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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Recap

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Good morning! It’s the start of another work week but near the end of a BB week. It sucks when the feeds go down for so long like they will tomorrow but we don’t have to wait as long for the eviction and as a bonus, Sam will finally leave. (I’m a glass half full type of person) It’s no secret that I’ve had absolutely no use for her this season and as I’ve said, you don’t have to play well, but you do have to play. I’ve complimented her creativeness in the past and I’m impressed she’s quit smoking while inside the house. I also like seeing someone find a way to entertain themselves in a place where there’s nothing to do. Those are the positives but she couldn’t be bothered to play the game so I’m not going to waste my time talking about her.  That’s it, nothing else to say about her unless it comes up in the recap. See ya later, so long, good riddance!


Yesterday was uneventful and the conversations we did see felt more like wrapping up loose ends than anything else. JC realizes he’s screwed but he’ll have to win the next hoh to do anything about it. It’s a waiting game for now. Here’s the rundown of the day:

  • Angela tripped trying to come down the stairs because Sam and all her things were in the way.  I understand Sam’s a unique hg and she’s been accommodated by production to keep her from going bat shit crazy. They haven’t closed off the have not room because she likes to sleep in there and she’s been allowed to stockpile trash so she can make crafts but get off the f**kin’ stairs already! If she really wants to hide, go sit under the saucer some more! Spiral stairs are a pain as it is, without dodging a damn picnic!
  • Angela and KC have continued to be nice but they’re very ready for Sam to leave. Angela told KC she had a lengthy convo with Sam and said it was very nice. (Sam wants Angela to take her to a LA goodwill before she leaves for home and Angela promised she would)  They talked about Sam asking Angela what she was going to do within 10 minutes of winning the hoh. KC said she was half asleep when Sam asked her if it would be bad to ask her to use the veto on her. The problem they have is Sam’s refusal to play the game and the judgment she had towards them for wanting to play it but she thinks it’s fine to put them on the spot. KC said she may tell Sam she loves them both (Sam & JC) and doesn’t want to say what her vote will be, the way Sam’s done with her vote before.
  • KC and Angela talked about when they got together in the game. KC kept stressing it was day 3 and Angela said it was practically day 2 since they didn’t go to bed. I could be wrong but I’m wondering if KC wants to focus on the day 3 part because coast to coast with Tyler was made on day 2.  (I guess she thinks Angela will have to understand since it was a day later. (Sure, she won’t have a problem being lied to all summer)
  • Sam yelled mother f’ers to the camera and said she knew they were following her around. (Isn’t Sam leaving when they don’t have an audience? That’s probably a good thing)
  • JC chewed out Tyler over where they were in the game. He blames Tyler for JC probably leaving at 4th. He told Tyler it’s JC against the 2 girls and said it didn’t have to be that way but Tyler wouldn’t listen. He said he’s f**ked in the game.  He was throwing out things like “Do you have problems listening” and do you even know the rules of the game?” He told Tyler that Angela wouldn’t keep Tyler in the house and is explaining at this point, it isn’t about the comps as much as who is voting. JC asked if he was talking for nothing and asked if Tyler already had a “top 3” with them. Tyler said he didn’t and told JC he or Tyler could win the hoh. JC was saying he couldn’t go otb and Tyler said it didnt matter, it was all about the veto. (I think what JC was trying to say was since Tyler kept Angela & KC together, they’d be the only vote to keep the other one but he wasn’t explaining it well. Tyler was trying to explain only the veto winner had a vote so it didn’t matter who went otb. Tyler won’t acknowledge that it did matter because Brett would’ve kept JC if he’d been that one and only vote)  Tyler was very frustrated during the conversation and I think he’s tired of JC treating him like he’s dumb. Tyler tried saying they were both in the same position and JC said they weren’t. (Sorry Tyler, playing dumb and having a F2 with everyone has its downside)
  • KC spoke with Sam and Sam asked about the veto. KC stuck with her plan, said less blood, leave same, blah, blah..KC didn’t want to upset the “house,” and Sam pointed out there were only 5 of them. Sam asked about her vote and KC said she probably wouldn’t tell in advance because she loved them both. Sam said she oftentimes felt out of the loop.  I was happy to see KC say it was because she knew Sam didn’t want to talk game with people. (sorry Sam, just getting what you’ve asked for all summer)
  • Tyler went upstairs to tell KC and Angela that JC is going to be bitter. KC and Angela can’t wait to tell JC about L6 and they think he’ll understand once that happens. (They’ve spent too much time with Sam) Tyler thinks JC will murder him when that happens. (If KC and Tyler keep the coast to coast F2, I hope Angela is as cool about leaving as she expects JC to be) They’ve decided to tell JC after the final 4 hoh and veto comps. (Tyler may ask to be locked in the DR or fake an injury to see a medic. Hell, he may actually need a medic!)
  • L6 bath time, Tyler said he hadn’t taken a bath since around 7. He had fun but said he’d only want to take baths with friends from now on.

