoV.
    • I’m not going to say the R word – yet – but I predict she’ll come close to the R word this season.
    • And the r-word I am referring to is ‘Raven’ of course.  Yes, I think if Sam stays in the house long enough, she’ll go from cute fan favorite to splitting the fans. Calling it now.
    • But, regarding Sam’s power, it sounds like a battle back of sorts but it’s going to be a different type.
    • My guess is that a punishment (or power) will be the person to challenge Sam when she tries to return the house. Similar to Cody vs Paul last season except skipping the first round where Cody wiped out the other 3
  • 7:30 pm – Random note – JC seems to have really thought that Chris’ real name was Swaggy
  • 8:00 pm – Biggest showmance this season:
  • 9:30 pm – Tyler is chatting with Sam in the kitchen
    • It reminds me, when Brett was having his bromance session above, he actually mentioned the awkward moment earlier when Angie was kissing his ass for some reason.
  • 10:00 pm – A lot of people are packing it in for the night. The bros are still chatting in the HN room though
    • Winston is talking about how Fay doesn’t know the game. He then says how he has NEVER seen someone go 14 days without an eviction.  I guess he missed seasons 15-17, plus 13 if you exclude Dick’s self-eviction. Or 12, 11, 8, etc, etc
    • The doubros (douchebros) are in the HN room still plotting what they want to do in the house.
    • They are convinced that there will be back to back havenots where Tyler will pick again.
    • Their plan is to have Tyler pressure the other guys in the house to volunteer to be havenots so they’re weak.
    • It’s weird they’re not even contemplating that they may just keep no havenots until after HoH because that would be amazingly unfair to have Tyler exempt for two weeks AND have him pick people.
    • Winston is celebrating their genius plan
    • They even mentioned the 4th of July without considering production will probably skip HNs for a few days because HNs get to eat for the 4th anyway
    • The bros are planning on what show they’re going to dominate together once they win this show.  You can’t make this up
    • Oh, and Winston is telling Brett how a showmance isn’t a kiss of death (I think he’s trying to work Brett into warming up to Angela/Winston together). He tells him how Jordan won with that

Alright it’s late, time for bed!  Updates in the morning

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