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Big Brother 20 – The Bullying Of Bayleigh Week

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I woke up this morning and checked the twitter program thing and see the new thing today is to say that Bayleigh is being bullied by the house.  What?  According to Swaggy, Bayleigh is currently undergoing a bullying session on her way out the door. I’m no fan of people being bullied and was sick to my stomach last year when I watched a house full of people yell insults across a yard at two people on a hammock trying to deal with their last week together. So, how bad is Bayleigh being bullied?  Let’s take a look…

Brett is going to wear his Granny shirt to the live eviction – I listened to him talk about this and it was during a discussion trying to get Julie Chen to actually talk to them this week. He said he wanted to wear his Granny shirt because it looked funny and he wanted Julie to question him on his experience.  Apparently, Bayleigh has a fear of grannies (?) or sweatshirts (?) which Swaggy is taking offense to.  Ruling: Not bullying


Tyler is treating Bayleigh poorly – Tyler is upset because he thought Bayleigh had his back and thinks she was the hacker who put him on the block and nearly sent him home (had his side not won PoV).  He had a brief confrontation with Bayleigh shortly after the PoV ceremony but has not spoken with her since. Ruling: Poor jury management but not bullying

Scottie is going to wear his Swaggy C shirt to eviction – I didn’t hear Scottie say this so I can’t say for sure his reasoning behind it other than trying to kiss the asses of Angela and crew. Definitely a stupid move that doesn’t benefit him at all. Ruling: Poor jury management and slight bullying as being kicked while down


JC wants to bring a back of chips to eviction – This is in regards to JC trying to take some chips in the HoH room during Bayleigh’s reign. She snapped at him which upset him. JC is trying to be funny with this move but it’s not a good look. Like Scottie, this move is pointless and should be skipped. Same ruling as Scottie:  Poor jury management and slight bullying as being kicked while down

My ruling is that Swaggy is exaggerating the way Bayleigh is being treated, but there are two people who want to take shots at her on the way out the door which is tactless. She’s not spending the week being bullied by any means, but people are not thinking long term when it comes to jury management.  The Brett claim is just completely foolish and has nothing to do with Bayleigh.

Time for some updates as we wait for Haleigh’s house meeting:

  • 10:45 am – Angela sits down with Bayleigh in the living room
    • This is the first time they’ve spoken since Monday
    • Angela says the first thing she said when she first got HOH, she meant
    • She says Bay was never her target but did what she did to ensure her safety
    • Bay says that’s fine but she lost a really good friend because she’s not the hacker and Bayleigh defended her early on
    • Angela brings up how Bayleigh was the one who got Angela out during the first HOH competition (with the balls)
    • Bay is upset that Angela never asked if she was the hacker and embarrassed her in front of the house
    • Angela says she did what she had to do and walked away
    • Bayleigh gets up and leaves
    • Bayleigh re-tells her conversation to Haleigh before storming around the house
    • She heads to the Jenga room
  • 10:50 am – Bayleigh is trying to calm down in the jenga room
  • Bayleigh moves to the HN room
    • Haleigh joins and Bayleigh begins re-telling the conversation again
    • Between re-telling, Bayleigh keeps calling them trashy people
  • 11:30 am – Bayleigh re-telling the conversation with Angela to RS with some added emotion
  • 12:10 pm – Haleigh tells RS about the hacker. RS tells her to call the house meeting
  • 12:22 pm – Haleigh finally calls the house meeting!
    • Angela wonders if she’s the hacker before she goes
    • Haleigh tells the house and she tells them the reason she is telling the house is because Bayleigh has been treated unfairly
    • Haleigh says that last week Tyler came to Bayleigh and ask that Angela be backdoored (Tyler laughs)
    • Tyler keeps saying that’s a lie but Bayleigh re-tells her conversation with Tyler
    • Bayleigh begins screaming at him. SCREAMING. Wow
    • Get live feeds here
    • Bay and Tyler go back and forth about their conversation
    • Tyler re-tells the conversation correctly and Bay denies it
    • Bay says that Tyler is treating her poorly for wearing some sunglasses?
    • Tyler tells her ‘congrats I’m still voting you out, you have a power’ and Bay screams ‘SHUT UP’
    • Haleigh tries to wrap up the meeting
    • Bayleigh is screaming at Tyler so loud that I literally cannot even understand what she is saying
    • She says Tyler is TERRIBLE and he is making her life in the house HELL
    • She slams the door
  • Bayleigh is now in the bedroom crying with Haleigh consoling her. People are slowly moving away from the living room
    • JC is up in the HoH room with Angela and Tyler. Angela is rubbing Tyler’s back
    • JC is freaking out because Bay makes her look like a victim
    • JC doesn’t want to go downstairs because he’s going to tell Bay to calm her titties down lol
    • The HoH room thinks that they put Haleigh up to lie about having the power
  • Meanwhile, downstairs..
    • Haleigh is saying how she is certain to follow whoever leaves out the house next week  (no shit)
  • JC is now talking to Fessy
    • Fessy is saying how that was a dumb move on Haleigh’s part but she’s still on the team
  • 1:20 pm – Brett is in the HN room with Fessy.
    • Brett is saying he is so relieved that he is not involved in the house argument
  • Bayleigh comes in and Fessy leaves
    • Bayleigh is campaigning to stay. She’s not throwing RS under the bus but just working for herself
    • Bay apologizes for putting Brett on the block and promises not to use her power against him
  • 2:30 pm – Sam is up in the HoH room still unsure who the hacker is — lol
    • Sam’s argument is that she doesn’t want to win
    • She is worked up and ranting but I can’t quite figure out what she’s really upset over
    • Sam knows everyone’s personality better than everyone in the house. Alright
    • She isn’t intended on going far with anyone (final 2?)
    • Angela praises her for being a real human and genuine
    • Sam mentions her brother and how it’s his birthday on Friday and begins crying. Angela comes over to hug and they cry on each other’s shoulders
  • 2:55 pm – Sam leaves. Angela says “oh shit that got real”. Kaycee comes over and gives her a hug

Alright, gang. What an afternoon!  I’m going to step away from my computer for a little bit and create a new thread when I get back for the nightly post and to recap this afternoon. Wow.

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