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Big Brother 20 – Thursdau Overnight Recap

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Good morning! I heard the hg’s saying last night they had to be up at 8:00 and noms would be at 10:00 so we won’t have to wait long to see who goes otb. Most of what I’m going over, won’t matter in a couple of hours. I’m guessing they need to do it early so they can have the hacker comp. Do you think it will be similar to the last one? The hoh comp was very similar. Hay said the DR asked her what things she was good at so for all you conspiracy buffs, we had 2 comps in a row doing something Hay is good at so will it be a 3rd? Lol


Bayleigh left on a good note last night and Julie’s interview couldn’t have been more opposite with her than the one with Rachel. I wonder if Rachel was at home watching, wondering why she got a police interrogation and Bay was getting high fives. I spent two days complementing Bretts jury management and then he leaves Bay a snarky goodbye msg. Moments like this really show who’s familiar with the game and who isn’t. Tyler called Bay a competitor, asked to be friends but didn’t take for granted they would be and was leaving up to her to decide. (that’s a goodbye msg!) Brett didn’t have to wear the “I love Granny” sweater in case anyone didn’t know. His punishments over and he just wore it for the hell of it. I don’t know if we’ll have a jury buy back or not but if we do, Julie said too much to Bay and in front of her. She shouldn’t have even told her the stuff about Swaggy but CBS wants their shomance so I can live with that. I do have a problem with Julie calling out the alliances right in front of Bay before the comp started. Bay still didn’t have a clear picture of who’s aligned but she may now.

The only other thing of note happened shortly before and possibly during the live show. This all comes from the Vegas twitter leak and they’re right so far about everything else. Sam was in the DR for 45 minutes right up until the live show. They said this is very unusual. There’s also speculation that when the show started and we got a close up of Haleigh instead of showing everyone on the sofas (as usual) Sam was in the DR and wasn’t in the living room at the time. According to the leak, Sam was insisting she wasn’t going to vote. (I believe this because she said as much this week to people) When told she had to vote, she tried to leave through the side door. (It’s where you self evict) She was told America would consider her a fan fave if she stayed and rally behind her but if she quit, we’d turn against her. (I believe she was also told something about little girls looking up to her, this isn’t from Vegas tho, I’ll explain later)


Foutte/Hive has power again with Haleigh winning the hoh. I can see L6 taking a hit but with this dysfunctional alliance, I could see Fessy accidentally leaving on Hays hoh. Lol  They found out some good info last night (finally) but they still spend too much time arguing with each other. I’ll go over the main things that were discussed.

We knew as soon as Hay won which people were going to be in trouble and Hive is out for what they see as revenge since they see themselves as underdogs. This actually isn’t true because Hays side of the house and the people she chose to work with have controlled three of the HOH’s, the first hacker power and the biggest power app of the season. They aren’t underdogs, they’re just crappy players but maybe this is the week that they turn it all around.


When the feeds came back last night, Sam was upset (as usual) and was saying she voted the way she did because no one would tell her how they were voting. We know this is isn’t true but it’s what she said. Shortly after that, she said she voted the way she did because she didn’t want Bay to leave with a unanimous vote and it wasn’t right. (I’m not sure how she could know there was a unanimous vote if she didn’t know how anyone was voting??) It looks like little miss Sam who always tells the truth is human after all. She continued to get worked up and more emotional as the night went on. She was trying to get into the DR but couldn’t because someone was in there and ended up sitting in the closet. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with Hays win and said no matter what, she wasn’t sucking Hay’s d**k this week. She cried and went around the house demanding people tell her who was making fun of her. It’s a bizarre situation, she also told Angela that she’s (Sam) the only person besides Bay who loves Rockstar. She may have felt weird about being the only person to vote Rockstar out.  (I do not believe this is what’s causing Sam’s meltdown) I was glad to hear Angela point out to Sam that everyone had their own connections with everyone in the house so who’s to say who loves Rockstar or anyone. I’m tired of her acting like she’s the only one who’s got to know people personally and act like she’s the only good person in the house.  If I’m being completely honest, I wish they would have let her self evict last night. I get it, it’s a live show and they had to do what they had to do to keep things going. Meghan quit last season and they worked around that. They could have canceled the eviction and if there is a jury buyback planned, cancel it to even out the weeks. Maybe they could have taken the last part of the hacker power away, explained to Hay that Sam was going to have to be to vote that was voided. If they did that, they could have went on with the night and fixed it later with the reset week or something. I still think Sam leaving is something they could have to deal with in the near future but I’m sure they’re hoping if it happens, they’re not dealing with it on a Thursday night.

Angela and Rockstar talk to Sam at different times about the game. Angela explained to Sam that she tried to keep the personal stuff out of the game and Sam said she did the opposite. Angela told her that’s why she was having such a hard time so maybe she should actually play the game. Rockstar basically told her the same thing. Sam ended up telling Rockstar that Tyler didn’t talk to her much anymore and she confided to Rockstar that she wanted Tyler and Angela out. She alluded to the fact that she knew a secret but she didn’t tell it. This is speculation on my part but here’s what I think is going on:

