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Big Brother 20-Sunday Overnight Recap

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 I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had both my granddaughters (6 and 1) this weekend and have been running my business VERY shorthanded lately so I wasn’t able to do the overnight updating. I’m so glad NK is back (you had us worried) and hope Steve’s toe isn’t broken.   (It isn’t, thank you!)


Steve covered the mess known as Kaitlyn, all the game talk and Hayleighs crap app in yesterday’s update and NK covered so much of last nights activity in the comments, I don’t have much to go over. (Thankfully since I’m not at my best on Mondays)

Apps: Anyone who reads anything I write, knows I’m not a fan of ANY twist. I have to say, they haven’t been too bad, especially considering how game-changing they usually are. At least, I was feeling that way until Bayleighs was revealed) Not only can she change noms, (which is huge) she gets to remain anonymous. I suppose we can pat ourselves on the back for guessing she was going to get it but I’m not thrilled with what she got. The silver lining was finding out it’s the last one. I thought they may do all five. (Alison Grodner said she wouldn’t tell what the remaining two were in case they wanted to use them at a later time) It would be kind of great if some of them were used during the same week since they have the potential to cancel each other out. I don’t like when a twist completely changes the game without a hg having to work for it (Pauls safety last year) but I am entertained by the paranoia the apps are creating. It’s making people think twice about who should go otb and a lot time is spent trying to figure out who has them. (Kaitlyn’s forgotten she was “sure” the 2nd one went to someone with a name starting with an “S.” The universe was giving her the info but she’s moved onto other people having it by now) Props to CBS for getting this twist “partially” right. Sometimes I sound like one of my grandparents: “Back in my day, it wasn’t done this way” and “kids today don’t know how it used to be and how good they’ve got it.” Just because I feel this way doesn’t mean I don’t have self-awareness over how I sound because I do. (Ya Kaitlyn, I’m looking at you)


Anyway, I’m just saying they aren’t that bad and the apps haven’t done anything to make me unhappy with the season so far. (I’m still shocked Winston came in 2nd to Bayleigh, according to Vegas) Unlike Bayleigh, Hayleigh getting the crap app was a surprise to me and I didn’t see that one coming. The crap apps haven’t been game-changing. It could cause people to keep the crap app winners around a bit longer as they may not be seen as gamers who are doing a lot. I’ll be curious to see if anyone thinks this way and when Fessy, Haleigh and Rachel are in trouble, will they think to use it as a selling point to stay in the house? (Fessy won’t, for sure) I’m also surprised no one has used the message/writing wall thing to write anonymous messages. So far it’s mostly Instagrams, Fessys real life app and places for fans to follow. Why isn’t someone writing “Angela has final 2 with whoever,” and “Rockstar was the flip vote” whether it’s true or not. I can’t believe they haven’t even written: “Kaitlyn likes penis.” That message board is a missed opportunity in my opinion.

Last night was mostly usual chatter because the eventful stuff happened during the evening.  I’ll just recap what happened yesterday by going over how it could impact things moving forward for certain hg’s  instead of telling you what time people fell asleep last night.

