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Big Brother 20-Thursday Overnight Recap

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Holy Shmolie! I’m so thankful on this Friday morning that my husband let me off the hook for our evening plans so I could see BB last night, for Steve staying up late and covering most of what happened already, all the comments from last night that made me laugh this morning and for everything about BB20. I always say hinky votes never work out for the people who do it…welllllll, Melissa…meet BB20.


There may be a little overlap from what Steve covered last night but I’m just going to get to it:

  • Lots of speculation over how the votes went and I’m shocked what Brett did is actually working! I don’t think he actually viewed this as a real plan, rather a dig at RS because they can’t stand each other and humor for the tv show. Kaitlyn was very quick to believe RS lied, she felt Bayleigh could have done it too and then decided Sam used a power to switch 2 votes.
  • Fessy is a mess. Aside from losing a comp (quickly) that he bragged all week would be his, he’s completely lost over being in the dark….3 wks in a row. He’s upset people are lying, doesn’t know who to trust but is mostly concerned about the lack of affection he’s getting from Hayleigh. (I said Caleb/Amber vibe in one of my firsts posts so….called it. I was completely wrong with my hoh winner predictions so I’m trying to give myself something here)
  • Kaitlyn wasted no time running to Brett and letting him know how happy she was that he stayed. She told him “never once was I ever gunning for you…” She wants to know if they still trust each other, he points out that she voted against him and she basically informs him they still trust each other and are still working together.
  • Kaitlyn puts people like Bayleigh and Hayleigh on the spot in front of Brett asking about the vote and it doesn’t go over well. They’ve finally had enough. She also asks people to swear on family members and Tyler has to tell her to stop doing it because people don’t like it. He says he’s never swearing on anyone in this game.
  • Brett convinces Kaitlyn that Tyler walked by and saw RS and Brett talking before the live show to further prove the convo happened and she believes it.
  • While going over the votes, Kaitlyn says she believes Tyler because he swore on his father about his vote. Later, Bayleigh says Tyler told her that he never swore on anyone. (I didn’t see Tyler tell Bayleigh this…even die hard feedsters need a bathroom break, sorry)
  • Bayleigh finally tells Kaitlyn off. She tells her that she’s too defensive, doesn’t like being questioned in front of people and says she doesn’t like her delivery. She reminds Kait how she doesn’t like people’s delivery sometimes and it’s the same thing. Kait says she sorry, Bay says it isn’t sincere, tells Kait to stop trying to push & bully her and leaves the room.
  •  Kaitlyn talks to Tyler about how terrible Bay is and he tells her to stop being a victim. He gives her a pep talk but let’s her know he’s checked out for the day and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.
  • Bay and Tyler talk and she vents about Kait. Tyler says he understands because he deals with it every day. They have a nice chat, JC enters and informs them that Kait is on the other side of the wall.
  • Rachel comforted RS after Brett was “disgusting” to her on national tv AND on her daughters Bday which by the way, we found out is actually on Friday, not Thursday. Rachel continues to do good work with the other side and was up front about her vote all week too. This season, that’s a really good thing.
  • JC goes off to Angela about Rachel. (I’ve mentioned before that he’s annoyed by her often) He’s tired of Rachel popping into rooms when he’s doing work with the Foutte side and ruining it. (She does do this so even if you don’t like JC, it’s true)
  • We hear Kaitlyn’s speech about being a CERTIFIED life coach and meditation instructor several times. (What does it take to be certified? I’m only curious because my son was bored one weekend during his first year of college, did some kind of online thing and is now technically a minister. He could perform weddings if he chose to..he doesn’t because college basketball ball practice was tougher the following week and he moved on to something else)
  • Hayleigh says the only thing keeping her sane is knowing there is a battle back in 2 weeks. Ummm, ok Hayleigh, if you say so.
  • RS is over Bretts “white privilege” and money and says he didn’t even try out for the show. Sam points out she didn’t either. RS says it’s ok because she’s awesome. Hayleigh says she didn’t try out and RS says it’s ok because she’s awesome too.
