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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Recap

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Good morning guys and gals! Yesterday was eventful for nothing to have really changed. The day started with Kaycee being the most likely renom, Sam having a plan and Scottie heading to jury. They day ended that way as well but boy did we hit some big curves and turns to land on the same path! I’ll touch on the episode, some highlights from the day and recap what happened later in the evening.


I missed the first half of the episode because a tornado touched down about 100 miles from my house. The warnings came early so I hope everyone in the area was able to escape without harm. I didn’t follow the warnings closely since they weren’t where I live but the lady who was reporting mentioned the Big Brother episode scheduled to air several times. I heard her say “we’ll get you back to your regularly scheduled program as soon as we can.” That’s normal but last night was the first time I’ve ever heard them address complaints they were receiving during the news broadcast and at least 4 times. She said “we’re receiving complaints from viewers wanting to know when Big Brother will be shown” and “even if this doesn’t affect you, it could affect your neighbors so please be patient.” The last time it was brought up, the reporter told viewers if they were concerned about missing the first part of Big Brother, it would be shown on cbs.com later and they could watch it there. She was saying this WHILE reporting on the tornado.  It made me curious as to how many complaints they were actually receiving because I couldn’t imagine them spending so much time on it if it were just a few of them. Look, I’m as BB obsessed as anyone but even I’m not that big of an asshole! Here’s my thoughts on what I did see:

  • Haleigh’s edit was complete BS. People on social media have complained that Tyler is this year’s “production pet” since he has so many DR’s and is being seen as the mastermind. Yes, he is obviously one of productions favorites but since most of the people complaining are Foutte/Hive fans, hopefully, they’re starting to realize that Haleigh is a production favorite too. Let’s be honest, they need a rivalry for their storyline and Haleigh is their best option.
  • I haven’t criticized the edit much this year because it’s been more accurate than most seasons. Last night was a total miss. In reality, Haleigh was completely on board with getting Scottie out after she spoke with JC and sharing a bottle of wine with him sealed the deal. She didn’t start to backtrack until it was practically too late. She didn’t suggest Scottie go talk to Fessy until about an hour before the Noms were made.
  • The argument between KC and Scottie in the hoh room was just as dumb last night as it was on the feeds. How many clues do Fessy and Haleigh need? Why would KC be going after the one person she thinks voted for her to stay? She also used the argument “I’ve been close with this kid since day 1.” Lol
  • I was glad to see JC getting some of the credit he deserves. I was afraid production would continue to use him as comic relief because let’s face it, that’s what he was cast to provide. If it weren’t for JC, there’s a good chance the noms would’ve been Brett and Angela or Brett and Tyler.
  • I don’t know about you guys but I like JC so much better when he’s using his own material. The TV only viewers watching him read corny, scripted lines in the DR are really missing out. I felt the same way about Sam in the beginning. (I think it’s safer at this point to keep giving her a script though) They cast these people for a reason so I wish they’d just let them shine on their own because they can.
  • I don’t know if I missed any funny slip and falls during the comp because I haven’t seen that part yet.

Daytime Highlights:

  • Sam put her “get Haleigh otb” plan into motion. It was such a bizarre convo. Steve went into more detail with it yesterday so you can check that thread to hear more. The gist of it was Sam telling him Hay is dead weight, she’ll throw Fessy away like tissue and his mom would be proud if he makes the move. Sam promised to quit smoking if he made the move and was pretty aggressive trying to make him pinky swear he’d do it.
  • Sam asked KC who she loved more, Sam or Angela and wanted to know who KC would choose…in the game and in life basically.
  • Fessy & Brett talked to make things nice since Brett isn’t leaving. (shout out Dorinda from Real Housewives, “make it nice”)  They both fed each other lines of crap for a while.
  • Scottie talked to L6 minus Brett and trashed Haleigh. Angela said she thought Hay had Scottie’s best interests at heart but Scottie said she didn’t. Remember, Angela threw Hay utb recently to Scottie but she knows she’ll make a fake F4 with Fessy & Hay later in the day so she needs to say this in case it gets back to her.
  • Scottie pitches to Fessy about Hay going otb. He calls her Kaitlyn 2.0.
  • Hay starts trying to get Tyler & Angela seen as a shomance.
  • Fessy tells KC, one of the 3 (KC, Ty, Ang) will be a pawn.
  • Brett finally has a chance to fill in L6 about Sam’s crazy talk from the night before. (use veto on Scottie, get Hay otb, etc)
  • Fessy tells Hay that Scottie pitched Hay going otb next to him and all the things he said about her.
  • Hay cries over Scottie’s betrayal and says she’s always had his back. (You know, except that time Ang was hoh and she tried to get him otb. Oh, and this week when she didn’t warn him Fessy was putting him up)
  • She cries to L6 who jump at the chance to comfort her.
  • L6 starts working on how to get Sam otb instead of one if them. They think JC is their best chance. (They don’t know JC absolutely doesn’t want Sam otb. He needs to keep Sam & Fessy on good terms for now.
  • Hay asks Sam if she said the stuff Scottie told her the other day. (Scottie told Hay that Sam made snide remarks about her being in the hoh room with Fessy and saying “I’m sure Hays gonna make Fessy feel real nice” or something similar) Sam says she didn’t say it.

This is the section of the day when L6 knows Sam tried to get Hay on the block. Haleigh still doesn’t know, she only knows about Scottie. She was their best chance to get Sam otb, not JC but they didn’t see it I guess. This was also around the time feed watchers were going nuts waiting for Fessy to tell Haleigh but they kept getting interrupted. It became comical waiting for the conversation.