  • Sam went on a show she didn’t even understand and I’m not talking about strategy. I really think she didn’t understand what the game of Big Brother was and viewed it as game show competitions where the people sleep there for 3 months instead of going home.
  • She had a personal connection with Bay and was caught off guard yesterday morning when she realized she was the target. Level 6 had enough conversations with her that she should have known but this is Sam and if it wasn’t spelled out clearly, she really may have not known.
  • Bay did a good job before she left of getting Sam to sympathize with her by talking about the reason she was there and the statement she wanted to make because Sam told Fes she was upset that Bay for a higher level than the game.
  • Bay apparently told Sam that Tyler had told people about the power. I don’t know if she was referring to her own power or Sam’s but either way, Bay did a good job of dimming the light a little bit that Sam thought was a halo over Taylor’s head.
  • Out of desperation and worry over Sam’s vote, Tyler told Sam about having his power app. I think this backfired because she was upset he hadn’t told her before. She knows that she immediately confided in Tyler about her own and knows he’s kept this from her for weeks.
  • KC met with Sam in the afternoon trying to convince her why they needed Bay to leave. KC unfortunately said things like “our side” and Sam hates having sides in the house. This could have backfired too.
  • Even though Sam said she was proud of herself for taking a stand and not being on the right side of the vote, she’s self-conscious and is realizing too late there’s a reason people want to be on the right side of the vote. If you’re not, you feel like people are against you and you get paranoid. She also said last night that she was never going to be on the right side of the vote again intentionally. (this was a cutting off your nose to spite your face moment)
  • These last two are the biggest reasons I think this is happening. Tyler didn’t stay on top of her enough this past week because of the hacker situation. Even though Angela was saying she knew Tyler had never tried to go after her, Tyler had to stay on top of that to be sure. He also hit the block for the first time and had his own issues to deal with. Tyler didn’t give Sam enough attention this past week and to make it worse, he appeared to get closer to and spend more time with Angela. That’s what a lot of this is about and it isn’t the first time Sam’s got upset over pure old fashioned jealousy.
  • The DR is the other thing I think is a major factor. We’ve always known they asks leading questions and say plenty of things that mess with their heads. Some people can handle it and some people can’t. The thing about “little girls looking up to her” is soooooo DR talk.  Sams obsession with thinking people are talking about her and saying she’s worried and will be mad if anybody tries to make her look dumb could be from the DR too. I don’t think they’re saying to her “hey do you think they’re making you look dumb” but I do think they ask “do you think things could be going on in the house that you don’t know,” “do you think so and so could be working together” because that’s very common it usually makes people want to rethink their decisions.  In Sam’s case, I think it’s making her lose her damn mind!

It’s ridiculous that every time a move is made in the house or we have comp results to go over, we have to spend half the update talking about Sam. I’ll move on to what happened with people who are actually playing the game.

  • Shortly after the HOH comp was over, Hay changed out of her (whatever the hell that outfit was she was wearing last night) and put on a swaggy c t-shirt. Despite Sam insisting she thinks the sides are over, Hay made a statement with the shirt that they aren’t. Hay said she would have one-on-ones until 10 p.m. and then she was going to bed. She announced she’d be sleeping alone the first night but told Rockstar she was welcome to sleep with her after that.  She had meetings in the have not room.
  •  Fes talked about hearing the crowd’s reaction when he voted out Bay and how they sounded shocked and unhappy.  This is one of those things that should never happen. Vegas said in one of the tweets that the crowd was scolded heavily about the noise. Steve can give you more details on that process because he’s been to a live show
  • Scottie told Fes and Hay about JC coming to him shortly before eviction and trying to get him to switch his vote. He said it’s the reason he put JC in a room with them and made him say who he was voting out in front of everybody to prevent him from trying to pull anything. It looks like JC may be busted.
  •  JC told Tyler and level 6 that he was sorry he messed up during the comp and he didn’t understand putting Tyler up against Rockstar so soon was bad. He didn’t understand the strategy and I actually think he’s telling the truth.
  • Hay told Rockstar pretty early that Brett wasn’t going on the block. Rockstar agreed and didn’t want him on the block anyway. Rockstar told Brett that if she had one, she wasn’t going to put him up because she and Brett were the only people that have been on the block twice already. I think she’s telling the truth too.
  • Scottie confined in Brett about level 6 telling him how the hive Alliance had turned against him and temporarily had him convinced. He said he doesn’t believe it anymore and he’s after L6 people now.
  • Brett told L6 about what Scottie said so they know they can’t trust him anymore.
  • Tyler told L6 to encourage a backdoor if Hays going to go after Tyler so he knows he needs to save his power for veto ceremony.
  • RS tried hard to get Hay to put up Angela and KC and leave Sam off the block. (It was always between those 3) RS suggested making a deal with Sam and said she’s honest.
  • Sam told Hay it was fine if she put her otb since she’d put Hay up. Hay wanted an agreement from Sam not to put her up agsin if she didn’t put Sam up. Sam agreed by saying something like “alright, this over?” and walking out of the room.
  • Hay and Fes put JC on the spot. They wanted names from him and he kept avoiding it. Fes was getting irritated but still trusts him. I don’t think Hay trusts him at all. (I’m not giving her too much credit for it though because she never thinks of him as the one who flips votes)
  • Fes hounded Hay about staying in her room. He was very pushy about it. They argued over whether he flipped to keep Brett last week and if he had a secret alliance with Bay and Scottie. (This all came from Scottie the night before) He’s mad and wants to know who’s trying to separate them. She won’t tell but eventually says it’s Scottie. Fes is pissed but she makes him promise not to say anything. They argued over lots of stuff and these are the moments Hay doesn’t impress me as a player. The time wasn’t spent well when she has noms to make soon.
  • Hay and Tyler had a talk. He pushed too hard to be a backdoor option. She should get curious with a power app still out there but I don’t know if she will. They joked about the situation and he said none of it was personal.

It may be an exciting week no matter who goes up today so I can wait for it to get going. Have a great Friday!


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