I love blindsides during evictions but I’ve been dreading the moment JC is told about L6. That’s the game and JC did it to himself but I don’t have to be excited for it.  (I’m sure I’m biased because if it were players I didn’t like, I’d probably get popcorn for it. I may be a hypocrite sometimes but I will acknowledge those times) I kind of hope he flips out and goes off a little. It’s more entertaining when I don’t feel sorry for them and I can just watch some drama unfold. I was the same way in season 12 when the Brigade told Britney. (My bias again because I loved Britney) I felt bad for her and it’s the same scenario.  She was working with the 3 of them but thought she had a F2 with Lane. It’s also the same in the way Angela & KC are looking forward to it (like Enzo & Hayden) and think everyone’s going to have a good laugh about it. Tyler is like Lane since he knows it won’t be funny at all and he’s going to take the heat because he was the one who promised the most. Tyler needs to come up with a reason to avoid springing it on JC this way if possible and not for JC’s feelings. He needs to change the plan for his own end game. KC & Angela need to push to do it this way for the same reasons Enzo & Hayden did…make sure JC’s good and pissed…at Tyler. Tyler’s also crazy if he doesn’t tell Sam the truth before she leaves. It’s one thing to blindside someone like Haleigh or even Brett for that matter.  Their F2 was made so late and Brett suggested changing the F4 plan which Tyler could lie and say made Tyler nervous.  Someone you’ve had a F2 with this long needs to be handled differently, 2 someones in this case (Sam & JC).


Moving on to the evening feeds:

  • Everyone laid around and for a time, it looked like they may go to bed before dark. They made jokes about how boring they were. JC tried to remember Tyler’s middle name, Tyler said it had 4 letters and JC guessed Tom. That was at least something funny for about a minute.
  • Angela and JC spoke Spanish to each other. Tyler was getting frustrated because he didn’t know what they were talking about. Angela kept mentioning having a secret during the conversation. (It would’ve been kind of funny if Angela told JC about L6 or about Tyler and Angela being a couple in Spanish, sitting with Tyler while she did it)
  • BBAD decided to salvage the night by giving them an ice cream maker. There was a brief convo about the ice cream scooper. JC said they gave them the “thingy” back. Tyler mentioned them taking it away before. KC said “oh yeah” and Angela asked “what happened?” JC said “nothing, Angela.” Angela said now she wanted to know because she was curious. She asked JC if he’d shoved it somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be and JC said “I didn’t shove it.” (They were joking in case anyone is worried the ice cream scooper had any of the hg’s traumatized. The hg’s cared so little about it, Angela didn’t even know it was an issue)
  • Sam thought it would be a good time to go get ice cream from the freezer to eat. Angela asked if she wanted to wait for the ice cream they were going to make. She didn’t and she didn’t want to help make it either. (Sam’s such a passive agressive a-hole. I bet if she’d built an ice cream maker from the washing machine parts and everyone bragged about what a genius she was, she’d have been all over it) Sam went to bed while the rest of them made ice cream.
  • JC went to the bedroom to ask Sam if she wanted to come have some ice cream and shocker, she didn’t.
  • Sam laid in the saucer and started talking to the camera. (Not word for word) She said “it’s hard to explain but if I got up, got dressed, put my boots on, grabbed the lead pipe I took off the locker in the bathroom…I smashed every tv in this room, shelves, drawers, threw one of these saucers through the window…that probably wouldn’t be good…take me about 45 seconds…the door to the parking lot is right there. I wouldn’t call that a voluntary exit…”  (yeah, we’re listening to this but people are worried about an ice cream scooper this season. Ummm, ok)
  • As Sam prepared to head to the parking lot with her boots and a lead pipe, the rest of the house had a fight with whipped cream. (Does anyone else see the irony in the choice of weapons these people think of using?)
  • They cleaned up the mess so luckily Sam didn’t have to go all ninja warrior on their asses. There were a few more pranks. Tyler tried to throw ice water on Angela while she showered, he missed. She threw cereal at him while he showered. He put mayo in her face wash (which she still hasn’t realized) and she took all his clothes while he was in the shower, only leaving him with her hot pink hoh robe to wear. (It wasn’t too annoying like it usually is and I think it’s because James isn’t there to burn us out with the pranks. There hasn’t been a ton of it this season)

JC had a good time even though he knows he’s in trouble. I think Sam knows she’s in trouble too. She said something about making a steak tomorrow. (She’d saved one to thaw and cook when she’s leaving, at least that used to be her plan)


I liked the posters from the comp last night. I didn’t like the concert tho. I’m sure it’s cool to have music played just for you but it didn’t play well on tv. Tyler and Angela had already mentioned the Meant to Be song days ago. Angela was either already familiar or it could’ve been included in their wake up music recently so they could get familiar. Watching KC and JC was ok but watching Tyler & Angela felt like being the third wheel during their first date. (That’s a weird thing for a feed watcher to say) Seeing Sam was like intruding on a private religious experience or something. I’m not sure how to describe it, I just didn’t enjoy it. Maybe I was distracted too because I wanted to have the ability to push Bebe Rexha’s hair out of the one eye that was covered. I’m sure it’s meant to look sexy but how sexy is it if you trip over a cord and fall on your ass because you can’t see?

Have a great Monday!

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