  • Scottie – It doesn’t look like he’ll use the veto and he’ll get out one of the bros. However, Kaitlyn told Bayleigh Scottie was the 4th vote to evict Swaggy and I don’t thinks this week helps him move closer to Foutte, if that was his intention. I don’t understand why he lied about the vote to begin with. Fessy beleived it for about 5 minutes and it drove Winston crazy because he didn’t know why Scottie was lying. That’s really all he accimplished. Tyler now knows he can’t control Scottie so he may want him out faster and Angela & Rachel already wanted him gone. Rockstar says he’s an evil genius so he could be in trouble moving forward. He says he doesn’t care which Bro leaves but he wants Brett gone.
  • Winston – Im guessing he’ll go home this week. Foutte wants Brett out as they see him as a bigger threat but Level  6 wants to keep Brett for the same reason. Lying about his vote to keep Steve and his blow up against Scottie were both dumb. He also doesn’t stand a chance of getting Sam to use her power app on him. I am waiting for the stress to get to him after he stays otb to see if he outs that he knows about it and pressures Sam to use it.
  • Brett – His argument with Kaitlyn may have helped him. Tyler and JC seemed the most undecided over who should go but after the blow up, they want Brett to stay. (For the record, I’m not convinced Tyler ever wanted Brett to go. I think he was just saying it to certain people) Sam likes Brett and could use the app to save him this week if the votes to go his way. His relationships with Kaitlyn and Hayleigh have been damaged. Hayleigh is his own fault for trying to say she and Rockstar voted for Steve to leave. He can probably turn Kaitlyn around if he gives her a massage and/or Tyler works on her a little. He’s better than Winston socially and that’s what makes him appear better than what he actually is- Scottie thinks Brett misted him but anyone being compared to Winston would leave the same impression.
  • Kaitlyn – She blew up because the Bros dared to suggest her as a replacement nom, stayed mad at Tyler because he didn’t run to her fast enough after the blow up and told Bayleigh her entire game. The bus she’s driving has to need new tires by now because she’s driven over a lot of people with it. She told Bayleigh secrets on JC, Tyler, Fessy, Hayleigh and Scottie….in one conversation. I don’t think she does it on purpose either. She’s just so self centered that other peoples game and secrets don’t factor into anything for her. We’re as  descriptive as we can be but if you arn’t watching the feeds, you really can’t fully grasp how crazy Kaitlyn behaves and we arn’t overstating it at all.
  • Bayleigh – She’s in good shape and if she uses the app correctly, maybe even better. She had a good talk with Brett yesterday and had spent time working on Scottie, Angela, Rachel, Kaitlyn and Fessy mostly. Like Kaitlyn, her downfall could be her mouth. I get she’s looking for protection but she may start to put too many feelers out there. She  should NEVER have told Fessy about her app and she’s spilled things to Kaitlyn even tho she knows she shouldn’t trust her. The only reason it was overlooked was because Kaitlyn spilled so much more. Aside from knowing Scottie evicted Swaggy, she knows Fessy and Hayleigh knew about Kaitlyns flip vote but didn’t tell her. Bayleigh isn’t trying to keep Foutte together and that’s ports to note. She actually hung out with the other side of the house before she hooked up with Swaggy so she’s rekindling those relationships.
  • Tyler – He’s trying to law low but Kaitlyn makes it hard. I can’t tell if he’s really ready to cut Kaitlyn loose or if he’s only going along when it’s suggested. He doesn’t seem to want Sam to use the app this week so he can possibly have it if he’s in trouble next week. I think this is a mistake. Sam is willing to use it on Brett and it keeps both Bros in the house. He’s the biggest target on that side once the Bros are split apart so he should be avoiding losing one if he can.
  • Sam – I don’t know what the hell she’s doing. She’s gone from saying she isn’t playing the game to holding meetings in the hoh room. She wasnt a good player from the start but this app may have hurt her game even more. Yes, it saved her from the first eviction but she’s become too focused on it.  She’s let it become the only thing in the game that can define her…..well…. cooking too.  She wants to use the power on someone she likes and it’s very important to her. She’s itching to use it this week less because she likes Brett, although she does like him and more because she’s afraid someone will get it that she doesn’t like personally. That’s her game in a nutshell. She “interviewed” Brett last night and was trying to see if he was worthy. She doesn’t think he knows about her app (he does) and the chat she had with him would have been even more bizarre if he hadn’t. Tyler and Kaycee will have the most influence with her when deciding if she should use it.
  • JC – His mouth may be finally getting ready to catch up with him. He tells people to do what their already planning to do anyway but some of the opposing advice to people started to come out yesterday. His strategy isn’t bad. He talks one on one game with people but he tells them what they already know to do what their already planning. He doesn’t give up his own thoughts by doing this and it’s worked so far. People don’t take him that seriously and that’s helped too.  He’s ready to get Kaitlyn OUT and he needs to do it. Tyler is good for his game, Kaitlyn is not! He’s also annoyed with Rachel interrupting all his game talks. (She does do this) so watch for his irritation with Rachel to rise.
  • Rockstar – She’s another one who can’t keep her trap shut. Like Bayleigh, she keeps talking game with Kaitlyn even tho she knows she shouldn’t. Brett, Scottie, Tyler and Angela all know how she feels about them because she tells anyone who’ll listen. She may be an easy one to toss on the block the way I think Scottie will be.

Fessy could end up in trouble if Level 6 gets the next hoh but there wasn’t really anything else to say about him. Likewise, if we have a Hayleigh or Rockstar hoh, Angela and Rachel could be in trouble just as easily as the guys in their group. Kaycee and Hayleigh appear to be the safest people at the moment but the power apps could change everything. I’m anxious to see the campaigning the next couple of days. There’s alot of time left and either one of the Bozo Bros could go home this week.

Have a great Monday.


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