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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone. I was going to take the night off, but I realized I have nothing else to do so may as well blog

Once again, the insider leak was right that Haleigh was indeed the hacker this week. I was beginning to doubt it at first but Haleigh came through strong on the final few rounds. It’s shocking that once again this is another secret that has been kept inside this house so far this season. This has to be the tightest-lipped group of players I’ve seen play this game so far. Brett has still kept his job a secret, nobody knows about Tyler’s power and half the house still doesn’t know he was the swing vote with Brett/Winston. Nobody also knows JC was the hinky vote when Kaitlyn went home. Scottie almost kept his secret about being a hinky vote for Swaggy C but that didn’t last long.

It’s just really impressive. This group can keep a secret. Except for Bayleigh, who likes to tell people in the other alliance about her power before telling her own alliance.

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Alright, update time

  • 6:00 pm – Haleigh and Bayleigh are on the hammock with Kaycee talking
    • I know Bayleigh is losing her popularity and tonight’s edit didn’t help. Telling Rockstar to flat out shut up was pretty messed up. I feel bad for RS at this point as she’s been shit on all game
  • Flashing back to 5:17 pm
    • Sam is asking Bayleigh about the all-girl alliance thing
    • Bayleigh gets worked up over having the conversation and says that everyone is watching
    • Bayleigh gets up and says ‘stop looking at me’ to either Sam or someone across the yard and walks away mid-conversation.
    • Sam sits there shocked
    • Rockstar comes over and Sam re-tells it to her
    • Really dumb move on Bay’s part to piss people off when she’s about to be a nominee tomorrow
    • Cam switches to Bayleigh in HN room re-telling the conversation to Fessy
    • Bayleigh doesn’t like being snapped on… the girl who tells people to shut up all the time
    • Bayleigh tells Fessy about her very stupid decision to tell Angela that she wouldn’t use the power to save her next week if need be. Even if she doesn’t intend to, you lie, Bay. You lie
  • Meanwhile, here is a proud Brett for finding the word Anal Lice
  • 7:00 pm – Snapchat glasses time
    • Brett got a shirt today
  • 7:45 pm – Feeds down. Could be another granny visit
  • 8:05 pm – Feeds back
    • Angela is telling their group about Bay’s newest offer. If Angela nominated Scottie, Bay would use her app to keep Angela safe next week. Too little, too late, Bay
  • 8:30 pm – Everyone is up in the HoH room after RS made some nachos
    • Now they’re talking about eating skittles from bellybuttons. I’m out

Check back for updates


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