  • Fessy is in the hoh and finally ready to tell Hay about Sam’s pitch to him. Tyler & Angela show up for their planned meeting and interrupt. Lol
  • Fessy & Hay do most of the talking and Tyler & Ang do most of the learning…a typical L6 vs Hive meeting. Ang spent a little time trying to get Sam as the renom but stopped when she saw it wasn’t working and when she heard KC would go up instead of herself. The 4 agree to work together and take out the middle people. I really only heard Ty & Ang commit to evict Scottie this week but not much else. Hay said she was never after Ty or Ang. (Ummm, ok) Fessy told them Hay wasn’t on board with getting Scottie out at first. (great way to let them know Hay is lying about wanting to team up) Fessy decided to tell Hay about Sams pitch in front of Ty & Ang. Hay told about how Sam told RS she had a crush on Brett. Ty & Ang act surprised be they already knew. Hay thinks maybe that’s part of why Sam doesn’t like her.
  • Hay and Scottie talked. He said it was all and act and he was trying to help separate them since he knew he was leaving anyway. It was a sad convo and Scottie appeared to be giving up. They patched things up the best they could.  I wasn’t sure if Hay believed him or if he was giving up. I also wasn’t sure if the night before with Sam & Brett was an act from Scottie or not.

Evening Events:

  • Hay told Fessy about her talk with Scottie. Fessy wanted to know if she believed him. She wasn’t sure but Fes thought it was BS.
  • Hay told JC what Scottie said to her.
  • JC told Angela what Hay said that Scottie said. (Got that? Point is, JC has L6 all up to date on what’s going on)
  • Fessy got the snapchat glasses and he was feeling like a king. He told us how Hays hoh was a disaster but he’s there to fix it all. He tells Hay he’s getting out the biggest target in the game and Hay says “Is that what you think you’re doing?” (what a dumb ass)  He also said he wanted to give us a sexy pic. I’m not sure what’s sexy about a toothbrush in your mouth but here you go, don’t faint or have an attack of lust:
  • Scottie’s feeling a bit petty and told Brett if he’s evicted, he’s closing the first door before he opens the second so the hg’s can’t see the audience. Lol
  • Scottie told Tyler he had a plan and hopefully a big target would go otb with him.
  • Just when I thought Scottie was leaving quietly because he’s fallen in love, he gives his new pitch to Fessy. It’s a mix of sad, comical and bizarre. Scottie tells Fes that if he puts Hay otb, “I’ll end you.”  He said everything he said about Hay was an act and Sam was behind it. He wants Fes to put Sam otb. Scottie thinks Sam’s playing the game hard. He mentions her wanting to be the pawn during his own hoh, probably so she could use her power app. He said before Steve left, Sam came to him and said she wanted to work with him. He said he always tells her the way he’s voting right before the live show. Fes agree she’s playing the game. Scottie points out how happy Sam is today because she thinks her plan worked. He admits he’s developed feelings for Hay and it’s never happened before so he didn’t know how to handle it. He keeps referring to his and Hays friendship as a “relationship.” (Scottie still doesn’t know Hay & Fes are are couple) Fes says it’s ok if he likes Hay but worries about being able to trust Scottie. Scottie says Fes should trust that he’d never mess up Hays game which would help Fessys game. He says he’s sick of hearing Sam constantly saying how much she misses RS and if she misses her so much, she should go join her in jury.
  • Brett asked JC if he could borrow his speedo to wear to the veto ceremony. JC agreed but said Brett had to shower before trying it on to see if it would fit him.
  • Hg’s enjoy the backyard. JC yells S.O.S. to a plane and says he’s on slop and to bring food.
  • Hay told Fessy she’s going outside for a while. He doesn’t understand why since he’s content to stay in the hoh on his throne. She explains they only get the backyard for a couple of days so she wants to go out.
  • Fessy tells Brett about Scottie’s pitch. Brett still claims the RS vote and says Scottie’s lying. (Ya, great place to get advice, from the guy you put otb) Brett told him about Sam and Scottie suggesting he use the veto on Scottie. Brett said he was such a loser in the house, people didn’t even want him to save himself.  (Brett really does a good job playing the outcast, loser role and he’s having fun doing it)
  • KC & Fessy chat and if he was starting to waver, KC stopped it.  I suppose she sort of made an argument for why Sam should go otb but she agreed to be the pawn too quickly. She tells Fes she was taking one for the team and he told her he would have her back and return the favor. (She’s never played an exciting game to watch but she’s played a very smart game. I like KC but I’m becoming less impressed with her. She’s much too eager to be a team player and it’s what may eventually get her evicted) She should be pushing for Sam to go up. KC was included in this new fake group that will work together. Sam isn’t in it and Sam could be a vote to keep Scottie. That’s what KC should’ve pushed harder for. Yeah, she’s safe but Monday to Thursday is a long time and sometimes, shit happens. Ang & Ty trust L6 and JC too but they made sure they weren’t going to be the pawn.
  • Sam says she’s freaked out by Scottie because he’s acting weird. She’s picked up on the fact that he won’t really look at her…should be a red flag, always.
  • JC and Tyler talk about how Hay is trying to paint Ty & Ang as a shomance. Ty assures JC he’ll never pick Ang over him. They go over scenarios of who would go otb depending on who won hoh. They’re planning for the double eviction. (Tyler IS painting more of a target on himself with his recent behavior with Angela)
  • Hay makes the rounds and talks with KC about Sam. She picks up her work with Brett. She’d temporarily dropped him when he went otb. She goes back to what she thinks works on him and he goes back to being immune to it.

There aren’t many dull times with this group and maybe today won’t be either.  I don’t know if Scottie will apologize to Haleigh during his speech or claim he has nothing to say because he’s mentioned doing both. I hope JC ‘s Speedo actually does fit Brett because we might get some crazy antics from him too. Either way, it could be an interesting day. Check back later with Steve for the details and have a great Monday!

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