  • Bayleigh calls Swaggy her baby daddy when talking to Fessy. She says something about it being too soon to know. I couldn’t hear everything very well so there ya go, That’s all I know. She teases Fessy over losing the hoh comp, he pressures her to use the power on him if he’s otb this week, she doesn’t want to, eventually says she will but if he doesn’t win the next hoh, she’ll kill him.
  • JC and Bayleigh have a chat about the possibility the scene earlier in the week between Brett and Kaitlyn was staged because Bayleigh thinks Kaitlyn flipped.
  • Fessy and Kaitlyn have some tense talks because he’s very freaked out all night for the reasons above. She cries and says she’d never lie to him or betrayed him. She says “I’d never do that to you” and he says “you did it last week!”. She cries more, Sam gets her hoh room, Kaitlyn says she isn’t going up, Fessy keeps telling her to get up and go and he isn’t kissing her ass for once when he tells her.
  • Everyone lines up upstairs and gives Sam cheek kisses as she goes down the line. (It was actually cute to watch) Sam let’s people raid her hoh basket a little before telling them she won’t have any one on ones, no campaigning, nothing. She says she knows her noms and they’ll find out when it happens. She tells everyone to just have a fun week. She also announces that she’ll be sleeping alone and no one is allowed in her room without her. I’ve been hard on Sam and I’m still not convinced she’s going to play the game but she was listening to a little James Brown after everyone left so that alone will soften me towards her. (I also kind of like power trip Sam and miss the days when the hoh was territorial about the room)
  • Hayleigh tells JC that RS was yelling things at Brett like “remember when we made out?” and JC tells her “that’s bullying. Wait what? They made out?” Lol  Hayleigh says she’s making up rumors to prove anyone can say anything even if it’s a lie. (It was a funny exchange)
  • RS uses pans and a large spoon to torture Brett. He was a good sport but there was tension and some mean comments on both sides. She asks if his mom’s proud and he asks if her kids are proud. I both liked and disliked what I saw here. I’m not a fan of the pans because it gives me a headache and it’s childish. However, RS could have gone the nasty hateful route but chose to be sarcastic instead. (They both say mean things about each other all the time) She’d lose some of her fans if she’d kept it hateful. (Yes, she has fans. She isn’t popular on this site but Twitter loves her) Brett told her it wasn’t original because Josh was the original and she let him know that Evel Dick was, he calls her a super fan. Here’s an example of her made up chants/cheers/songs:  “I’m going to be safe because my boyfriend is here. We have a secret shomance. I don’t mind his micro penis. B-R-E-T-T.” She also calls him her baby daddy and other things. It was pretty funny. The best part for me was Rachel (A Level 6 member) dancing, clapping and laughing. That girl just has a good time no matter what. She was even helping with “song” ideas for RS.
  • RS, at one point laid on top of Brett as if she were “faking cuddling” with him. It got a bit awkward when she sat between his legs instead of completely getting up. He kept telling her to get off him and she took his sweet time doing it. She just kept pot banging and singing. Brett said he would run around the house away from her because she couldn’t catch him. (I have to admit and NEVER thought I would, I’m enjoying Brett. He’s given 2 funny speeches, kept up his lie with a straight face all night about the vote and took the pot banging fairly well)
  • JC told Brett if she kept doing things, Brett should flash her his penis. Brett told him no and said that would be sexual harrassment. JC said he would do it. (Insert cricket noises here)

The entire hoh comp I kept thinking it should have been a “hair up” kind of Thursday for Tyler so I agree with you Happy. I know Twitter will be a mess today because RS wouldn’t get off Brett and JC said he would flash RS. It wasn’t that serious people and listening to Scottie cheer people on during the comp and call people Daddy was a lot more creepy than anything I heard last night after the comp. I’d also like to know who the hell “Kaylee” is because Scottie kept cheering them on too. It sounded like from talk after the comp, the hg’s didn’t realize the honey was supposed to be sap because they didn’t get the relevance of the honey. I had some thought on the live show  but after the crazy feeds last night, does anyone care?….I doubt it so have a great Friday.

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